How Do You Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

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We did it! We installed a walker on our stairs and we were just in our house. It’s rare these days that I follow a project, but here we are, living in the future with a career on our ladder. When I first mentioned adding a runner to our wooden stairs, Andy was surprised and immediately reminded me of all the rugs after he got the keys to our house (see the first floor overview. He then reminded me that the stairs were already decorated. unpainted wood trim in our house is the lightest Yes and we appreciate it So with all that I don’t hide our stairs.

How Do You Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

How Do You Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

We decided to add a carrier to improve the safety of our stairs for our old corgi, our grandparents and our family. Penelope, our 11-year-old corgi, has arthritis and has had a lot of trouble getting up and down in recent months. And actually, I love carpets. I knew that adding some texture and warmth to the stairs would make our entire entryway look great.

Adding A Stair Runner To Our New Build House

Our stairs look like they have a good coat on them. I mean, let’s say it’s like a scarf, but it’s a shirt. Like a warm hug.

We chose to use carpet runners instead of ordering something custom made for our stairs. We went with an Anne Selke dash and an Albert Samson indoor/outdoor rug in black. Choosing to use ready-made carriers instead of custom-made washers opens up a number of options that can be more expensive, but also means you can get into the carpet and into the seams of the carpet.

Once our floor was fixed we also got the steps fixed but left only the top. Craftsmen show wear and tear in the nearly 90-year-old home. You may notice bumps and cracks from previous carpet installations and years of use. We could paint the posts to hide them all (and black paint looks great), but we really like the look of all-wood steps.

I absolutely love our little, simple yarn. Okay, are you ready? Here’s what we used and how we did it.

Choosing A Stair Runner: Some Inspiration And Lessons Learned

There are so many great tutorials out there that we use a mix of all three. We took Yellow Brick Home’s tutorial seriously, grabbed the best gun Young House Love used, and got carpet installation tips from installation wizard Annie Selke Runner. If you want to jog around the corner, follow the Deuce Cities Henhouse route.

First, measure your stairs to figure out how much space you need to cover (and how many runners to buy). Measure steps, nosings and risers based on how many steps you have. We have three 8′ fans to cover our steps and a little extra. Use the number of steps x steps measurement to determine how much padding you need.

Once you have all your supplies, it’s time to get started. Start to finish, we spent a day on the installation, taking breaks for showers, meals, snacks and pictures.

How Do You Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

Before you start installing, you need to do some maintenance on your carpet installation. It’s math time: measure the width of your stride, subtract it from your running width (measure correctly, don’t go over the width that says), and divide that number by two. The number you get is the distance you need to leave on either side of your fan to ensure it is centered. You can use masking tape to mark one side so you can keep it as you go.

Diy Tutorial: How To Install A Stair Runner

Then measure the middle of your foot and place a small mark in the middle. This will help you install the carpet blocks.

Cut the carpet/floor mat into squares that are the depth of your crotch (and the width of your gym if you’re using a mat that’s wider than your gym). Mark the center of the rectangle to help align the center with the mark you made above.

We used a 1/4″ thick mat with rubber on one side. I chose this as an extra measure to try to keep the holder in place. We put 3 strips of carpet (on each side and in the middle) on the loose end of the carpet , and then puts them in the middle of the stairs.

You’re almost ready to dress up! I used John and Sherry’s trick of using a Sharpie on the blanks before putting them in your actual gun. This will really help hide the stains on the dark areas of your fan.

How To Install A Stair Runner

We started by cutting the carrier just below the drop nose and inserting the pins into the riser. Because of the large edges of the carpet, you can clearly see where the plants have entered. It can be seen in the picture, but it’s not something that catches my eye.

We continued to add spots to the base of each tread and then to the base of each stem. It is important to use a carpet tool to insert the washer into the corner where the riser meets the tread.

Here is our progress with an 8′ carrier installed. Next, it’s time to add the second runner.

How Do You Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

To install the rugs, align the edge of one rug with the first edge of the other rug. Our first runner ended up where there wasn’t much overlap, so I tore off the last seam with a seam ripper.

How To Install Carpet On Stairs

We put the second runner on top of the first runner’s end plate (I’m making words up here) to grab the back of the step and hit it. We followed Annie Selke’s instructions and joined the carpets on the step instead of the riser. I like this method (with the mat on the riser) because it’s less obvious when you stand back and admire the riser.

We repeated this process to add the third blanket. When we reached the bottom of the last flight of stairs, there was only a small bit of carpet left. I used my scissors to trim the rug, leaving maybe two inches extra. We put extra pieces on the back, bottom and carpet so that the edge is nice.

Here is our finished run with Penelope in her perfect walker, Vigilance. When I first showed a sample of this rug on my Instagram feed, some very kind people reached out to say that the horizontal stripes were a dream. They warned me that they are not fair and that worries me. So I really doubt myself and think about the best I want. (I usually want to be perfect.) But I’m equal parts perfectionist and adult, so I ordered it anyway.

When we placed the fans I noticed that we couldn’t keep the lines straight and placed the model step by step. A I like it. I’ve always liked it. Maybe I wake up at 4am and think I’ve made a big mistake or maybe I won’t fall back asleep for two hours. But when I woke up and looked again, I was just happy. The pattern itself is organic and I think it has the same flaws as the most romantic nature of our stairs.

Our Kitchen Stairs Makeover + How To Perfectly Install A Stair Runner

Here is evidence of Penelope’s newfound confidence as she descends the stairs to mow the low lawn.

Now that the operator is in, I’m more likely to finish getting in. I’m ready to add art and I’m still looking for the perfect entryway table next to the stairs. We finally got a stair lift and it is the most beautiful addition to our home.  I installed it myself and I’m here to share the process so you too can install a stair lift in your home.  It’s easier than you think.  A little patience and a well-woven carrier will make your stairs wonderful, safe for your family and comfortable underfoot.

DIY tutorial for installing the walker. A step-by-step guide to installing a woven rollator.

How Do You Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

This is a DIY project that you can do and get professional looking results.  Be sure to read my information, tips and steps before you begin so you can fully understand the process and finally feel confident about installing a stairlift in your home.

Hollywood Vs. Waterfall Stair Runners: What’s The Difference?

Start well before you shoot so you know where to go

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