How To Make Your Tub Look White Again

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If you have tried to whiten your bathroom and it looks killer, DON’T DISAPPOINT! You can upgrade for $1.50 without elbow grease.

How To Make Your Tub Look White Again

How To Make Your Tub Look White Again

I recently moved into an apartment in Berkeley. It has a nice big place, but it is something to put on, and there is a lot of it to do.

Bathroom Ideas To Inspire A Refresh

One of the problem areas is the bathtub: it is a bit papery, and it looks yellow down the sides. So I bought a beetroot, pounded it and let it sit for a few hours.

When I returned, my bathroom looked like a scene from a horror movie. The real thing is: red-brown rust all over the sides and bottom like dried blood. As I would think if you kill someone there.

The Internet was my next step, naturally. After researching phrases like “bloody busy” and learning interesting but dead ends about how to deal with urine and noise, I struck gold at this obscure link. It is wonderful. You don’t even have to change. So I thought I’d take some pictures and turn them into an Instructable, putting together the easiest link for other sad idiots like me.

The bathtub is old porcelain with a cast (iron) part. The use of chlorine in a common chlorine-based stain oxidizes the metal from the porcelain. Rusty metal damage, where the rusty red color.

How To Clean A Bathroom: A Step By Step Guide

Hydrogen peroxide, Oxi Clean, and Clorox 2 are all chlorine-free cleaners (also because they are color safe) that contain oxygen as a primary ingredient. I thought at first that since the red stain is still oxygen based, we are seeing easy diffusion. But as Oldhart said, you should have loosened the stain and let it flow down the sides. Since the stain goes without removal, oldhart suggests that it may be because oxygen is a reducing agent – so the oxidized stain changes the medicine – and in this case it will also provide chlorine gas. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated; you don’t want to inhale more chlorine gas!

Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated! Developing bleach will produce chlorine gas as a byproduct, which is not something you want to ingest.

It works best on a dry shower. My shower is a little damp in places from all the pressure, but water is a peroxide solvent, so you need a lot of peroxide in wet products for the same effect.

How To Make Your Tub Look White Again

It should be noted that the color begins to lighten quickly. The photos in this step show the stain before, immediately after, 2 minutes later, and 10 minutes after washing with hydrogen peroxide.

Bath Sheets A Little Off Colour? Here’s How To Get Towels White Again

My shower looks a little cleaner than before. And with those bleaches and peroxide, it’s definitely the cleanest thing in my house. Do you have an old tub that you’ve been trying to clean? Soap dish. Metal materials. Clear all dirt and dust can be removed. The good news is that I have a DIY bathroom cleaning solution for cleaning your bathroom. A house needs only two things. Amazing work!

If you haven’t heard, I always tell people that we buy the dirtiest, new 70’s house we can find. Some people think “Hey, I’m sure you can see dirt!” Well, check out the pictures below for what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house. How do I get to buy this house?!? Well, I never touched or used anything in the bathroom until it was destroyed and rebuilt! Obviously we look past all of this and see the strength in family.

I still go blank when I look at these pictures. Luckily my husband doesn’t have a problem with the bad stuff (probably because he’s a nurse’s aide and an engineer).

Who advances the book you see in these pictures? We don’t change. We just cleaned it up. I DID IT! I don’t believe it at all. My husband had the stupid idea to try to clean it before replacing it completely.

How To Clean Mineral Stains From Your Toilet

The magic trick for cleaning the ugliest, dirtiest, dirtiest tub you’ve ever seen: white vinegar and lead dish soap (blue is best!).

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Your shower can be sparkling and you will be surprised! However, since we are on the topic of dirty tubs: Another option is to try a barkeeper’s friendly cleaner. I don’t understand the name (hah!) but it is amazing at removing rust and metal stains from bathtubs. Just follow the directions on the bottle.

How To Make Your Tub Look White Again

Here are some “After” pictures of the bathroom. You can clearly see the subtle change in the shower!

How To Remove Stains From A Bathtub

If you’re wondering how this tub will hold up over time, it’s perfect.  We have lived in this house for 5 years and have never had a problem with the shower. Yes, you have to clean the shower but it is as clean as another shower.

If the stains return, use mild soap and morning dish soap. But, I never used it again!

Although the bathtub is the worst part of the bathroom, the rest of the bathroom is also very dirty. The vanity is old, stained and covered in soap and hard water stains. A bar of soap is attached to the wall to the right of the milk. The lights are 70s – not in a good way.

So, we tore everything down and installed a new vanity, a new mirror and a new towel rail. We decided to go with a quartz countertop similar to the way we do it in our kitchen because quartz is durable and beautiful.

Bathtub Refinishing 101: Tackle This Diy Project In 7 Steps

Also, we updated the walls. We removed the “beautiful” flower wallpaper. We also removed the floor that was attached to the walls (apparently a personal statement!). We repaired the drywall and painted it.

I know you are sad to see that the wooden toilet seat has been removed. I can’t live without knowing what sewage is flowing into it. We installed a brand new toilet

In addition, we installed a new floor. The first floor was yellow with a flower pattern on it. Color is bad. We installed the same vinyl floor as the paper. It’s easy to clean and you can’t wash it if you drop something on it. We love this flooring option.

How To Make Your Tub Look White Again

If you’re looking for more home improvement projects that help turn a shabby 70s home into a beautiful home, check out these:

How To Clean Orange Stains In The Bathtub & Shower

I hope to inspire you to buy that ugly house, get the lowest mortgage payment and turn your home into a home you love. Happiness begins!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission from your sales on certain links. There is no additional cost to you. Thank you! Q: When we removed the rubber mat from my child’s bath, we found black stains. There are no attempts to clean it with the shape and the circle and the brush and the cold and noisy autumn. The showers were installed in 2005, but only now are we seeing dirt. No color is used in it. How can we remove the defects?

A: Fiberglass pipes and composite decks are lightweight, which makes them easy to install, and usually less expensive. But the finish is susceptible to breaks, cracks and blemishes. And, as you discovered, the stains are not easy to remove.

Before you leave trying to clean the stain, try Home Depot’s recommended method for tough stains on glass: Cover the baking soda level with water, and cover with a damp towel. vinegar Wait for an hour, then wash with a cloth or sponge. Fly. Wipe again with a clean microfiber cloth.

Here’s Why Your Tub And Shower Always Look Dirty

If the defect remains (and there is a good chance), one option is to repair the tub. National Remodeling in Chantilly (703-327-4799;, which specializes in bathroom and kitchen resurfacing, has several “before” photos on its website showing glass cabinets and stain, it’s worse than the pictures on your shower. The “after” photos show the shiny results of the new finish, but, in fact, the photos were taken when the finish was new. National Refurbishment and other companies restore glass tubs to look new by coating them with acrylic epoxy. Country remodeling is $425 for a tub only and $995 for a tub and shower. If you have a shower next to the shower, the company can fix it with garden lines, using the same material.

Having a finished tile costs about the same as buying a new one – or more, if it’s original.

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