How To Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

How To Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet – After many internal arguments, I couldn’t take it anymore and started tearing up the carpet on our stairs!  😉

If anyone tells you this is an easy DIY project, they’re lying!  It’s been one of the longest weeks of my life and the final reveal isn’t over yet.  Ah!  I was hoping to get everything done in a week, cleaning, prepping, painting, but only working in the evening and then waiting a few years for the stain to dry makes the March end date more realistic.

How To Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

How To Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

Here is a picture of what our stairs looked like before the demolition started last Monday.  Some of you are probably asking, “What’s wrong with them?”  What they were not:

Remove Carpet From Stairs & Staining: Do It Yourself

I have dreamed of dark stairs and white towers more than my first child.  Considering he’s 19 (wow, it’s still a little unreal that I have a 19-year-old son), it was time to make this a reality.  I have shown you this photo before in the home inspiration post.

Not only is it my favorite, but based on your answers, it’s your favorite too!  Great minds think alike!!

The carpet removal was much quicker than expected and was completed within two nights.  Since I have an asthmatic child and a dog who thinks he has to try anything he can find on the floor, I broke it down and finished one step…rolling the rug as I went. 

After removing the pad, I used a hole punch, hammer and flat head screwdriver to remove the tape and clips.  I cut all three steps of the carpet from one side to the other with a box cutter.  It was a simple system that worked great and I will be using it on the basement stairs as well.  Don’t tell PT!  😉

Update Your Staircase: How To Remove And Install Carpet On The Stairs

After doing each step, I deleted it completely.  Seriously, if you knew the crap I spew, you would get rid of the angel in a heartbeat.  Just another reason why I want to have 100% wood in my house one day!  It was amazing!

See this cute mini shop vacuum cleaner?  This was my Christmas gift from PT and this was my first time using it!!  Yeah!  Am I the only woman looking for birthday and Christmas gadgets?

My original plan was to start over and remove all the stairs.  I found 48″ edged pine boards at Loe’s for about $10.  I was going to buy these, stain them and then screw them in place.  Don (my contractor friend who I hired to replace the shed doors) absolutely blew my mind when he told me that the stairs were wired and not bolted to the frame.  Annoying!  Even if I did the steps, there was no guarantee that the new pine boards would fit or cover the wire opening.

How To Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

His information completely burst my bubble!  That and the kids’ reluctance to use hardwood stairs (in this case…softwood, because pine is soft) derailed this project for a few weeks.  A civil war broke out and I finally said “what the hell”… I’ll try anyway.  Nothing to lose but my time…and maybe some money if it doesn’t work! 😉

Replacing The Carpet With Painted Stairs

Since there was a lot of spray paint on the stairs, I used a product called Citristrip to clean it up.  Follow the instructions on the back of the phone.  I didn’t listen when they told me to use a hair brush and I soon found out that the chemicals were getting through the foam brush!  I quickly switched to an inexpensive brush from the Dollar Tree. Laughing guts!

I used a metal scrubber to remove all the paint.  Even if I worked the sharp edge in and out, I couldn’t get everything right. 

This is where my PT found me one night…. I think it was only 8pm…  and I wondered if I would enjoy it and if it would really calm me down.  I tilted my head towards him and said that I doubt it.  No, it didn’t relax me… and I wasn’t amused either.  But I was relieved and I guess it’s the next best thing, right?  I knew what the end result would be and that allowed me to work on all the crap without complaining!

I think the most important step in preparing stairs is sanding!  I sandblasted these bad boys three times.  Once after removing the carpet, once after applying Citristrip and one last time to be on the safe side before staining.  I used different sizes from 50 (very coarse) to 180 (fine).  It’s amazing how much dust it creates!  I had to shower every night to get it out of my hair and ears!   I still think there’s a layer of sawdust on some of our furniture, but I’m slowly working on cleaning it off. 

Diy Hardwood Stairs: Refinish Carpeted Stairs Easily

I alternated between using my Black and Decker Mousse and sanding it by hand.  What a workout for my arms!  If sanding takes even a little of the swing out of my arm, it’s definitely worth the effort!!!

Anyway – I invested in some face masks for this project.  I tried to use the cheap ones I had on hand, but they weren’t enough.  I didn’t pay too much attention to the brands, but I noticed that they ranged in price from $1 to $30.  I believe the 3×3 mil pack is $5.50.  You are amazing!  I strongly recommend paying attention to your lungs when removing paint/stain and sanding.  These were comfortable, stayed on my head and didn’t fog up my glasses every time I breathed in and out like cheap glasses do.

I leave aside the color that I did not get on the sides.  If 2-3 coats of stain doesn’t hide it, I either add a small piece of molding or just black out the steps.  Their black color is my design for this little staircase project of mine!  I also have a problem with this…

How To Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

Don’t the creators know that the fairer side should face?  Seriously!!  Time will tell if stains can hide this flaw or not!

How To Clean Your Staircase

1.  Pull the carpet with gloves and stuff (I used a pair of gardening gloves) 😉  Cut the carpet with a utility knife every third step to manage the removal.  Cost: $0

2. Remove the rivets and clips using a pry bar, hammer, and flat head screwdriver (pliers will also work).  Cost: $8 for a pack of 2 levers.

3. I smoothed the steps and string with the mouse.  Cost: $0 This was a Christmas present in 1996 and I’ve only had a chance to use it once (on a roadside bench I found in B last year).

4. Use Citristrip on the excess color.  I scratched with a metal scraper.  Cost: $12 for paint remover and brush included for use.

I Took Carpet Up From My Stairs And Found This Black Foam And Adhesive. Any Advice On How To Remove It Efficiently Without Ruining The Stairs?

I think they are ready to go!  This time next week I hope to have all the stains installed on the stairs and railings and the white stairwell tiles.  Wish me luck!

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Bathroom Artifacts Baking & Bait Cake Breakfast Caramel Chicken Chocolate Pastry Dough Christmas Crafts Decorating Dessert Dinner DIY Simple Recipe Family Dinner Friendship Gifts Health HIT Holidays Home Husband Approves Baby Recipes Recipes Projects Projects Once again and to I suddenly started a project where I started removing the carpet from the stairs. Here’s a quick post that recaps my carpet removal adventures before I forget the whole process.

How To Paint Stairs After Removing Carpet

Now that we’re done, more details. I have been thinking about removing the carpet from the stairs for a while now. Stairs are the heart of our home. In our tiny house you can see the living room and kitchen from the stairs while yelling at whoever is in the bedroom. It’s also one of the dogs’ favorite places to hang out, so we spend a lot of time there. Can you imagine how much dog hair and dust accumulated on those stairs?

Painting The Stair Trim

Last Friday evening I suddenly moved forward

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