How To Attach A Carpet Runner Down A Staircase

How To Attach A Carpet Runner Down A Staircase – Add texture and a beautiful look to your stairs with a stair tread! How to install a stair railing may seem complicated, but anyone can do this DIY project! This post contains affiliate links.

I have been managing my subscriptions since the beginning of the year. Well… I’ll take it back. We did a demo last year and a contractor came out and did some Placoplâtre and framing work to repair the roof. But since the beginning of the year I have painted, installed woodwork, cleaned, caulked, repainted, etc. Well, yesterday I took down the stairs and installed our DIY step! And today I’m here to share with you how to install a stair railing yourself! It’s easier than expected. My knees might hurt… but it would be worth it!

How To Attach A Carpet Runner Down A Staircase

How To Attach A Carpet Runner Down A Staircase

This is what our entrance looked like when we moved in! It is divided by a wall because this house was a duplex when we bought it. So if you merge these two images and remove the middle wall, that’s essentially what we’ve done.

How To Measure And Install A Sisal Stair Runner

We covered this door on the right because it led to the main closet, but took up all the space for the clothes rail. I can never understand what some people do! Here’s a good view as I painted.

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This project is very simple and only took a few hours to install. I did it myself, but there were definitely places where it would have been nice to have an extra pair of hands.

For this installation I simply used some normal skates that I bought and assembled them. You don’t need to buy a long piece of carpet. Doing it this way also opens up several options for the cash-strapped runner!

How To Install A Diy Stair Runner

Let’s talk about the runner’s original choice! I have separated for you below some of the options that I considered (chose).

The main thing to consider when buying a rug is the pattern. Is it reproducible and can it be merged? It’s possible to opt for a rug with edges, but you’ll have a lot more scraps to match. I opted for something with a pattern that goes all the way to the edge of the rug. This made organizing everything so much easier!

The next thought to consider is content. The stairs are hit. Especially if you have children and pets. I finally chose a polypropylene indoor/outdoor rug. Another popular choice for rugs is wool. Wool is known for being durable and is a great option if you find that you can’t find a pattern you like on an indoor/outdoor rug. I would definitely avoid cotton, it just can’t handle the constant ups and downs of your feet and will be harder to clean.

How To Attach A Carpet Runner Down A Staircase

Last but not least, consider your color choices. I don’t want anything with a lot of light colors because I have kids and pets so it will look a little messy!

Everything I Learned About Stair Carpet Runners And What We Ended Up Installing (including What It Cost)

I shared this process on my IG stories, if watching the video it’s easy to understand. I saved it to my Highlights so you can refer to it whenever you need!

Before you start installing your stair railing, the first thing you need to do is clean the stairs. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I go to great lengths to prepare my stairs. Here are some options: paint the steps and treads, paint just the steps, clean the wood, or install the handrails as they are on the stairs. I decided to leave my steps as soon as possible. Most of the fabric was in the middle, where the carpet was covered.

However, I did a good job cleaning and scrubbing. I also had some paint spills that I scraped off with a razor blade (very carefully). But in reality, this step was a lot of clown grease for me!

Then I went down each step and marked the center with masking tape. It’s best to have it already when you start installing the pad. You also need to determine how to locate the center. Many stairs start out open and end with walls on both sides. If this is the case and some of your efforts take place in different neighborhoods, you will need to determine which one is more aesthetically pleasing. I have a new message at the bottom and it affects the two steps below. I centered everything on most of the top steps. But you need to understand how you should deal with it.

A Guide To Stair Runners

To measure and cut the backing, I first measured the width of my current rug. I want the padding to be about 2″ wider than the rug (1″ on each side). This allows the rug to stretch and ensures that no padding sticks out.

To measure the depth of the pad, I measured from back to front (just before the tread starts to round). I subtracted 1/2 inch to allow the rug to fit properly around the curve of the step. I also left about 1/8″-1/4″ on the back of the backing so it wouldn’t rest completely against the step to allow the steps to go down nice and tight into the corner of the rug.

Once the measurements are determined, cut them from the carpet, begin centering them, and stapling them to the treads with 1/2-inch staples. Make sure you have the same distance on both sides of the rug to check its center! Always remove from the center to avoid bubbles.

How To Attach A Carpet Runner Down A Staircase

Installing the stair tread comes next. Start at the Top If your rug is like mine, it has a nice folded edge that you can start with. I placed it under the edge of the floor (on the first step) and began to climb to the top. Again, starting in the middle and working your way up. I turned the other way at the exit. Make sure you start level as you are going down in a straight line and if you start at an angle the runner will slowly move to one side. You can see in the photo where I started.

Keep A Carpet Runner From Shifting On Carpeted Floors (the Easy Way)

*Tip: Before you start stapling, use a Sharpie to paint the top edge of the staple black to better match the rug!

Once you have the top corner in place, remove the rug and use the piece of rug to pull it into the corner as far as it will go. Start in the center and insert a toothpick. Then continue to use the piece of carpet to keep it taut and staple it as you move toward the edges. Make sure you stay straight as you climb. You want there to be the same exposure on each side of the scale. Check this at every scale, as it is easy to get carried away.

I chose not to roll the rug around the edges of the steps and place it directly in the room. If you want to wrap it around the corner, you’ll need to use a piece of carpet to pull it under the edge and staple it to the bottom. Make sure you use the right size bobby pins for this and that they don’t ride up!

After you’ve stapled the back edge to secure it, go back to the step you just completed and staple along the finished edge of the rug to ensure the edges don’t move.

How To Choose A Carpet Runner For Your Stairs

The biggest question I had when sharing this on IG Stories was whether you can put multiple rugs together or if it has to be one long piece. You can definitely participate in the games. To do this, I used the runner until I got to where I stretched it past the back edge of the razor. Then I cut off the excess. So you’ll get a new rug, cut it to match the pattern, staple the raw edge to the bottom and back.

When you reach the end, simply cut off the excess, place underneath and align with the top edge of the filling.

It’s actually a lot easier than I thought to install a stair step. It literally involves pulling and stapling the carpet tightly.

How To Attach A Carpet Runner Down A Staircase

Don’t forget I shared the Stair Runner installation process on my IG stories, if watching the video it’s easy to understand. I saved it to my Highlights so you can refer to it whenever you need!

Stair Runner Installation: Everything You Need To Know

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