How To Make Concrete Floors Look Good

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In the past, concrete floors were well hidden under carpets, rugs and tiles, when exposing them was unthinkable and unimaginable. Now we know better than to dismiss it and concrete floors are indeed a trend in modern and contemporary interior design. We have learned to find their green and clean beauty and complement it with warm wood elements with comfortable furniture, structural accents and rugs. Let’s see how some architects and designers have decided to integrate concrete floors in their projects.

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Good

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Good

This house in Aarhus, Denmark has a living space that is very warm and comfortable with polished concrete floors and walls. Because these elements are balanced by an L-shaped bench and brown leather upholstery on a pastel rug.

What Is Polished Concrete?

Cornerstone Architects used a different strategy when they designed this residence in Austin, Texas. Keeping the decor simple, they combined wooden paneled walls and furniture and carpets in neutral colors with a polished concrete floor to give the living room a warm and cozy atmosphere.

A pattern is already beginning to emerge: the combination of wood and concrete, two materials that complement each other beautifully in every sense. The design of this house by Henry Kling from Montreal, Canada used a lot of exposed concrete, but also wood. These two items define the inner and outer space of life.

Eisern Associates used a similar strategy for this house in Sant Pol de Mar, Spain. However, the difference between polished concrete floors and wood-clad walls is minimal. In a way, the wood does not give off much heat, but the structure is still there. A great design strategy for minimalist and Nordic-inspired decors.

Even without wood heating, the living space looks cozy and comfortable with polished concrete floors. The big picture is important, the textures and finishes used, the color tones and the many design elements. Take a look at this simple residence renovated by Federico Delrosso Architects and get inspired.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete

Parsons Architects were commissioned to design an extension to a house built in Wellington, New Zealand in the early 1900s. They decided to give concrete floors to the interior spaces of the residence and use wood for the exterior spaces. This is a wonderful way to create synergy between all these areas.

While designing this house in the Czech Republic, OOOOKS used concrete floors to give the living room a sophisticated and modern look. A bare ceiling has the same effect on the decor. In addition, the color palette is neutral and the lighting is precise and these details affect the overall design and atmosphere.

The downside of concrete floors is that they are cold and hard underfoot. Instead of seeing it as a flaw, Incorporated Architecture and Design took the opportunity to introduce some amazing rugs into this modern New York home design completed in 2013.

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Good

There are many ways you can naturally mix a concrete floor. In designing this Sydney home, Janes Associates used a combination of strategies. They added wood accent walls and furniture pieces, kept the color palette neutral and gave the open kitchen a large concrete island.

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It’s not just the combination of materials that makes this room look amazing. We think the lighting is stunning and absolutely love the bright green sofa and matching ottoman, not to mention these gorgeous throw pillows. This is a space designed by Karavitz Architecture and as you can see, most of its polished concrete floors make up the floor.

This is minimalism at its best. What you see here is part of a house in Burgos, Spain. This is a project by Perida Perez Architects and this living room is actually a very good representation of the whole building. Wood and concrete define the whole house, are used extensively and look very clean and natural. Spaces are bright and fresh without looking dull or dreary.

This is a case where the name defines the house very well and literally. This is a house designed by Heavy Metal Residence, Huft Projects. It is located in Missouri and its design is a combination of glass, steel and concrete. The idea is to capture the beauty of the harsh landscape and translate it into modern architecture.

Many architects and homeowners appreciate polished concrete floors for their modern appeal, but also for their clean and practical nature. It’s an idea that suits not only minimalist, contemporary spaces, but also medieval and traditional decor. This is a great example of a living space designed by Birth Blue Architects.

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The durability of concrete floors can be discovered in many ways. Each design does this in its own unique way. The approach to this beautiful home by Kenyon Construction is to bring the outdoors in and play with simple materials to create simple yet elegant and sophisticated decor.

Somewhere in Montana is a great retreat with interior design by Ann Knight Interiors. A combination of polished concrete floors, full-height glass windows, wooden ceilings and stone accent walls make the spaces feel connected to the rugged mountain landscape that surrounds them. The design strategy is simple and very effective.

When it comes to color, there is no single design strategy that works best when it comes to concrete floors. The decoration can be based on a minimal and timeless combination of black and white, which has a bold accent color, or can rely on several colors, in which case the result is eclectic. Here, the simplicity of the interior design is complemented by the panoramic view, which brings freshness and color to the interior. Although concrete floors are associated with cold, industrial spaces (or worse, scary warehouse units), they’re making a big comeback, and designers are using them in ways that give them a whole new popularity. In fact, concrete floors are incredibly homely, attractive and warm, but they also give off a cool vibe and modern grit that makes them undeniably cool. Best of all, they are very durable and easy to clean. But many of us are fans of concrete floors… To learn about this understated design trend and how the pros make it pop at home, read Twenty Stylish Ideas for Concrete Floors.

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Good

Sun-filled, inviting and balanced with neutral shades, this room by Atelier Akin is a true testament to the overall practicality of less is more. Polish concrete floors are an unexpected treat.

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Keep the cabin or lodge from feeling too outdoorsy and nature-inspired by using industrial materials like concrete for flooring. In this bedroom designed by Nicholls, they add urban sophistication without feeling out of place.

Concrete floors are a dream to say the least. In this dining room by Studio Rizvi, the concrete floors work in a neutral color scheme and create a sharp contrast between the black details and the dining tables in crisp white and warm wood tones.

Concrete gets a lot of flair to make the space more homey. But leave it to designer Briony Fitzgerald to prove all the naysayers wrong. Paired with a traditional console table and dynamic abstract art, the concrete frame takes on a whole new meaning. It is a unique, beautiful combination of old and new, moody and happy.

Metal hardware and marble countertops and backsplash give this Studio DB designed kitchen a more formal, sophisticated touch, so the concrete feels sleek and smooth against rough edges. While the immediate assumption is that concrete goes well with silver and cool tones, it actually looks better with gold metals and warm tones.

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As concrete is a great material for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it is an excellent choice for the ground floor of a modern house with a patio. In this beautiful home designed by Robson Rock, the great room bleeds directly into the outdoor space. The flow of the concrete floor ensures this flow, and the glass doors and floor-to-ceiling walls further emphasize it.

The smooth, polished aesthetic and texture of concrete floors make them incredibly beautiful. In this dining room by San Francisco designer Kathryn Kong, concrete floors contribute to the open floor plan, loft-like layout of the space. The walls are painted a chalky green to reflect the raw materials and further set the scene and the crisp look of the floor.

Concrete is an excellent material for bathroom floors because it can also be used as a base in the shower. It is sharper and more modern than tile. In this bathroom designed by Lynn Ford Interiors, French glass doors balance

How To Make Concrete Floors Look Good

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