What Is The Best Spot Carpet Cleaner Machine

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A good vacuum cleaner is important, but give it dirty dirt, dried stains or lingering odors and it only has so much to do. Whether you have pets, children, nearsighted guests or messy hobbies, you can bring life to carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture and more with one of the best carpet cleaners.

What Is The Best Spot Carpet Cleaner Machine

What Is The Best Spot Carpet Cleaner Machine

So how do you choose the right one for you? The market is large and varied, from powerful full-size carpet cleaners that can refresh an entire home to compact, portable and battery-powered models designed for small spaces or stain removal. We are here. covers standard carpet cleaners only. Some steam cleaners have carpet attachments, but they are better suited for smaller areas.

Best Carpet Cleaners 2024

Whether you want to remove stains, remove odors or just thoroughly clean floors, carpets and rugs, we have the right buying advice. We help you find the perfect device for the type of model you need, the features you want and your budget. Below you’ll find how we tested, our top 10 cleaners and a guide to features and performance you should look for in your ideal model.

We put every carpet cleaner we review through an extensive series of tests. Where models are also designed to be vacuumed, we carry out all our relevant vacuuming tests, including edge cleaning, dust removal, hard floors and pet hair.

1. For all models, we test performance on supported floor types using manufacturer’s chemicals where provided or appropriate generics when not available.

2. We test wet stain performance (how well the cleaner absorbs spills) and dry stains (how well the cleaner performs after the stain dries). Where supported, we also test stain removal on upholstered furniture.

Trusted Clean Ultimate Heated Carpet Cleaning Machine W/ Wand & Hose Set (12 Gallons)

3. We experiment with muddy footprints, sticky fruit juice and red wine ruining all carpets.

4. We also test performance on old household dirt. With stain removers, we control minor spills from various household items on bleached carpet tiles.

5. In addition to the cleaning ability, we look at practicality: What accessories come with the cleaning agent and are they easy to use?

What Is The Best Spot Carpet Cleaner Machine

6. Our reviewers will note if the vacuum cleaner is heavy, bulky or noisy, and they will let you know if it has a warm-up time or if the water tanks need to be filled or emptied frequently.

Keep Your Home Spotless With The Hoover Cleanslate Plus, Now Just $99

7. Finally, we let you know if any hoses or cables are too short, and where the battery is, we check how long it lasts and how fast it charges.

A pet version of this product is also on this listing and it is the same product, only with an additional syringe for pet control. If you don’t have pets, you can also save money and buy Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner.

The robust and large carpet cleaner is an excellent model for deep cleaning your home. Its thick floor nozzle has two brushes built to stir up dirt. This model has a 1.9 liter water tank, plus a separate tank for concentrated detergent: mixing is automatic and mixed detergent is automatically dosed. This is the perfect combination as only the necessary amount of detergent is used and reduces the cost of detergent. A 1.9 liter tank is used for dirty water. Usually, the dirty tank has to be emptied several times for each cleaning.

After using the carpet cleaner, it can be switched to dry only mode to absorb as much moisture as possible, reducing drying time.

Of The Best Carpet Cleaners — Starting From Under $110

The cleaning performance is excellent. When we used Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Cleaner on a normal upright setting, our mud stains disappeared quickly and our stubborn ketchup stain was drastically reduced; by switching to manual mode we were able to quickly clean the remaining stain.

If you have a lot of carpets and want to keep them in top condition, this is a great tool.

If you do not have many carpets, for example one room or several carpets, Bissell PowerClean may be for you. It is a compact carpet cleaner that does not take up much space. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t have hand tools, so it’s not ideal for spot cleaning. If you want manual precision, you’ll need either a separate stain remover or a larger wand.

What Is The Best Spot Carpet Cleaner Machine

This upright stacker for the cleaning tank: a 2.36 liter tank for water and detergent and a 1.72 liter tank for dirty water. Cleaning generally involves emptying the dirty tank once before emptying the clean tank.

Hoover Cleanslate Pet Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner

Detergent is dosed manually. It’s worth tapping while moving forward and then releasing to clean up the mess. Self-dispensing carpet cleaners are easier to use, but more expensive.

Cleaning performance is good: it took a few swipes to clean our mud stains, but the tough ketchup stain took some work to get out (a hand-held cleaner is faster for this kind of mess).

If you don’t have a lot of storage space or a lot of carpet, this compact cleaner has the same power as its larger competitors.

Tineco’s first carpet cleaner is an incredible piece of engineering that incorporates some of the smart features from the company’s cordless vacuum line. The good news is that there is no need for complicated controls to use the new technology, and Tineco Carpet One Pro is as easy to use as any other carpet cleaner.

Resolve® Pet Expert Carpet Cleaning Machine Formula

There is a 2 liter detergent tank that needs to be filled with water and detergent, plus a 1.5 liter dirty water tank with a float that shuts off the water flow when full. This dirt container has a foot pedal to remove it, which keeps the tank securely in place while carpet cleaning is in progress.

What distinguishes the Tineco Carpet One Pro is the LCD screen. It displays troubleshooting information and can show you how to install the cleaner. The ring on the outside shows how clean the carpet is: if it is red, the carpet is dirty; when it turns completely blue, the carpet is clean. Cleaner automatic doses with intelligence: dosing detergent when you push forward and pull in.

The cleaner then heats the cleaning solution to 40°C, which is the optimal temperature for your company’s cleaning products.

What Is The Best Spot Carpet Cleaner Machine

To help the carpet dry, the Tineco Carpet One Pro has a dry mode and can blow hot air between 70°C and 80°C. Again, the LCD screen turns on and shows how dry the carpet is using the built-in moisture sensor.

Difference Between A Carpet Cleaning Machine & Floor Cleaning Machine

The cleanliness is impressive. Our mud stain disappeared almost immediately thanks to the powerful brush that stirred the dirt, and the cleaner almost wiped our carpet dry. Our ketchup stain needed a little more work and we finished it with a hand tool.

Tineco Carpet One Pro is much more expensive than the competition, but has more technology. If you want the best, this is it.

Designed for convenience, the Vax Spotwash is a cordless spot wash best used for cleaning small household stains from carpets and upholstery.

You may be concerned about how powerful a battery-powered carpet cleaner is compared to a corded one, but the Vax Spotwash has a 4Ah battery, one of the largest available in the spotwash attachment. In our tests, we also found that the Vax Spotwash lasted a decent 25 minutes on default mode.

Bissell Little Green Spot And Stain Cleaning Machine

There is a practical boost mode that increases the power of the washing machine and reduces the number of cycles needed to clean. In our tests, we found the battery lasted about 18 minutes using boost mode, which should be long enough to see you through the cleanup.

Using the Spotwash is also easy with a large button to turn it on and off and an equally large button to turn the boost function on and off. You can also check how much battery charge you have by pressing the top button, which shows the level using LED lights.

Its 1.1 liter water tank has clearly marked filling lines for water and detergent, so you can be sure you’re always using the right amount. There is also a 700 ml tank for dirty water that can be easily removed for emptying after washing.

What Is The Best Spot Carpet Cleaner Machine

The Spotwash also comes with a range of tools to remove tougher stains, including a soft carpet cleaning brush and a larger hand tool with stiff bristles for hard floors. You also get a smaller hand tool with just one brush, especially useful if you have pets, and a neat tool for getting into hard-to-reach areas.

Vax Spotwash Spot Cleaner, Grey

We have found that Vax Spotwash cleans most stains well, but deeper stains or very difficult stains such as red wine require several applications to completely remove them.

If you want the convenience of a battery-powered carpet cleaner that you can easily take home with you, the Vax Spotwash is a great choice.

Vax Platinum Smartwash Pet-Design is a powerful carpet cleaner

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