Install Carpet On Stairs Without Tack Strips

Install Carpet On Stairs Without Tack Strips – I’m trying to beautify my house. I’m also a single mom on a tight budget. These two factors may mean I leave my house as it is and just shop, but that’s not how I move. There is always a way to make my house look better with the time and money I have. I started this DIY about 2 years ago…well sometimes it takes forever ok. In this part of the project I learned how to remove the carpet from the stairs. Finally, this leads to the most beautiful part of the project, painting the stairs.

Because today I just want to show you the steps on how to remove the carpet from the stairs. I will show you the steps to paint the stairs in another post next month.

Install Carpet On Stairs Without Tack Strips

Install Carpet On Stairs Without Tack Strips

I know it can be frustrating sometimes to figure out how to approach that little DIY project you want to tackle…how to know what to do and what steps to take to get the job done. Plus, as moms, we divide our time between so many things that we often don’t have a whole Saturday or weekend to take care of the little things. We mustn’t let that stop us. We can still do things if we look at them a little differently.

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This is where I come in. I have completed this project so I will show you the steps to complete it. I will also break it down for you into parts that you can do here and there in your mom life. This way you can get the beautiful home you want with less time and money.

If you want to see how to draw stairs – and how beautiful the full makeup looks – then sign up for my email. I’ll be sure to send you an update when I do a post on painting the stairs. And if you’re a busy mom like me and often feel stressed and overwhelmed by everything motherhood throws at us, I’ve got a guide to help you put systems in place so you’re less stressed and overwhelmed and find more time for DIYers. projects. GOOD! Sign up today and start eliminating mommy brain syndrome from your life!

First, before we get to the step by step for you, this project needs the right tools. Having the right tools will make things a lot easier.

We can all say… ah! That staircase was so ugly! I can’t wait to see the final reveal and how beautiful they are now. That said, I’m sure you’ve seen stairs like this before.

Correct Way To Install Stair Runner

There will usually be a free seat somewhere. Use that and copy from there. If not, start at the bottom and use the nail puller to open the piece and work your way up from there to mutilate the carpet.

Most often, you will find that the carpet on the stairs is one long piece. If you have the time and patience (and you need a lot of patience) to tackle this project all at once, knock it all out at once. If your life is like mine and you don’t have the time or patience to do it all in one day, use your utility knife to cut the mat between the treads (the wood you walk on) and the riser (the piece of wood). i.e. vertical). That way, you can take multiple steps at once and work in the time you need to get the job done between your busy lives.

You will most likely have a moment of complete and utter disgust at what’s under the blanket and pillow.

Install Carpet On Stairs Without Tack Strips

Try to do this in the place that has a seam. This will not always be possible because sometimes it will be very tight in that place. Do what you can.

How To Glue Carpet To Stairs

Once you have the fastener under the tape, tap the end (the yellow part on the right side of the photo above) with a hammer to get it under the seams. Once you can see that the anchor is completely under the nail and tape, press down in a downward motion to lift the anchor tape and nails.

The ideal and easiest thing to do for this job is to remove the fastener in one piece, but if your job goes like mine, you’ll end up with just a few of these. It’s fine and it doesn’t matter.

Only a few came out that way. Most of them appeared in many parts. Again, it doesn’t matter. Just remove the tape.

Unless you’re a DIY goddess, you’ll be stuck with nails and rivets on steps and stairs.

Carpet Stair Treads You Will Love

Use needle nose pliers or nail lifters and wooden nails.

I used pliers to do this and I think you will too. I discovered the nail lifter (affiliate link) when I was working on reupholstering my antique chair and wanted to learn more about this tool for this project. This would make removing the hinges much easier. So I recommend this tool for this job.

You have a lot of fasteners and nails to remove from each step and in my experience it takes forever. I usually have more time and patience than I have in a day as a busy mom. So I recommend using the utility knife and taking a few steps a day. It may seem inconvenient to separate it. It’s better to take it down than to leave it halfway there so that one of the kids (or you) can step on the hinges or nails left on the stairs.

Install Carpet On Stairs Without Tack Strips

2. Work as patiently and carefully as possible when using both clamps and staples or nails. You want to do as little damage to the stairs as possible.

How To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

If you know for sure that you need to install new carpet or paint the stairs, you don’t have to be so careful. If you plan to leave the stairs as they are or paint them, all this damage means more work for you.

I lived with the stairs like this for almost 2 years until I painted them. Since my stairs were in good condition, I didn’t have to rush to get the job done.

As you can see, I taped the stairs to paint them. In real life I have done this and I will share this tutorial with you next month.

Even the step of removing the carpet helped improve the look of my home. The carpet was rough, dirty and old.

Scribing Skirt Boards

It was so nice to get him out of here and down the stairs. I also had much less trouble climbing stairs without carpet. I wondered if it would be a problem when we walked around the house with socks in the winter, but it was fine and we still had fewer problems than with the beds.

I’ll be back next month with a post on how to paint your stairs and show you my stairs after the makeover. Looks very good!

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Install Carpet On Stairs Without Tack Strips

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How To Install Carpet On Stairs Without A Tack Strip

Hello! I’m KC. I am a single mother of 2 girls who love all things creative. Whether it’s making crafts or this DIY project, I want to have fun and stay organized in the process. 😊 Read more… We finally got a stairwell and it’s the most wonderful addition to our home.  I installed it myself and I’m here to share the process so you too can install stairs in your home.  It’s easier than you think.  With a little patience and a beautifully woven runner, your stairs will look great, be safer for your family, and feel comfortable underfoot.

DIY tutorial on how to install stairs. A complete step-by-step guide to installing wicker stairs.

This is a DIY project that you can definitely tackle and get professional results.  Make sure you read my notes, tips and steps before you start so that you are fully familiar with the process and finally feel confident enough to install the stairs in your home.

Let’s start with a nice photo first so you know where it started.  We have an enclosed, split staircase with a center landing that leads to our lower level family room.  The steps are oak, the landing pine, and everything was painted poly satin when we moved in nine years ago.

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It feels so perfect and sophisticated.  I’m no interior designer, but now that I’ve installed the stairs, this room finally feels finished.

This delicious striped runner is from Woodard &

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