How To Finish Stairs After Removing Carpet

How To Finish Stairs After Removing Carpet – Today I wanted to update my progress with the wooden stairs. Not long ago, I told you about how I tore the carpet off the stairs and then they sat there in raw wood with just some primed risers. I put it off because I didn’t know what I wanted, and also because I was waiting for a good opportunity to move on to the next step, which included being able to open a window for ventilation and not have kittens and children around to disturb the painting. . scale.

So today I want to finally share what we did with our bad wood stairs and what our neighbors did with their own stairs that had good wood under the carpet.

How To Finish Stairs After Removing Carpet

How To Finish Stairs After Removing Carpet

I’m giving the project a controversial twist because I want a color combination and I think coloring the stairs with floor paint is right for us. Let me explain…

Adding A Stair Runner To Our New Build House

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As mentioned above, the first part of tearing up the carpet, removing the staples, scraping off the glue and other debris, fixing the molding, patching the wood, and priming the walkways was all done in one blog post I just made. too long . Be sure to also check out the first part of this project.

This post simply covers what to do with your stairs after carpet removal if the wood is in poor condition or good condition so you can decide for yourself.

I don’t know if you remember that I had trouble getting the maple floor downstairs to somehow transition to the light gray bamboo floor upstairs. And it is also possible to hide cheap and damaged wood on the steps (HERE if you missed my first post). So I bought a few sample bottles of the dye to test.

How To Paint, Oil Or Varnish A Victorian Staircase — Alice De Araujo

As I walked the aisles of home improvement stores and browsed online, I noticed color limitations. There’s nothing like light gray floors upstairs. I was thinking of using a black stain and bought one to try…PolyShades classic satin black & polyurethane (HERE) is a protective coat and stain in one.

I also bought other gray stain samples because I knew the black stain would not satisfy me. Dirt and hair tend to show up more on dark surfaces.

I purchased from left to right: Behr Premium Waterproofing & Sealants Semi-Transparent (ST-125 Stonehedge), Weathered Gray Varathane Wood Stain (HERE), High Waterproofing Stain & Sealant Behr Solid Colors (SC-149 Light Lead and SC-365 ) Cape Cod Gray)

How To Finish Stairs After Removing Carpet

And yes, the exterior wood/floor paint has made its way into my cart because I just love the color variation, but this is where the story gets interesting or should I say uncertain! The options are much better and close to our gray floor upstairs. They also come in semi-transparent or solid forms. I wanted something that would hide the terrible imperfections of the cheap wood and the damage the carpet staples had done to the sides of the carpet.

How To Install Laminate Flooring On Staircase

As you can see in the image above, I applied stain samples to the pieces of wood so we could test them. I like Behr PremiumWaterproofing Stain & Sealer Solid Color the best in SC-365 Cape Cod Gray and was wondering if I could use the exterior stain indoors.

See all the scratches and dirt above? My stairs are in terrible shape again since my last post.

So I started doing some research on using outdoor stains in my home because I like outdoor stains a lot better.

Now, let me talk a little about the controversial topic of using exterior stains in your home and why I chose this route in the first place. I did my research and made my decision based on that. I am not a professional and will not be responsible for the decisions of others.

This Is How To Remove Carpet From Stairs

Well let me say that both interior and exterior wood stains have some level of toxicity due to the fumes and chemicals added to protect the wood. Exterior floor stains often contain additional chemicals such as fungicides, preservatives and pesticides.

But indoor stains are still toxic and contain certain amounts of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. You should definitely always read the manufacturer’s label.

Even when using stains indoors, you should never breathe stain vapors and always wear a respirator.

How To Finish Stairs After Removing Carpet

The more diverse colors and different transparency levels of the spots can even be completely solid.

Stair Runner Mistakes To Avoid (& How To Fix Them)

Outdoor stains are also made to be more durable as they must withstand the elements to protect the wood.

As always, the most important part of painting any type of stairs is to clean everything thoroughly before applying any product. For me, the most important tool is the stapler, because even after vacuuming and cleaning the stairs, I still have a large amount of lint left on the fabric. If I hadn’t used a cloth on the bare wood, all the lint, debris and dirt would have stuck to my stain and paint.

To paint the white paths, I like to use the small rollers that I mentioned in my supplies list. It works really well with my favorite white. Remember I primed the ladders as soon as the carp were gone. So I don’t have to do that anymore.

I used rollers on the paths and a little on the sides, the rest I cut and painted with my fine brush.

How To Refurbish Your Bannister And Staircase

I mentioned masking tape for those who like to tape before painting. Personally, I now only freehand cut with a fine brush when painting certain projects. This is one of those projects.

And before I cut and painted each step, I made sure to reuse the tack cloth. I applied (yes, this stain goes on as paint) two coats of paint to the right side first so we could paint the left side while the other side was drying. This is not the best way as you may end up with a straight line where the sides meet. The best way was to paint/tint each of the other treads, but at the time we had small children so we couldn’t make such big leaps. So this mod is the next best option.

Once I finished treating the stain, it was time to apply a protective layer. I used MinwaxPolyurethane for clear satin oil based polyurethane flooring and applied it with a synthetic pad applicator and a high quality polyurethane brush. In retrospect, I should have done more than two coats like my neighbors did, which I’ll cover below.

How To Finish Stairs After Removing Carpet

Preparing the stairs is exactly the same as I mentioned in my previous blog post with removing the old carpet, filling, sanding, cleaning and priming, but this time using wood stain and regular polyurethane.

How To Paint A Staircase

My neighbor used a natural stain to match the more yellow laminate flooring, then polyurethane. They applied the stain with a foam brush and wiped the approach with a paint pad and some rags.

After applying the first coat of poly after spot testing, they quickly noticed that the paint took a very long time to dry, which caused the same problem I had when trying to figure out how to use the stairs in the project . Fortunately, they didn’t have young children and could only take each other’s route one at a time.

Finally, apply five coats of polyurethane to ensure high traffic areas are properly protected. There is a tendency to bubble a little between the poly layers. When this happens, use very fine sandpaper to gently sand the bubbles, wipe with a cloth and add another layer of poly.

And this is the view we have now with a gray exterior and gray bamboo wood floors.

Removing Carpet From Stairs

Around that corner you go up another flight of stairs. So there will be natural wood on the ground floor, gray wood at the top of the stairs, natural wood again on the other steps and gray wood again upstairs…that’s why I want to make the transition smoother somehow.

Before and after to show how well it matches the gray floors is Pearl City Bamboo from Lumbar Liquidators.

However, this story does not end here. I really like that the staircase keeps the same light natural wood as the downstairs floor. It doesn’t look very good because of the quality of the wood and how damaged it is.

How To Finish Stairs After Removing Carpet

However, I figured out how to incorporate some light natural wood into the decor of this staircase. It will match the gray floor when viewed from above. Also, if you look up from below, you will be able to see the light wood. I can’t wait for the documents to come and I hope so

Stair Upgrade From Carpet To Hardwood

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