Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner – There has been one project this past year that I couldn’t wait to tackle – my ugly staircase. Learn how we completed our easy DIY basement stairs and how to install an outdoor runner

Almost 2 years ago, this level change was on my wish list, but it was trumped by other projects.

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

So when we had the opportunity to redo our basement, I was most excited to finally get rid of those outdated, ugly frames and dirty carpet!

Painted Stair Risers And Treads

This whole process has been part of the One Room Challenge and we are in week 7, but this project was one of the most important things to tackle in the basement renovation.

Here’s how we did this DIY basement stair remodel, and let me tell you, it wasn’t a difficult task. Only many small steps.

The original plan was to use as much of the old staircase as possible to save costs.

But that quickly changed and we had to go back to the drawing board and change our original plan.

Diy Carpet Runner On Stairs: A Step By Step Tutorial

We don’t know if the builder installed these stairs or if the original owner who finished the basement did the chore, but look at those holes.

At least a half inch gap between the sides of the stairs and the walkway, which got worse especially at the bottom of the stairs.

So were our options to replace the stairs or work with the existing stairs. This can cause many problems.

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

We found the cheapest stairs and decided it was worth replacing them instead of worrying about fixing all the problems.

Paint This: Striped Staircase Runner

With a quick swipe of the circular saw, Trent cut through her in less than a minute.

We also had to remove the plain on the outside of the stairs because the new stairs did not match the old ones.

This was the most difficult task because it requires muscle. In older homes, nails were used for everything and the nails were very long.

Since Trent struggled with those long nails, he worked in two-step sets. And no, I don’t mean dancing.

How To Paint Golden Oak Stair Remodel

It was an easy way to see each rung and measure the height to make sure everything was even.

After researching some ideas for basement ladders, we found that the best way to install the ladders was to use deck screws.

It is good to pre-drill the holes with a sinker. This makes filling the screw holes easy.

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

Trent also went the extra step of using construction glue on the steps to hold the steps in place.

How To Plan For A Stair Runner

We decided to make these wider stairs that hung over the wall because they were shortened by the previous owner to get this carpet.

While Trent installed these stairs, I started painting the frame with the first coat of black paint.

I bought it locally at Brass Bear, an antique shop in Birmingham. But you can also find it online on Amazon.

Since we decided to use an inexpensive staircase from our home base, the plan was to use a white color with a gray carpet in the middle.

How To Install A Stair Runner

I started by priming each layer. I left the middle section unpainted as it needed to be covered with a carpet runner.

As soon as we installed the frame, I primed the stairs and Trent began to install the iron frames.

I have an entire blog post dedicated to installing iron if you want to learn more about it.

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

After Trent finished installing the balusters, I took a few days to paint the steps white. To be sure, I let each coat of paint dry overnight

Painted Stair Makeover With New Stair Runner

In addition, white color is a great option for basement steps if you use a carpet runner in the middle.

I thought an indoor and outdoor rug would be the best option for a carpet runner, but I was concerned about how it would feel underfoot.

So, to add a little cushioning to every tread, we’ve installed affordable carpet pads on every step.

It didn’t come in the right length for our stairs, so I ordered three to cover the entire staircase.

Diy Stair Runner

To find out how many you need, take a tape measure and measure each peg and peg, making sure you don’t forget a loop!

So if you’ve ever wondered how to install outdoor faucets on your stairs, here’s how.

We found that the best starting point for installing Carper runners was at the top of the stairs.

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

I’ve mentioned many times how much I love air tools in our workspace and it’s really worth the investment if you do a lot of home improvement.

Modern Stair Runner Ideas For A Quick And Easy Staircase Upgrade

When two rugs meet, it is best to cut the woven edge of the rug to create a seamless look.

It was very easy to do with scissors and can hardly find where the two blankets meet.

A waterfall is the easiest installation for your stairs. You attach the rug to the stairs and then let it fall over the lip of the stairs without details.

But I like the defined look of a bull’s head, so we would attach to a ladder, then wrap it over the stairs and put several clips under the edge of the ladder to make a bull’s head.

How To Measure And Install A Sisal Stair Runner

We worked down the stairs, but realized that to get a clean edge on the basement floor, we had to start from the bottom up.

Then we started at the bottom of the stairs with the woven edge of the carpet and worked backwards until we reached the stop.

The only problem is that you have to make sure that the carpet pad does not pile up.

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

Use sharp scissors and it is very easy to cut. Make sure you follow a clean line.

How To Install A Stair Runner (step By Step Tutorial)

What I love about crown staples is that they disappear under the rug and become almost invisible.

So Trent took a crown stapler and stepped it on each stick to create a flat, clean look.

I love this new look and can’t wait to show you how it fits in with the rest of the room.

This was the easiest way to solve this problem without completely removing the long board that runs along the wall.

Acanthus And Acorn: Where Should A Stair Runner End?

I hope this has helped you as you consider how to install indoor carpet runners on your stairs.

Now we’re down to the last week of this One Room Challenge and this is my favorite part. And I’m so glad this DIY basement trap simulation was finally checked off the to-do list!

Make sure you don’t miss this season’s links and guest entrant links at the One Room Challenge URL! As always, special thanks to One Room Challenge media sponsor Better Homes and Garden and Linda – Owner and creator of One Room Melissa @ The Inspired Room | 18 March 2021 | Home before and after, decorating inspiration, feature, my basement, my home in Seattle

Painted Stairs With Carpet Runner

My husband has been painting our little basement stairs for the last week or two. It looks so cute! When we moved in it was carpeted and not so cute. We removed the carpet and painted the tracks dark gray a few years ago, but the paint started to wear and the tracks themselves always needed a little attention (wood filling and sanding), so we decided to give them some more love. time

Plain D. Grey Stair Runners

I know many of you messaged me that you love process photos, so here it is: our before and in progress.

We have more to do with it and also paint the walls, but it is already a pleasure. Yes, we painted it white! It feels fresh and light and so beautiful! It is a dark staircase, so we are very happy with the new look.

Don’t worry about the whites or the dogs. We are currently looking for the perfect stair runner! I prefer bare wood because it is so easy to clean! Remember our last score change? We liked the wood. A quick wipe or wipe with a damp cloth and then dry and you’re done.

But we don’t have natural wood in this staircase and situation, so we wanted to go with a fresh and bright white color with some textured carpet so they don’t slide up or down so much. Some carpets can be a little tricky to clean on stairs, but we do our best to choose one that is as mess-free as possible (yet so fun!).

How To Replace Carpet With An Inexpensive Stair Runner

Today I’m sharing some inspiration photos of cute stairs and runners. I think we’ll use stripes or a subtle plaid, but I haven’t quite figured it out

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