How To Install Carpet Runner For Stairs

How To Install Carpet Runner For Stairs – Back on Monday! Yellow Brick Home has a 12-year archive, so we regularly share our favorites from past posts. This guide was originally published in May 2018. Recent photos have been added throughout the article. Have fun!

To say this entry was a labor of love would be a huge understatement. In the history of our house, our 130-year-old staircase was painted brown and red and then covered with a red carpet (1970s, right?). We stripped everything back and gave them a classic black and white finish using floor paint,

How To Install Carpet Runner For Stairs

How To Install Carpet Runner For Stairs

Tired of constant care, we gave them a few light coats of polyurethane. The polyethylene works like a dream and there are only a few chips left on the nose after finishing this project (the result of Jack and CC using our stairs as a runway!).

How To Make A Diy Stair Runner

We love these black and white stairs. The steps have grooves and recesses, a sign of respect for their use in the past century. There was a stubborn nail that would come out of the third bump when the weather changed; After all the changes she’s made, that clean expression is always a reminder of how far he’s come.

With the addition of the newest member of our family, we prioritized the installation of stair runners. Even though we know how to be careful when using the stairs, we constantly ask friends and family to hold on to the railing. The stairs are narrow and not as deep as modern ones and we were always the smallest going up and down. Now that we have the runner installed, we can breathe a sigh of relief! This job took us two weekend afternoons, but with a little patience, you can DIY it yourself. Read on step by step from ordering samples to celebrating!

First, we ordered samples. We wanted to maintain a more traditional look with durability and maintenance in mind. We have ordered rugs from Sisal Rugs Direct in the past and had good luck so we contacted them first. We collected at least 10 samples

For the indoor/outdoor sisal collection, we chose Belize Dunes colors and cotton granola trim. Faux sisal is durable enough for outdoor use, easy to clean, and comfortable on bare feet, so we’re very happy with the longevity of our stair treadmill made of this material! When ordering, we specified a width of 28 inches, which would leave over 3 inches of exposure on each side.

Everything You Need To Know About How To Install A Carpet Runner

To determine the required runway length, 3 measurements were taken: the depth of the road (runway), the height of the slope (slope), and the depth of the nose. We doubled the number of steps and added an extra leg as a precaution. We would install runners so the carpet would fit snugly against each bull’s nose, and the extra foot of carpet gave us peace of mind. We were able to order the exact width and length of the sisal rug we chose, which is another reason we’re so glad we chose them! Our final measurements were 300 inches long x 28 inches wide.

Once our custom runners have arrived, they are ready for installation! I marked the center of each insert with a pencil:

Then we can add carpet padding! Do not skip this step. We bought these thin carpet pads and used sharp fabric scissors to cut strips of carpet padding for each step. Our path is 9.5 inches deep, so we cut the pads to 8 inches deep. We then used carpet tape to adhere each step, making sure the middle of each mat lined up with the pencil mark on the step.

How To Install Carpet Runner For Stairs

Tip: Use the tape in at least 3 places on the carpet surface: left, center and right. Alternatively, you can glue on both the top and bottom.

Learn From Our Mistakes When Installing A Stair Runner

As a final step before installing the runners, we marked the exact dimensions of the outer edges of the runners with painter’s tape. For example, our stairs are 34.5 inches wide and our runners are 28 inches wide. We subtract 28 from 34.5 and divide by two. This will leave us with a 3 1/4 inch exposure on each side of the runner, where I placed the strip of tape. This tape will be ours

Okay, are you ready for the fun part? With everything, it’s time to put the runner to bed! Scott loaded our staple gun with 1-inch staples and got to work. (We used this nail gun on our air compressor and loved it!) We made a 1-inch fold at the beginning of the runner, starting at the top riser and nailed every 3 inches on the runner. One of the more challenging parts was balancing the weight of the rolling runners.

When the first row of dowels was completed, we replaced the longer dowels with shorter 1/2-inch dowels. Our reinforced grates will be our best friends from now on! Following our blue tape guidelines, the auxiliary chisel is used to pull the runners as tight as possible to the back of the stair. It helped us get a nice deep crease. Our first staple was in the center of the runner, then we worked left and right, nailing every 3-4 inches. By starting a staple in the middle, we are able to prevent the carpet from pulling in one direction.

Tip: We considered using stronger putty instead of rebar chisels, but after installing this slide we both agreed that we couldn’t get the job done without buying this handy tool.

How To Install A Stair Runner: A Step By Step Tutorial

When it came time to round the corners, we both helped slide the rug over the rounded edges. As with any stair climb, we started with the staple in the middle, under the bull’s nose, and worked our way up the sides.

As we continue down the ladder, we repeat the same steps above, paying special attention to aligning with the ribbon on the left. We continued with additional reinforcement, clamping every 3-4 inches, sliding over the cow’s nose and clamping again. (Seventeen times!)

What’s my biggest tip? Be patient with this process. If we start to see the tape slipping through the guide, we’ll pull the pin out of the step and start over.

How To Install Carpet Runner For Stairs

Start by sliding about 1/4 inch of painter’s tape. We are completely honest with our math, yet our century old ladder is just that –

How To Install A Stair Runner

. They’re not perfect, but they’re magical! However, we found a way to get ourselves back in line – to put it mildly! Essentially, we inserted this small dowel into the side of the slide, forcing the carpet to flow straight again. The board is pinned in place and completely hidden behind the slide. It’s so small, no one will know it exists! We did this in two steps, which was our saving grace.

In the end, we had – get this – about a meter of runners left. Our sizes are spot on! I used those sharp fabric scissors again and trimmed the edges of the runner, leaving enough room to tuck in about 1 inch of raw edge.

While I was doing this, Scott replaced the short clamps with 1-inch long clamps, and we secured the rest of the slide in place.

Step 11… Celebrate! This is a very iterative process and we can drink it in two or three steps. The work was completed Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and by Sunday dinner we were admiring our adorable new runner!

How To Choose A Carpet Runner For Your Stairs

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This website uses affiliate links. We will always disclose sponsored posts in text form and using the “Sponsored” label. Within a day or two of moving into our new home, we quickly realized we needed a stair runner, some protection! We’ve all slipped down the stairs more than once. While I love the look of a simple wooden staircase, I don’t want our lives at risk in our home. So I ran out and ordered a stair runner for the cheapest price I could find (since we spent a lot of money on bathroom and kitchen remodels). We’ve seen a few tutorials on how to install stair rails yourself. We went and bought a new nail gun and wanted it! Within an hour we had a new stair runner! is! But it is not fast. The results were not really as good as we thought. It looks terrible, like a complete DIY #fail. But it kept us and no one else

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