What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For A Basement

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For A Basement – A carpeted home has many benefits, including style, insulation, softness, acoustics and safety. However, in the case of more busy spaces – corridor, living room or staircase – strength, durability and stability are what matter. If your floor can handle a lot of foot traffic, you may want to consider your options when installing new carpet. The best type of carpet fiber for high-traffic areas should have anti-slip and anti-stick properties, as well as the ability to maintain its shape over time.

Fortunately, today’s carpets are designed with efficiency and durability in mind to maintain their beauty even in harsh conditions. The most common carpet fibers for homeowners today are nylon, wool, and polyester.

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For A Basement

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For A Basement

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What Type Of Carpet Is Best For Stairs

Carpets are made up of thousands of fibers attached to a strong base. The material of the fibers that make up the carpet affects how it will be exposed to the subsequent care and maintenance of the carpet. There are four general types of carpet fibers to choose from:

To help you decide which fiber type is the best type of carpet for high-traffic areas, we’ve taken a closer look at these categories and the pros and cons.

Wool creates style and luxury in the home. As a natural product, wool is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and renewable resource. Incredibly soft underfoot, yet durable because it can withstand intense driving conditions. The wool carpet is dirt-resistant, extremely flexible and, of course, fire-resistant. The composition of natural wool fibers has a pulling mechanism that gives the carpet natural flexibility. This acts as a spring so the wool can be stretched and retracted up to 30% without visual impact. Also, with proper care, wool can last a lifetime.

Nylon is soft, stain-resistant and easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for homes with families and pets. The strength of the nylon thread helps it resist wear and tear and maintains its structure for a long time. Another great advantage of nylon is that it can compress, bend and stretch up to 33% and recover its original shape. One of the disadvantages of nylon carpet is that it cannot regulate the temperature of the room, which means that it is quite cold in winter and warm underfoot in summer.

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Polypropylene, also known as olefin, is a synthetic fiber that is quite inexpensive for consumers. This type of thread is stain resistant, moisture resistant, fade resistant and quite durable. Unfortunately, this fiber lacks elasticity, as it cannot recover like other fibers. In residential areas, polypropylene carpet is more suitable for areas with low traffic.

The polyester carpet has excellent color fidelity and exceptional softness, and is made of fade-resistant and often recycled PET plastic. Like olefin, polyester is a man-made material that is somewhat less durable than nylon or wool when exposed to years of wear and tear. When used on stairs, corridors or living areas, polyester carpet will break down relatively quickly, so the average lifespan of polyester is 5-10 years.

Thanks to technological innovations, including waterproofing, anti-slip surfaces and stain protection, all types of carpets produced today offer the minimum comfort and quality. However, in the case of busy, high-traffic households, the emphasis is still on strength and durability. With this in mind, the best carpet types for high-traffic areas include:

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For A Basement

Choosing the right floor covering doesn’t have to be stressful. Simply contact our flooring experts to find the type of carpet that best suits your individual needs. We have extensive experience in home renovation and are always happy to help. Choosing the best carpet for your stairs is an important decision, as this is a part of the house that many people visit. You’ll need a stair carpet that’s durable but also looks good because the whole family (including pets!) uses it many times a day.

The Carpet We Chose For The Girls’ Room.

Our guide to the best stair carpet is based on our years of experience and we share some from our portfolio to show you what’s possible in this important part of the home.

The best stair carpets are practical and durable. You should look for something that is stain resistant, easy to clean and durable. Low-pile carpets are very suitable for stairs and make them safe and durable to use. You can read more about the different types of carpet installation here in our guide.

Bleach-washable carpets are excellent choices for stairs, and this polypropylene tape from Cormar Carpets’ Primo Choice range is suitable for heavy-duty home use.

The heather shade can be a practical choice, as the subtle color combination hides dirt. Striped rugs also look good and cover dust and stains.

Tips On Choosing The Best Carpet For Your Home Or Office

If you prefer a softer, more luxurious surface, then the Cormar Carpets Sensation Original range is for you. This Saxon rug is made of 100% Luxelle polypropylene, it is dirt and stain resistant and can be bleached.

We supplied and installed these stairs in a light cream beige color that looks good and is easy to maintain.

We have installed many different striped rugs on the stairs and they are a great choice for a stylish finish. The Panache range from Adam Carpets is a 2 ply velvet tufted carpet that is highly functional and looks great.

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For A Basement

Here’s another one we shipped and installed from the Panache line, this time on Zing. It looks stunning like a running tree with both sides visible.

Carpet Types And How To Choose What’s Best For You

This elegant staircase has been covered with a 3 ply heavy British wool striped home rug from Hugh Mackay’s Deco range. This loop is made from natural wool and its dense construction makes it ideal for high traffic areas of the home.

If you like the idea of ​​striped stairs but prefer a more neutral finish, the Boucle Neutrals range from Cormar Carpets could fit the bill. Made of 50% pure new wool, in pile of wool, suitable for large household use.

Another striped product line from Cormar is Avebury Stripe, which is a quality 100% wool rug. Extremely durable and suitable for very intensive use. It can be combined with plain shades of Avebury elsewhere in the home to create a consistent color palette.

This bright hallway features a staircase with a striped Avebury rug from Cormar Carpets in Stanton.

How To Layer Area Rugs On Carpets

This modern Pinstripe from Adam Carpets is a tufted rug made from 80% premium British wool. It is made of two-layer twisted and velvet yarn, which is very durable and offers outstanding performance. The range includes six colours, including Trinity, shown here.

If you have a wooden staircase that you want to open, we can install a rail instead of covering the entire staircase. The use of conveyor belts offers the best of both worlds, as it combines the sound-absorbing properties of carpet with elegant wooden steps.

Rails can be combined with stair rails for an elegant look. The rods are primarily for aesthetics, but they can also help keep the carpet in place. Stair railings come in a variety of designs and finishes, from traditional antique brass to more modern chrome and black.

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For A Basement

Many of our stair rods are supplied by Stair Rods UK, who offer a wide range of designs to suit all tastes.

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This Westex Carpets carpet from the Ultima Major range has been fitted with brass stair rods. This creates a really nice surface and holds the runner perfectly in place. Made from a mixture of 80% wool and 20% nylon, the carpet is stain and moth resistant.

A patterned rug also works well on stairs and helps cover dirt and grime. This brown patterned Axminster rug by Hugh McKay of Country Oak is from the Nature’s Own range with antique brass stair rods from Stairods UK.

We delivered and installed this new clean neutral wool rug with tilt wheel and it looks perfect in this beach house. These are Brockway rugs from the Cavendish range.

If you have an open staircase, we can cover part of it to create a practical and safe non-slip staircase. In a busy family home, wooden stairs can be extremely noisy, so it is worth installing a suitable carpet.

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The wooden stairs shown here have been completed with a neutral gray carpet from Telenzo’s Kings Cross range. Kings Cross rugs are made from 100% 3-ply wool, treated with Scotchguard to reduce stains. The carpet also comes with a pile retention guarantee to keep it looking new for longer.

Your hallway is often the first thing visitors see, so why not emphasize it with a stair rug? We love this zig-zag striped rug in the hallway and on the stairs. Made by Hugh McKay from their Deco collection, it looks stunning with the pink front door.

Here is another example of a

What Is The Best Type Of Carpet For A Basement

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