Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains And Odor

Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains And Odor – Resolve® Pet Expert Carpet Cleaner formula removes stubborn odors. The 2X concentrated* formula deeply cleans dirt particles and other pet stains such as urine, vomit and feces. Odor Stop™ technology prevents re-soiling by pets and neutralizes pet and other household odors. Its foaming effect makes cleaning carpets easy. Used in popular steam cleaners such as Basil®, Hoover® and Rag Doctor®† cleaners. Resolve® Pet Expert Carpet Cleaning Formula is safe for use around pets**. Say goodbye to pet odors and say hello to lots of love from your furry friends!

The 2X concentrated* formula uses only 2.3 fl. or gallon of water and cleans up to 1,600 square feet

Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains And Odor

Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains And Odor

Before cleaning: test the color fastness on an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet. RESOLVE® Carpet Cleaner Concentrate Formula has been tested by independent machine safety laboratories on current models of leading upright and canister steam cleaners and handheld machines. Concentrate the RESOLVE® Carpet Cleaning Formula as directed and follow all instructions for use in the machine’s owner’s manual. He is not responsible for damages caused by using the product with improperly maintained machines or misuse. Note that some stains may cause permanent discoloration even after cleaning. Do not mix with bleach or use with other household products.

Simple Solution Extreme Carpet Shampoo Pet Stain And Odor Remover, 1 L

4. For home and rental machines, the recommended usage area is 2.3 fl. or with Solution ® carpet cleaning formula containing a concentrated liquid per gallon of warm tap water. Note. The water chamber of most advanced machines holds a gallon of water.

Resolve and Animal Planet share heartwarming stories of pet dogs who have found their forever fur and how Resolve products help pet owners clean up messes with ease.

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