How Do You Put Carpet On Stairs

How Do You Put Carpet On Stairs – We finally have a staircase and it’s a great addition to our home.  I installed it myself and I’m here to share the process so you can install stairs in your home too.  And it’s easier than you think.  With a little patience and a beautifully woven tread, your stairs will look great, be safer for your family, and be warmer underfoot.

DIY instructions on how to install a ladder. A complete step-by-step guide to installing wicker stairs.

How Do You Put Carpet On Stairs

How Do You Put Carpet On Stairs

This is a DIY project that you can definitely handle and get professional results.  Be sure to read my notes, tips and steps before you begin so that you are fully familiar with the process and at the end you are confident about installing a stairlift in your own home.

How To Install Carpet Runners For Stairs?

Let’s start with the perfect shot before we get to what’s going on.  We have a split covered staircase with a central landing leading to our downstairs family room.  The steps are oak, the floor is pine, and when we moved in nine years ago, the entire floor was painted satin black.

It feels full and refined.  I’m no interior designer, but after installing the staircase, this space looks like it’s finally finished.

This adorable striped runner is from Woodard & Greenstein.  They have a beautiful collection of woven rugs and runners inspired by antique American rugs.

Long story short, I was working as an interior designer in New York in my 20s and made several trips to Woodard & Greenstein to collect and return samples.  I always remembered their store on the second floor, which was filled with antiques, quilts, folk art, and the most amazing rug patterns in all kinds of stripes, checks, and more.  25 years later I live in an old house from 1740 so it was only natural that I chose a Woodard Weave runner for the stairs.

How To Install Carpet On Stairs

I recommend checking out their site and requesting a catalog.  From there, you can order a few samples to see the rugs in your space and decide on the style and color that works best for you.  I ended up going with the Wyndham style because these stairs are a newer addition to our home so it felt like the best design choice.

Once you’ve decided on a pattern, it’s time to measure how many runners you’ll need.  Every outlet is different, so measure carefully.

For this setup, I wrapped the entire runner around the riser and kicker.  An alternative to the chute setup is where the runner leaves the tread and is sloped down into the slot of the riser and then the runner.  I prefer this overlay look because it looks fuller to me, but if you’re looking at other options, a waterfall setup might work for you.

How Do You Put Carpet On Stairs

When I moved in in 2013, everything was painted red.  I quickly painted the space with lots of white paint and gave the stairs a first look.

Stair Runner Carpet: Learn How To Install One In 6 Steps

If there is a landing, it is important to consider how to install the runner in this space.  I originally planned to have a miter seam, which is the diagonal line where the two rugs meet where they meet.  However, after placing the rug in the space, I felt that the seam was too tight.  It was very sharp, drawing your eye to the corner and creating the feeling of 3 blue arrows going to the corner.  In the end I decided to use 90 stitches as you can see below:

Step 1: Prepare the wooden stairs.  I cleaned the old black stain and polythene.  I then painted the oak steps with Balmain Magic Oil.

Step 2: Determine the location.  Measure the width of the tread and subtract it from the width of the runner.  Then divide by 2 and this will be the size of the exposed wood stair on each side of the runner.  Use a tape measure and masking tape to mark the position of the runner on the stairs.

Painter’s tape guides you through installation.  It is very important that the runner is perfectly aligned with the edges of the tape.  This is especially important if you have a vertical striped runner like me, as any change in stripe will make your setup look unprofessional.

Carpet Or No Carpet On Stairs?

Step 3: Prepare the carpet strips.  Use the tin cutters (or duct tape cutter) and cut the hardware strips to size.  Mounting strips should be 2 inches shorter than the width of the runner.  My runner is 28 inches wide, so I cut mounting strips 26 inches long.

Step 4: Install the carpet strips.  Use a piece of mounting tape as a spacer against the riser.  Here you want to leave room for the rug to fit into the hole.  Make sure the mounting tape is placed between the tapes.

You will definitely want to fill the bottom of the woven runner.  Woodard Weave offers a 40 oz. Padding is usually sold to carpet installers in a 100 foot roll.  Since I was installing this runner myself, I got as close as possible to 40 oz. I decided to use a thick carpet without a backing.

How Do You Put Carpet On Stairs

Step 5: The carpet pad should be measured 2 inches shorter than the width of the runner, the distance from the front of the carpet strip, then around the nose plus 3 inches.  For my stairs, I used a utility knife and a straight angle to cut the carpet mats to 26″ x 12″.

A Diy Guide On How To Install Carpet On Stairs

Step 6: Begin by stitching the carpet pad to the mounting tape every 3 inches.  Then gently pull the pillow up and pin under the nose every 3 inches.

Once the carpet mat is firmly in place, go back and remove the excess mat under the nose.

Step 7: Use scissors to remove excess padding to make a smooth transition from runner to riser.  Any excess padding will create a foggy area in the lift that won’t look nice.

Be sure to cut off a large portion of the padding for the landing area.  You don’t want any seams here, the padding should be 1 inch smaller than the runner on all sides.  Use the tape marks as a guide.

Carpet On Stairs: How It’s Done And Pros And Cons

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to setting up – those who start at the top of the ladder and those who start at the bottom.  I decided to start from the bottom.  Also notice that I have a base plate that extends beyond the bottom riser.  I chose to leave this base plate in place as it provides a point for the end of the Bluestone and a great place to start the runner.  It keeps the runner off the rock and extends the life of the runner because the front of people’s shoe hits the runner right there.

Step 8: Begin by sewing the raw edge of the runner to the riser 3 inches apart. (See the red dots in the image above.)

You can use the pin without seeing it.  You can do this before putting them in the stapler.  Or, once it’s laid out on the rug, you can go back and use a Sharpie on any key element that’s visible.

How Do You Put Carpet On Stairs

Step 9: Now turn the rug over (right side out) and follow the steps above.  Then line up the fold straight to the board and attach the pad to the riser.  Start in the center and work in each direction.

How To Update Carpeted Stairs With Paint * Hip & Humble Style

Step 10:  Pull the trained runner towards the riser and pin under the nose.  Again, start from the center and work towards the edges.

Step 11:  Now pull out the marked stair rail and attach it to the mounting rails.  Here you can use the carpet tuck tool to push the runner into the seam between the stair and the riser.  Then sew the runner into the opening, starting in the center.

At the landing you can see that the stair is recessed every 2 inches.   To make the finished edge smooth, fold it under the runner and sew under it.  Place the cut edge at least 2 inches down to join the two pieces, then open the edge every 2 inches.

Thanks for joining me on this stair installation project.  Leave any questions in the comments below and follow me on social media for tool and project inspiration: I made a stair tread last summer and I haven’t documented much, but I will often. Questions about the stair rail and its installation complexity. I pulled some photos from the archive and decided to put together a little tutorial for you. This is a really easy DIY project and

Carpet Stair Runners

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