How To Put Carpet Treads On Stairs

How To Put Carpet Treads On Stairs – Last week, I shared how we updated it, but it’s not done yet. Now I can say that it is done after installing the stair steps!

Since we are removing the carpet from our stairs and installing wood stairs, I wanted to find a way to protect them. Fortunately no one slipped or fell on the stairs, however this is a high traffic area and I wanted to protect all the hard work that went into them, not to mention make it easier for our dog to get up and do it.

How To Put Carpet Treads On Stairs

How To Put Carpet Treads On Stairs

My first thought was to install a stair runner. The only problem is that I don’t want to put staples in my new stairs. While searching online, I found Oak Valley Designs. This is the perfect solution! Carpeted stairs can be made with cow nose, square or flat edges. They can be ordered in any size, and their selection is incredible! They can be customized right down to the landing (I decide who I want to open mine to)

Pure Era Bullnose Indoor Tape Free Non Slip Gray 9.5 In. X 30 In. X 1.2 In. Polypropylene Carpet Stair Tread Cover (set Of 14) Pe St01 Gr14

The first thing I did was pick a sample to send to me to see what looked best. I also sent a picture of my entry to Oak Valley Designs and they sent more examples of treads that might work. I tell you, it was an unexpected surprise! Also, if you have a runner you found at another dealer, you can send it directly to Oak Valley Designs and they will make the treads for you.

I’m not an expert in Photoshop so I use a phone app called Picsart where you can add photos on top of existing photos. I took a close-up of what I thought would work best and then made a mock-up to help visualize it, washcloth and all!

Here’s an example of how to take close-up photos and then add them to an existing photo.

However, since I’m constantly changing my decor and our entryway is small, I thought it would be better to go with a simple tread pattern so that if and when my decor changes, the stair treads are fixed. I love the Jute and Sisal pattern and wish I could find a similar pattern that doesn’t have tension and will be soft on the feet. I chose River Rock in Shoreline with a black border.

Plastic Stair Covers For Non Slip Step Protection

As much as I love the look of stairs covering half the stairs and leaving the edges exposed, I just know it doesn’t work for me and my OCD. Dog hair and dust end up on the exposed side and I knew I wanted it to cover the entire size even if I had to tone down the overall look I wanted. This is the great thing about Oak Valley Designs, you are not limited to standard size options, they can make it any size.

We have a Golden Doodle and no matter what anyone tells you they do! Sweep the stairs 2-3 times a day to keep them free of hair and dust. Now just do a quick vacuum.

Since our upper set is larger than our lower set, I put the set for the lower steps on top to see how it would look with two sides exposed and I have to admit, I like it.

How To Put Carpet Treads On Stairs

Installation took about 10 minutes for the full size. Each wheel comes with a plastic film that peels off and sticks like rubber to the back. This glue will not damage your stairs

My First Large Interior Wood Project

I could not be happier with the quality of products and customer service I have received from Oak Valley Designs. They are top quality and a joy to work with! Carpet goes up your stairs, but you don’t want an ugly one that you just keep on every stair like a Hairpiece or an old toupee! headstrong,

If you’re looking for the real deal, you’ve come to the right place and I’ll be the one to tell you all about where to get and how to install those carpets. If you’re ready, go!

I have been a carpet installer for many years and when someone asked me if we could install Anderson Tuftex natural stairs with just the treadbone, I was like Fricken’s mind!

I was like how the hell can I do that I’ve never done that before and the steps on the stairs sounded so loud to me (Shhh I don’t have Vison) also 🙂

Morocco Cream (plus Other Colors) 100% Wool! True Bullnose® Padded Carpet Stair Tread (sold Each)

Lady (Lynn) kept asking us if we could pave her stairs and I kept putting it off, but she was very patient.

We didn’t want to leave, so I agreed to do the floor of the stair treads with professional knowledge, I will do my best, but no guarantees.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong, especially with a rug like the Anderson Tuftex Just Natural Cafe Noir Herringbone Rug Carpet

How To Put Carpet Treads On Stairs

This staircase consists of a bullnose staircase down to the Landing, both the landing and the Bullnose staircase will be carpeted.  

Diy Stair Tread Carpets Using Self Adhesive Carpet Tiles

So there are 12 open stairs to be placed on treads, one of my many concerns with stair carpet installation and how to keep the carpet from slipping,

You see the carpet we are using here is made and sewn in a circle like a Berber carpet and I had to cut each step.

That means every time I cut the ladder, I’m cutting those wires and it’s going to come open and probably break!

Ok, so I started installing the Got Bullnose Carpet, done, and the Landing carpet done, time to pave those stairs.

Shoreline Dove Flat Woven 100% Wool True Bullnose® Carpet Stair Tread Runner Replacement Style Comfort & Safety (sold Each)

So I cut the Stair Treads into individual pieces, the measurements are 42 inches long and 13 inches deep, now this cut gives me a little extra carpet to work with, but won’t get in the way too much.

I started at the bottom of the first step and worked my way up the stairs. Mind you, I’ve never done this before and I’m like Bon Jovi I live in prayer LMAO.

So the way I came up with the carpet of this stairwell is I started cutting it first and then folding it or doing it first, if you want, so that when I tie the carpet underneath it won’t tear. away and back,.

How To Put Carpet Treads On Stairs

Using my electric gun at a strong angle, I put a lot of pressure on the carpet with the nose of the gun and tighten the bullet, and the first staple snaps the carpet into place.

Mix & Match Patterns: Diy Stair Runner Made With Vintage Rugs

I moved to the bottom of the stairs where the riser and treads meet and Punch staples into the carpet every 1/4 inch…

Yes, I’m talking every 1/4 inch and that’s a lot of staples to put in the carpet / but I think we need a ton of staples to make sure this stair skin doesn’t fall under and look good. is it crowded? That’s right

OK, now that the carpet looks good and how to install this stair tread, I figured out how to secure the edges of the carpet where the stairs and the counter meet, and it looks great.

Okay, let’s do this… I took my carpet beater and I pressed my knees and I put this carpet and I locked it with my iron and my stair tool. Shag Carpet Stair Treads (set Of 13) 9

The video below will show you how to get the right compression between the carpet stair and the smooth edge, I mean the smooth edge (tackstrip).

Now I explained it but it’s part of the prep work you can see in the video lol….

After I Jam The Carpet Between The Tackstrip And The Carpet, Use A Hammer To Make Sure The Carpet Is In The Groove Humanly,

How To Put Carpet Treads On Stairs

Then, once I’m satisfied that it’s ready to cut, I’ll take my carpet knife to a new blade and try to cut this first step perfectly with no mistakes.

How To Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

Then cut at a perfect 45 degrees in the most perfect place in the most perfect place with an incredible super sharp blade, I cut the excess carpet outside the groove pulled the excess carpet clear the fluff.

 I used my carpet and put all the fibers back into the grooves to get that perfect, perfect connection between the riser and the amazing staircase!

I finished the job and the client (Lynn) was next to you and was very happy and to be honest I also did something unimaginable.

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