Best Way To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

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We did it! We installed stairs at home with our own stairs. It’s rare for me to follow a project these days, but here we are in the future at the runner level. When I first brought up the idea of ​​adding a runner to the bare wood, Andy was shocked and quickly reminded me that all the carpeting had been removed from the stairs when he got the keys to the house (see a detailed photo of the first floor here ). And it reminds us that we have great trails. The painted wood trim in our house is the most amazing feature and we respect that. So, with all that in mind, I don’t take covering our level lightly.

Best Way To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

Best Way To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

We decided to add a runner to increase safety on two levels for our senior corgis, us seniors and our family. Our 11 year old corgi Penelope has arthritis and has had trouble getting up and down for the past month. And really, I love carpets. I know that adding texture and warmth to the stairs will make our entire entryway feel more finished.

Everything I Learned About Stair Carpet Runners And What We Ended Up Installing (including What It Cost)

Our neighbor looks like he’s wearing a nice sweater. I mean, sure, it’s like a scarf, but let’s call it a sweater. Like a warm hug.

We decided to use a running rug instead of a custom made carpet for the stairs. We went with Annie Selke dash and Albert Samson for the interior/exterior in black. Using off-the-shelf runners instead of custom runners opens up different options and can be more expensive, but it does mean you have to assemble the carpet and have a seam connecting the carpet.

When we fixed the floors, we also fixed the rails, but we left the ramps alone. The elevator shows the wear and tear of the nearly 90-year-old house. You can see signs of rings and dents after long-term carpet installation and years of use. We could have painted the stairs to hide them all (and they look great painted black), but we really like all the wood stairs.

I really love our thin and light coils. OK, are you ready? Here’s what to use and how to do it.

Stair Carpet: 22 Stair Carpet Ideas For 2023

There are some great tutorials out there, and we used a combination of three in particular. It’s best to follow the Yellow Brick House tutorial, grab the same staple gun that Young House Love used, and follow Annie Selke’s runner installation guide on mixing rugs. If you need to run around the corner, follow the directions for the Deuce Cities Chicken Coop.

First you need to measure your stairs to see how much space you need to cover (and how many runners you need to buy). Measure your steps, step with your nose and the climb will multiply but how many steps you have. We need three 8′ runners to cover the steps and some left over. Use the tread measurement x the number of steps to determine how many tiles you need.

Once you have all your items, it’s time to get started. From start to finish, we spent about a day on the docks, taking easy breaks to swim, eat, shower and take pictures.

Best Way To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

Before you start stapling, you need to make some preparations to make sure the carpet is properly installed. Time for some math: measure the width of the tread, subtract it from the width of the tread (really measure it, don’t go by the width it says), and divide the number by two. The number you get is the distance you want to leave on either side of the runner to make sure it’s in the middle. You can use painter’s tape to mark one side to help you stay on track as you go.

Carpet Buying 101

Then measure the center of the heights and make a small mark in the middle. This will help you center the carpet cuts.

Cut the mat/carpet into a rectangle that is smaller than the width of your tread (and the width of the skids, if you are using a mat that is wider than the skids). Mark the center of the rectangle to align the center with the mark you made on the riser.

We used a 1/4 inch mat with a rubber grip on one side. I chose this as an extra step to try and keep the runner in place. 3 We put the tape (at each end and in the middle) on the side of the dull tile, and then put it in the space between the steps.

You’re ready for the main items! I used John and Sherry’s method of using a Sharpie on the staples before feeding them into the main gun. This really helps to hide the highlights in the dark areas of your runner.

Diy Tutorial: How To Install A Stair Runner

We start by placing the slider just on the nose of the tread and hammering the cores into the cut on the ramp. Since most of the background is carpet, you can always see where the main ones are going. It shows in this photo, but nothing catches my attention.

We continue adding paper clips to the bottom of each nostril and then to the bottom of each riser. It is important to use a carpet fastener to firmly attach the runner and riser to the corner where they meet.

Here is our progress with the full 8′ runner installed. Next it’s time to add another runner.

Best Way To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

To join the rug, you need to align one end of the rug with the next starting corner. Our first runner got to the point where it didn’t overlap at all, so I ripped off the last seam with a seam ripper.

Adding A Stair Runner To Our New Build House

We put the second guide on top of the rear cover of the first guide (I wrote the word here) and it remains attached to the rear tread. We followed Annie Selke’s lead and joined the carpet on the tread instead of the raised one. I like this method (compared to the carpet integration on the riser) because it’s less obvious when you’re standing at the back admiring the stairs.

Repeat this process to add the third mat. When we reached the last step, there was one carpet left. I used scissors to trim the mat about two more inches. A little more behind and below and we put the carpet, the edges are well finished.

Here’s our finished runner-up with Penelope in her favorite stages, keep watching. When I first showed a sample of this rug on my Instagram story, some very nice people said that the horizontal lines would be an illusion. They warned me that they would not go ahead and drive me crazy. And I really changed my mind and thought how much I want perfection. (I usually just want perfection.) But I’m equal parts perfectionist and stubborn, so I ordered anyway.

I noticed that when we installed the runner, we couldn’t keep the line straight and didn’t make the same pattern every step. And I’m fine with that. I liked it immediately. I worry that I may have made a huge mistake when I wake up at 4am. Maybe I can’t sleep for two hours. But when I woke up, looking back, I was happy. The design itself is organic and seems completely out of step with my favorite level setting.

Diy Stair Runner Install

Here’s evidence of Penelope’s newfound faith in going all the way up the stairs to scream at the lawnmower.

Now that the runners are in, I’m even more motivated to finish the driveway. I’m ready to add art and keep an eye out for the perfect entryway table to hold in the stairwell. A guide showing you how to install a staircase. Take an empty staircase and turn it into a sleek and stylish entry point without breaking the bank!

A finished basement is a dirty little secret waiting. It’s a great way to go somewhere new…

Best Way To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

Clearly, something must be done. At first I hoped to save the risers and treads, but they were in such bad shape that I finally decided to tear them down and rebuild them. I promise it’s not as hard as you say – tap the old pieces and cut new runners and wire risers – but if you want to know how to install stairs and you have real stairs in good shape, use them again!

How To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

I wanted the smoothness of a runner.

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