Best Colour Carpet For Stairs And Landing

Best Colour Carpet For Stairs And Landing – Small spaces can have a big impact on style and functionality. Such spaces include a corridor, staircase and landing. These areas can often be overlooked, but they provide a great opportunity to make a lasting impression. They are important transitional parts of your home and will see a lot of traffic as a result. 

One way to enhance the style and comfort of your hallway, staircase and landing is to choose a luxury carpet. Quality carpets will improve and enhance your entrance, stairs and landing. In this article we will look at many different ideas for mats for stairs, corridors and landings to make the first impression of your home unforgettable.

Best Colour Carpet For Stairs And Landing

Best Colour Carpet For Stairs And Landing

The entrance to your home says a lot about your style and personality. Corridors, stairs and landings play an important role in creating and maintaining a comfortable and pleasant environment. One of the most effective ways to enhance the beauty of these areas is to choose the right rug, and there are many modern rug ideas to choose from.

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Before you start with specific ideas for covering stairs, hallways and landings, it is important to understand the main factors to consider when choosing the perfect rug for these areas.

The hall, stairs and landings are high traffic areas, so durability should be a top priority. Look for rugs made from durable materials like nylon or wool that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. A durable rug like the Knightsbridge Indulgent collection will keep its look for years to come and cost you less in the long run.

The thickness of the carpet is especially important on the stairs. It should be thick enough to provide comfort and absorb shock, but not so thick as to be a tripping hazard. Find the right balance to ensure safety and comfort. For stairs, consider low-pile or flat-weave carpet options from the Vogue Velvet Luxe or Alpine collections, which ensure stability while maintaining a comfort zone.

The color and style of your rug can set the tone for your entire home. Lighter shades can make small spaces feel more spacious, while darker shades of rugs such as Carrera 177 or Monaco Storm can add warmth and coziness. When it comes to style, you can choose traditional, contemporary or even patterned rugs to suit your decor preferences. Consider your existing decor and personal preferences when choosing the right color and style. After all, these are basic considerations for any carpet in your home.

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Your hallways set the tone for the rest of your home. This is the first area guests will see when they enter, so respect that. Think about the traffic it will get when you are thinking about rug ideas. Choose a durable and easy-to-clean material. A short, dense rug is a practical choice because it can withstand heavy footfall while still looking fresh. 

Consider the size and lighting of your hallway when considering hallway rug ideas. Lighter carpets can make narrow hallways appear more spacious, while dark shades can create a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, textured rugs can add interest and complement floorboards if they are also present.

Consider a neutral colored rug with a matching pattern. It creates an elegant and pleasant atmosphere in your hallway. Pair it with dramatic lighting and a mural to complete the look.

Best Colour Carpet For Stairs And Landing

If you want to make a bold statement, don’t shy away from bright colors or striking patterns. A colorful or patterned entryway rug, such as the Fabulous collection, can add character and personality to your home and create an unforgettable entryway. Long carpet runners in a hallway can work well to support a really bold aesthetic.

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Choose a carpet for your entrance that has the same tonality as your landing or staircase carpet. This creates a cohesive look without being too monotonous.

Extend the use of carpet runners in your hallway for more visual interest. A runner in a distinctive color pattern can transform an ordinary hallway into an eye-catching element.

Stairs are another high-traffic area, so it’s important to choose a carpet that can withstand pressure. The right stair carpet ideas should seamlessly blend practicality with style.

Stair carpets, especially those with a low pile, or stair rails, can find an ideal balance between aesthetics and safety. Stair rails are oblong, narrow carpets that run down the middle of the stairs and reveal the ends. Not only do they improve visual appeal, they also provide a non-slip surface.

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Consider a luxurious and elegant patterned rug for your stairs. You can choose from classic designs such as floral, damask or geometric designs that can add a touch of sophistication to your stairs and hallway. These designs can make a bold statement and create a visually interesting focal point in your home.

Choose a textured rug in a neutral color for a timeless and versatile look. Shades like beige, gray or cream with subtle textures or piles of taps can provide a clean and modern look while offering durability and easy maintenance. This choice can complement various interior styles and color schemes.

Carpet treads for stairs are available in various materials, patterns and colors. There are stair ideas to suit every style. These include traditional, striped patterns or a contemporary geometric pattern. Consider color matching your runner or entryway for a cohesive look. One particular style that can look amazing on stairs is a runner with a unique leather binding on the outside.

Best Colour Carpet For Stairs And Landing

Striped patterns can add a modern twist to your stairs and make them a striking focal point in your home. Check out the Mississippi collection.

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Create a cohesive look with rug ideas for entryways, stairs, and landings. It is important to choose a landing pad that complements the other surfaces. Here are some ideas to achieve this:

Choose a rug that shares colors or patterns with the rugs in your entryway and on your stairs. This creates a smooth transition and a continuous design theme.

Alternatively, you can choose a mat that contrasts with the carpets in your hall and on your stairs. This can create a visually striking effect and draw attention to the site as a unique space. Think cream and black or similar.

Now that you have plenty of ideas for rugs for your entryway, stairs, and landing, it’s time to turn your vision into reality. At Matt Britton we offer a wide range of high quality rugs to suit a variety of styles and preferences. 

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Whether you prefer traditional elegance, contemporary flair or something in between, the Matt Britton range of luxury rugs has you covered.

In order for us to provide you with the most accurate quote for your project, please fill out our inquiry form. Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure we fully understand your needs:

Now that you’ve chosen your premium hardwood floor, do you want to design a custom rug to complement it? Your hallway floor is probably the hardest working living space in your home. This is the first thing your visitors will see and most likely the area with the most traffic. If you add a touch of color here, you will not only create a pleasant atmosphere, but also give the room a lively personality. Read on and get lots of new ideas and inspiration!

Best Colour Carpet For Stairs And Landing

Here we’ve used our visualization tool to show you how two different Brampton carpets look on your stairs! Try it yourself!

The Best Stair Runners In Ireland And The Uk

The Brampton Collection offers clean and patterned options as the perfect introduction to your home. Add a feminine touch with floral patterns or choose modern darts or elegant diamond patterns, each of which will enhance your room. Suitable for demanding home use, it will add a stylish touch to your entrance hall.

You’ll love the striking patterns and rich array of colors in our exciting Condo Wilton rug collection. Choose from bold hexagonal repeats to catchy polka dots. Whichever design you choose, you can rest easy knowing that the durable construction of this beautiful patterned rug makes it an ideal investment for busy households and families.

Fine Lines carpets are elegant, modern and timeless all in one. Made from wool, it is Scotchguard protected to ensure stain resistance and combines long-lasting durability with luxury to transform your floor. The high-quality 3-ply wool yarn of this natural rug has a reversible fiber construction, making it perfect for a busy hallway!

Classic meets contemporary with this elegant tartan design. As traditionally woven Wilton rugs are easy to clean (ideal for hallways) and are ideal if you want to bring an air of sophistication and style to your entryway. Oh, and did we mention it’s stain resistant?

Taped Stair Runner

Bring some color and pattern into your home with a Rossini rug. Its decorative design makes it ideal for busy places in the home thanks to its durable and durable construction.

You can choose from Pin dot or Fleur de Lys patterns from our famous Rossini range of rugs and add the right touch to your home.

Shake up your interior with Ultra, a Berber wool carpet with bold stripes that is sure to make an impression in your hallway. Available in different colors with two distinctive stripe patterns

Best Colour Carpet For Stairs And Landing

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