Stair Carpet Examples

Stair Carpet Examples – Wool rugs: gausape only. Engraving: superior. Paint the floor: Designers Guild “Alabaster”. Dark color: ‘Railings’ Farrow & Ball. Wall color: Dulux “Pure White”. Paint the fence: “Light Peachblossom 3” by Little Greene. Light: Prints by Christopher O’Donnell.

I was going to do this post about “the truth about stair runners” but I thought it might sound like a killer for a blog post, but I really wanted to talk specifically about the carpet before heading down the hallway.  Mainly because: who knew running stairs was so complicated?

Stair Carpet Examples

Stair Carpet Examples

We should probably start by explaining why we would want a stair runner. For one thing, we wanted covered stairs instead of wooden stairs to feel safer on our feet, and because of Peggy’s exceptional crawling/walking ability, we wanted her environment to be safe (of course we’ll also see the doors on the stairs). was just part. We decided to completely tidy up the house with any rug and everything together.

Our Sisal Stair Runner Before & After

But we still wanted to combine the original elements of the house, because we tried to preserve the heritage as much as possible, because we wanted to see the original floors (even if they were painted).

In our last room we had a hallway that we ran upstairs and we loved (see post here) and we wanted to recreate that here, but as this hall has no natural light, we painted the floor below white to make projection easier. around the light

Matisse style print: Etsy. Hotel Magic Print: Cissy Wears. Paint the floor: Designers Guild “Alabaster”. Paint for a summer statement at Egshell Estate: railings by Farrow & Ball. Wall color: Dulux “Pure White”.

But it turns out that rugs aren’t “one size fits all.” At first I didn’t realize that runners were very rare on the landing and picked up random ones from the carpet stores. We’ve only done this before because we thought it was quite strange – popular runners appearing on the stairs and then sailing into the harbor especially for stealth accidents (LOL, sorry Peggy!). And if you want to film, it’s a lot more expensive than landing gear (but you already know I don’t like complacency).

What Goes Into Creating Custom Stair Runners?

They follow. We want the cover by Roger de Oates. I’m a big fan of stripes, but after the last time we had stripes, I wanted something different – maybe herringbone? They had some amazing ones but they were charging £7k-8k, not to say it wasn’t worth it but we didn’t have them around. So we had to sell a bunch of cameras and electrical equipment to pay for the carpet we finished choosing (which cost around £1,800 including filming and decorating).

The beautiful porch was one of the reasons I loved this house – the width, the feeling of space, the beautiful curve in the bottom steps, but it all meant everything was much more expensive.

Our last hallway in the apartment cost £300 the most we could afford, the rest for a not so big space (I would definitely recommend this if you need to cover a smaller area!).

Stair Carpet Examples

So we started looking again, again for the stripes, but it turns out you can’t have striped carpet if you go around the stairs because the moldings don’t match. That

How To Install A Diy Staircase Runner

Maybe, but they couldn’t guarantee it would look good or the way I imagined.  He said, “Trash!” I looked on Pinterest, but when I opened the photos, they were all Roger Oates wrinkles. Roger threaded a nail, an old trick that isn’t really a piece of clothing, it’s a fabric that can stretch (because it’s so expensive – but originally it’s also very difficult to clean – that’s what he’s trying to do to make me feel better here).

I found it easier with the right angle of the stairs (see Kate’s tip later) but the curves are tricky… then the guy at the carpet store saw us making a turn at the top of the stairs and then it split in two and he said that there is no way to do something simpler.

So we decided on a beige rug. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would want a blanket, but sometimes I do? Prudence prevails. We have a beige jute rug in our living room, and I love the idea of ​​sisal, but I thought it was a little scratchy (and again, sisal is really hard to turn!), especially when Peggy was crawling. So we opted for a wool rug (also Kersaint Cobb ‘Pampas Boucle’ from a local store called Plush Flooring) that had the look of sisal but was softer and more durable.

And I recently learned from Kate at Mad De Domo that wool clothing is best for asthmatics because it traps dust, is recyclable, and is naturally fire retardant. Hence, therefore, me!

Stair Carpet Runners

But I still wanted something else and left the comics in our room. We knew we wanted it stuck to the edges rather than the lashes, mostly because we had it and loved it (and hadn’t lived with it before we moved). But then again, most clothing stores only sell a few colors – black, gray or red if you’re lucky. However, there are more color options when it comes to lashes.

It is important to note that knitting is expensive, which is why this rug is more expensive – the edges cost almost as much as the rug itself. We’ve known this since our last room, but we still wanted it.

Leaving their clothes and provisions behind, they were a little disappointed. As pretty as the gray border was, I needed to at least see if there was another option. I went home and spent hours searching for images on Google and Pinterest (PRO Tip: Pinterest is much better for this type of image searching because it’s a more creative space).  I found a lot of amazing photos – tons of different photography and even nail repair options – but they were all US-based sites. I even tried Etsy in hopes of finding a clip! No luck. 

Stair Carpet Examples

In Chris’s search, he found a store that made a lot of tape, but also bought carpet (and guess what? They were worse), and then he remembered that he once worked on his first Saturday at a carpet store. . so I called the store (Higher Ground) to ask for advice, maybe I could get in touch? Turns out they had no problem selling tapes, they sent us some photos and they had what we wanted!

Stair Runner Ideas: Sisal Before And After

We called Plush Flooring and asked if it would be possible to bring in our carpet and add it to their carpet and they agreed to do it for us.

We were almost there. This room took almost 2 years of hard work and we spent most of the night painting to get it ready, so I just don’t want to put it together like we wanted after all the sweat and tears!

This is a great piece of advice I would give: it’s your house, you have to live in it, don’t let stores tell you how things should be done if you think otherwise to do what you want.

When the time came, we were told that our salon was the worst it had ever been! Great But this is a big deal. The only question was: yes, you guessed it, damn it! He wanted to cut the carpet to fit the carpet so that it was the same length all the way to the end, which simply didn’t fit when the stairs were larger, and he also suggested that the last step end with a straight line. or as a curve in the same way as a degree. In fact, I pushed her, we worked together and I’m very happy with the result.

Sisal, Wool, Seagrass & Modern Synthetic Stair Runners

Therefore, this is the longest history of the stadium in the history of the world. I hope you will stick with me and give me some forethought!

I also wanted to share a photo of how to have a striped stair tread with a 90 degree angle on the steps. Kate from Down to the Woods shows us how it’s done (and also shares her best tips with runners below!).

It’s also an example of how striking colors can look amazing (follow Kate on Instagram here – she’s a joy to follow!)

Stair Carpet Examples

If your staircase takes more turns than a ballerina, don’t worry. There will always be a way to make your quilt work perfectly. You want to explore and save images. It’s always helpful to show your employer exactly what inspired you, as they’ve never seen it before.

Stair Runners, Rug Runners Bucks County Carpet & Floor

Don’t be afraid to take the stairs. A scarf can do the same thing as a work of art. They are often

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