Ideas For Replacing Carpet On Stairs

Ideas For Replacing Carpet On Stairs – Wood Stair Installation: Replace carpet with wood steps using an easy-to-build template for circular or curved stairs

Last fall, we started to repair the hallway of our house. The biggest project was replacing the old carpet on the stairs with wooden steps and white tops. At first it seemed like a pretty simple project, but it was the only project I couldn’t find a contractor for. No one wanted to do that.

Ideas For Replacing Carpet On Stairs

Ideas For Replacing Carpet On Stairs

Problem? Our stairs are angled and have a curved “step” or landing. This created a problem because this “step” could not consist of a standard step. So, we figured out how to do it with our own hands. This saved us thousands of dollars! Today I’m going to show you how I made a template to make the deep steps needed for a circular staircase landing so you can do just that!

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When we moved into this house about two years ago, we knew right away that we were going to replace the carpet on the stairs. Although the photos may make it look different, it was old and very dirty. Then, to make matters worse, our cats treated it like a scratching post and it fell apart. It’s so bad, we even wrap parts of the tape with tape!

When we started planning to prepare the house for sale, we knew we had to solve this problem. After all, the stairs are in front of our house and lead to the corridor. This will be the buyer’s first impression when viewing our home. So we wanted to make it as impressive as possible!

This is just one of the projects we undertook during the renovation. We installed wood throughout the upstairs hallway, added a staircase and installed grass wallpaper.

The good news is that unless your entire staircase is curved or spiral, your changes will be minimal for most of this project. You only need to change steps on very deep or steep steps.

How To Install Carpet Runners For Stairs?

Fortunately, there are tons of tutorials on how to install stair treads and risers on standard stairs. I will add the following information: I used a very specific step and riser for this project. It is important that you use the same tread and riser for your entire project. To promote this project, a decorative corner or a set of upper stairs will not work.

To install in one straight step, cut the strips and risers to the width of the cut and attach them with a nail gun. Here’s a video that explains the process in standard (correct) steps: Installing an unfinished wood staircase. After installing them, you apply sealant, paint, and stain.

Preparing the base of the stairs (under the carpet) was a task in itself. See, the stairs are made with a rounded edge (unlike a waterfall). This means that the tread, which is made of construction wood, extends about an inch beyond the riser. In order to put a plank over the existing stairs, we first had to tear off the top layer.

Ideas For Replacing Carpet On Stairs

We did this by using a reciprocating saw to cut an extra inch from the front of each step. Here you can see my lovely wife and assistant (mostly halfling) Christina doing it.

How To Convert Carpeted Stairs To Wood Treads: A Six Step Diy

The second problem is related to angular returns. Halfway up the stairs, the stairs turn about 60 degrees. To walk on three damaged stairs, steps with different depths on each side. Here is my solution;

Since these steps have such a complex set of angles and cuts, I decided to create a template for each step. Material? Insulation tape.

I used a piece of tape for each side. I glued them directly to the existing tread base. I then removed the base and applied it to the pre-cut wooden stair, allowing 1″ to overhang the front of the base (curved layer).

For a step that required a deeper die than standard, I used protectors and glued them together with a cookie cutter, then placed the template on top and marked the cut lines with a pencil.

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Used my cutting table saw and a circular saw. I’m here, I might look the worst, but I’m cutting down this forest.

After cutting, I installed these steps using nails, taking special precautions to hold both original pieces in place and prevent them from moving. Since I knew I was going to install a track, I decided to nail the center of most of the board.

Then I put stain, paint, and a permanent guide on top of it all (it was actually three store bought, cut, and put in place).

Ideas For Replacing Carpet On Stairs

So here it is! If you’re thinking of replacing your carpeted stairs with hardwood, but all of your contractors say it’s too difficult because of the “step round” or corner return, you can always save money by doing it yourself!

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I am very pleased with the result of our staircase repair. In the end, it was worth the time and effort, and since we had no labor costs, we only paid for the stair parts! I love a good DIY craft when it saves me money!

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I often hear from people who say they can’t define their style. I totally understand that. People like beautiful things. So when a room is beautiful, regardless of style, we consider it “our style” because we like to look at it. But just watching entertainment doesn’t make it into our homes.

The holidays are officially here and I’m decking out the halls in full. My first project of the season was to wish the neighbors a Merry Christmas (and a typical winter event!) and I achieved neighborhood elf status by decorating my front yard. Today I’m going to show you how to decorate the exterior of your historic home for the winter with a Tennessee Christmas theme. It’s really cabin decor, but I’m a Tennessee girl, kid me. I also joined an amazing group of bloggers to show off their holiday decorations out and about.

If you see this picture on Instagram, you are fooled. This shot looks very calm and peaceful. You might guess that this is a finished room. But this is not true. We haven’t really done anything in this room. We removed the existing furniture, replaced the old headliner and called it a day. We don’t even have sheets on the bed! This. There is time. This is the number one priority for our next “finishing this house” project.

Ideas For Replacing Carpet On Stairs

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It’s been two years since we moved into our vacation home (since we’re selling) and we’ve done some remodeling to update our kitchen. We were able to give our kitchen a completely new look on a shoestring budget.

I don’t like to spend money. I mean, yes, but I always feel a little guilty. Especially‚Ķ

T. Moore Home uses cookies on this site to improve your user experience. A full explanation of the cookies we use can be found in our Cookie Policy. Our entryway has always had orange and pink walls and wall-to-wall beige carpet. We really loved the peach walls for the first few years of our house – they glowed with warmth in the afternoon sun. But the carpet was never found. I then learned that carpets can be 200% lighter by removing dust, dirt, animal dander, mold, skin cells and other contaminants. Oh!

So, in the early days of our coronavirus quarantine, I decided now would be a good time to get rid of all the old rough carpet in the hallway and clean the wooden stairs underneath.

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Carpet cleaning is hard and dirty work. That was the easiest part too! The stoning of the stairs was especially brutal. The whole process took about four days of work over a couple of weeks, but it was worth it.

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