Stair Carpet Ideas For Victorian House

Stair Carpet Ideas For Victorian House – Wool carpet: smooth floor. Find: High ground. Color: “Alabaster” by Guild Designers. Color Black: Paintings by Farrow & Ball. Wall color: “Pure Diamond White” by Dulux. Standard color: Little Green ‘Light Peachblossom 3’. Source: Photo: Christopher O’Donnell.

I’m going to call this post “The Truth Behind Stair Runners”, but that’s a bit murder for a blog post, but before I travel in the hallway, I want to talk about the carpet.  Basically: Who knew a stair runner could be so soft?!

Stair Carpet Ideas For Victorian House

Stair Carpet Ideas For Victorian House

Why we should start looking for a stair runner. Firstly, we wanted a stair tread rather than wood as it was safer underfoot and with Peggy being able to walk/walk we needed a safe place for her (obviously we are also looking at the stairwell!), only part of the house. We thought we’d pull it together with a single layer of fabric.

Decorbuddi Sw London Victorian Terrace Transformation

But we still want to stick to the original elements of the building, because we tried to preserve its heritage as much as possible – that’s why we want to see the original floors (even if they are painted) .

In our last room, we had a runner running up and down and loved it (see post here) and we wanted to replicate it here, but since the hall There is not much lighting, we paint the floor under white to make the environment better.

Matisse Style: Simple. Hotel Magic Edition: Sissy Dress. Color: “Alabaster” by Guild Designers. Skirting board color in Eggshell Estate: “Railway” by Farrow & Ball. Wall color: Pure Diamond White by Dulux.

But it turns out, carpet is not a “one size fits all” situation. First of all, I didn’t know there were quite a few runners coming down, and we were getting different looks from the carpet. Popular with the stairs, then the landing is kept, mainly for safety (oops, sorry, Peggy!). If you want a faucet, it works much better than the floor and the carpet (but you know I don’t like to spoil).

Stair Carpet Rods Guide

Go ahead. We need a Roger Oates rubber band. I’m a big knitter, but after the last of the pinstripes, I wanted something different – maybe a dress? They are big but they cost us ₹7k- 8k, I won’t tell you the price but we don’t have anything like that. Because we have to sell a lot of cameras and electrical equipment to pay for the carpet that will come out of it (about £1800 including the plug and the cloth).

The beautiful hallway is one of the reasons why I love this house – the space, the feeling of space, the beautiful turns at the bottom of the stairs, but all these things mean that everything is very expensive.

Our end runner in our living room cost £300 so we would have bought a spare for a small space (I would recommend this if you have a small space!).

Stair Carpet Ideas For Victorian House

So again, we started to look at the trap, if you have a turn on the stairs, you will not really have a carpet of fibers because the joints do not fit. him

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Maybe, but I can’t guarantee that they will be as good or as I imagined.  I’m dirty!’ I saw it on Pinterest, but when I grabbed the pictures, they were all Roger Oates quilts. Roger can change the trap, smart old stuff, because it’s not really a carpet, it’s woven, so it can stretch (which is why it’s expensive – but as a source, it and hard white – I feel good to try it here) .

Then I learned that the stairs on the right side were easy (see Kate’s mouth later), but there was a tricky turn… Then the man in the carpet shop saw the three of us at the top of the stairs , then divide. Two directions and he said that there is no way we will go for something easy.

So here we go with the beige carpet. I never dreamed I’d want a beige carpet, but when would I? Four wins. I love the idea of ​​a beige jute rug and sisal rug in our living room, but it feels a little tight underfoot (and again, sisal is tough in a twist!), especially with Peggy running around. . So we went for plush flooring (it’s actually a local store called Kersheint Cobb “Pampas Boucle” plush flooring) that has the look and feel of sisal, but is soft and durable.

I recently learned from Kate on Home that wool carpet is good for asthmatics because it repels dust, it’s breathable, and it’s fire retardant. So there you go!

How To Achieve Your Perfect Stair Runner

But I still wanted something else and I didn’t go to the hospital. We knew we wanted a kiss, not a whip, because we had it in our last place and loved it (but we won’t live in it for long before we get married!). But again, most carpet stores offer many colors – black, gray or red if you’re lucky. There are many other colors that you can choose from.

It should be noted that the carpet is expensive, and this is what makes the price of the carpet – almost the carpet itself. We know this from the last house, but we still need it.

We were a little disappointed in the carpet store. As a good gray river, I had to see if there was another option. I went home and searched for hours on Google Images and Pinterest (pro tip: Pinterest is better for this type of image because it’s a creative site).  I found a lot of amazing pictures – tons of different sounds and even STRIP tapes – but they were all US. him. site dependent. I tried Etsy! No success. 

Stair Carpet Ideas For Victorian House

While Chris was searching, he found a store that made all kinds of clothes, but they also bought blankets (and guess what? They were more Hispanic), then he remembered that he was working at rug shop – Buy his first Saturday work. Called the shop (Highland) for advice, maybe a contact from them? They came out, sold us a hassle free pass, sent us a picture and got what we wanted!!

Stair Runner Carpets

We called Plush Flooring and asked if we could have our faucet installed on their carpet, and they agreed to do it for us.

And we are almost there. This hall has been in the works for almost 2 years and we spent many nights painting it to prepare it, so after all the sweat and tears, I don’t want to spoil the way we want it. ya!

Here’s one big piece of advice I’d give: it’s your home, you’re going to live in it, so don’t let the store tell you what to do if you think there might be another way. how to do what you want. Work

We’re told the robes in the hall are the trickiest food they’ve ever seen! Very good. But he did a great job. The only problem is: yes, you guessed it, growing! The carpet maker wanted to cut the carpet to that length, which is not useful when the stairs are big, but he suggested finishing it in a straight line in the last step. Instead of rings and steps. I really pushed for it, we worked together and I’m really happy how it turned out.

Best Victorian Hallways

So, this is the longest story about a stair runner in the history of the world. You think you can stick to me!

I also wanted to explain how to do a 90-degree stairlift on a staircase, so let Kate from Down in the Woods show us how (she also shares her top tips for runners!).

She also shows how amazing a statement colored lashes can be (follow Kate on Instagram here – she’s a joy to follow!)

Stair Carpet Ideas For Victorian House

If your step turns like that of a ballerina, don’t worry. There will be ways to create your perfect bed. Browse and save your favorite images. It always helps to show your recruiter something that motivates you that they may not have seen before.

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Don’t be afraid to take the stairs. Blocks can be as beautiful as art. They usually are

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