How To Install Carpet Treads On Wood Stairs

How To Install Carpet Treads On Wood Stairs – Easy Wood Installation: Replace carpet with wooden steps using an easy-to-build template for circular walkways and curved stairs.

Last fall we repaired the entrance of our house. The biggest project was replacing the old carpet on the stairs with wooden strips and white tiles. Although it seemed like the perfect project at first, it ended up being the only project we couldn’t find a contractor for. No one wanted to do it.

How To Install Carpet Treads On Wood Stairs

How To Install Carpet Treads On Wood Stairs

The problem? Our stairs are sloped and have a “circle tread” or curved landing. The problem arose because these “folding panels” did not contain a flight of stairs. So we figured out how to mess around at work. This way we saved thousands of dollars! Today I’m going to show you how I created a template to create the deep walk steps you need to follow to do this!

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When we moved into this house almost two years ago, we knew right away that we were going to replace the carpet that ran up the stairs. Although the photos are different, they are old and very sad. And to make matters worse, our cats decided to use it as a scratching post and it started to break. It was so bad we added pieces with masking tape!

When we started preparing the house for resale, we knew we had to solve this problem. Finally, the stairs are right in front of our house and lead to the cave. This is the customer’s first impression when they walk into our home. So we really appreciate it!

This is just one of the other topics we covered in this update. We also installed hardwood throughout the upstairs hallway, added a stair lift and installed textured wallpaper.

The good news is that as long as your entire staircase isn’t bent or twisted, the changes will be mostly minimal. Adjust the steps only on steps that are too deep or too steep.

Under $100 Carpeted Stair To Wooden Tread Makeover Diy

Fortunately, there are many tutorials on how to install stair treads and steps into standard stairs. I will provide the following information: I used a stepper and a lifter in this project. It is important that you use steps and stages throughout the project. To get a head start on this project, the ladder and riser set will not work on a decorative ledge or top.

To install on the correct step, you cut the treads and tabs to width and attach them with a nail gun. Here’s a video that explains the process in standard (correct) steps: Unfinished wood installation. Once the installation is complete, you will apply glue, paint and stain.

Preparing the foot of the stairs (under the carpet) is a good practice. As you can see, the stairs are built with a lip (compared to a waterfall). This means that the step, which is made of faux wood, is about an inch in front of the riser. In order to install hardwood flooring over an existing floor, the subfloor must first be removed.

How To Install Carpet Treads On Wood Stairs

We did this with a reciprocating saw to cut off the extra inches before each step. Here you see my lovely wife and (often absent) assistant Christine doing just that.

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The second reason goes back to angle returns. Halfway up, the stairs turn 60 degrees. In order for the steps of the three stairs to touch each other, the steps on each side are not the same depth. Here is my solution;

Since these steps require a lot of angles and cuts, I decided to create a template for each step. Equipment? hidden tape.

I just used a length of ribbon for each side. I bolted it to the existing footrest. I then lifted the base and touched the strips of hardwood ready to be cut about 1 inch from the hand in front of the step (front curved).

For the step that requires the step to be deeper than standard, I cut, glued and bisque-tied it, then laid the pattern on top and marked the cut lines with a pencil.

Stair Upgrade From Carpet To Hardwood

My cuts were made with a table saw and a circular saw. Here I am looking the worst, but I cut down that tree.

When I made the cuts, I installed these steps with framing nails, taking care to secure the first two pieces so they wouldn’t move. Since I knew I would be installing a washer, I decided to nail most of the flooring in the center.

Then I finished the whole thing off with dirt, paint, and the actual stand (just 3 store bought jumpers, cut and bolted).

How To Install Carpet Treads On Wood Stairs

So here it is! If you want to replace your carpeted stairs with hardwood stairs, but your contractors tell you it’s too difficult because they have a “round” or angled return, you can do it yourself and save money!

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I am very pleased with the results of our staircase remodeling. In the end, the time and effort we put into it was worth it because we didn’t have to pay for the labor, we only had to pay for the ladder parts! I love making good crafts when I save money!

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How To Install Carpet Treads On Wood Stairs

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T. Moore Home uses cookies on this site to improve user experience. For a full overview of the cookies used, please see our Cookie Policy. It’s surprisingly easy to update and put a carpet under the stairs with your own hands!  It’s so easy, individually, to do it in a DIY afternoon!  As you may know, I have been struggling with the floor in this house for the past two months.  After careful consideration, I decided to accept the existing floor color and leave most of the floors as is (without updating).  However, I had other plans for the stairs.  The red oak treads on both stairs (two stairs up and down) were looking a bit worn, so I decided to give them a quick clean and treat by installing a wet carpet cleaner.  If I had known how easy this DIY would be, I would have done this project years ago.

AHEAD – Upright red oak and jagged woodwork, I’ve only seen orange.  ugh.  The first step is to paint all the handrails, brakes, rails, axles and apron.  Primer was used HERE and Benjamin Moore Advance paint in Pure White with a satin finish.  

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The red oak steps were in poor condition, so before starting

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