How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet – There was one project last year that I couldn’t wait to do, my ugly stairs. Here’s how we completed our easy-to-do basement staircase renovation and how to install indoor-outdoor carpet runners

Almost 2 years ago, this stair replacement was on my wish list, but other projects replaced it.

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

So when we got the chance to clean out our basement, I was excited to finally get rid of the old, ugly railing and dirty carpet!

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This whole process is part of the One Room Challenge and we’re in week 7, but this project is one of the main things that need to be done in this basement renovation.

Here’s how we did this DIY basement stair remodel, and let me tell you, it’s not a difficult task. It’s just a lot of small steps.

The original plan was to use as much of the old ladder as possible to save costs.

But that quickly changed and we had to go back to the drawing board and rework our original plan.

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We don’t know if the builder installed these stairs or if the original owner who finished the basement did this shoddy job, but check out these flaws.

There is at least half an inch of space between the sides of the stairs and the steps, which is especially bad at the bottom of the stairs.

So our options were to either replace the stairs or work on the existing stairs. This can cause many problems.

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

We found the cheapest options for stair treads and decided it was worth replacing them instead of going through the headache of fixing all the problems.

How To Paint Trim

With one quick spin on the circular saw, Trent cut them down in less than a minute.

We also had to remove the stair base from the outside of the staircase because the new treads didn’t fit the old ones.

This is the most difficult task because it requires less muscle. In old houses, nails were used for everything, and the nails were very long.

As Trent struggled with these long nails, he worked in two steps. And no, I don’t mean to dance.

Scribing Skirt Boards

This is an easy way to check each rung of the stairs and measure the height of the risers to make sure everything is level.

When I researched some basement stair ideas, we found that the best way to install the stairs was with deck screws.

It is recommended to pre-drill the holes with a sinker. This makes it easier to fill the screw holes.

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

Trent also went ahead and used construction glue on the stairs to hold the steps in place.

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We decided to hang this wider ladder on the wall because it was cut off from the previous owner over the carpet.

While Trent installed these stairs, I began painting the railing with the first coat of black paint.

I bought it locally at Brass Bear, an antique shop in Birmingham. But you can also find it online at Amazon.

Since we picked up affordable stair treads from our local home depot, our plan was to use white paint and a gray rug in the middle.

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I started by priming each runner. I left the middle section unpainted as it was planned to be covered by the carpet rail.

After the railing was in place, I prepared the stairs and Trent began installing the steel balusters.

I have a whole blog post dedicated to the iron baluster installation if you want to read more about how we finished it.

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

After Trent installed the balusters, it took me a few days to paint the staircase white. I let each layer of paint dry overnight to be sure

Painted Stair Risers And Treads

Also, white is a good option for basement steps if you use a carpet runner in the middle.

I thought the best option for a rug runner was an indoor outdoor rug I found, but I was concerned about how it would feel underfoot.

So to add a little cushion to each step, we installed an affordable carpet pad on each step.

Our stairs were not the right length, so he ordered three to cover the entire staircase.

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To figure out how much you need, grab some sewing tape and measure each step and riser, don’t forget the supplies!

So if you’ve ever wondered how to install indoor outdoor carpet for your stairs, here’s how.

We find that the best starting point for installing dumpster rails is at the top of the stairs.

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

I’ve mentioned many times how much I love using air tools in our workplace and they are definitely worth the investment if you do a lot of home improvement.

Refinish Stairs And Carpet Runner Install

When two rugs meet, it is best to cut the woven edge of the rug to create a seamless look.

It’s very easy to do with scissors and you can hardly find where the two mats meet.

A waterfall is the easiest installation for your stairs. You attach the rug to the stair tread and then let it fall over the edge of the stair without details.

However, I really like the look of the fender, so we’re going to install a ladder riser, then roll it over the ladder riser and put some clamps under the edge of the ladder to create a bull.

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We went down the stairs, but realized that if we were going to have a clean edge in the basement, we had to start at the bottom.

Then we start at the bottom of the stairs with the woven edge of the rug and go back until we stop.

The only problem is that you have to be careful that the carpet pad doesn’t fall out underneath.

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

Use sharp scissors and it’s really easy to cut. Just make sure to keep a clean line.

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What I love about crown moldings is that they disappear under the carpet threads and are almost invisible.

So Trent took a crown stapler and stapled it every step to create a flat and clean look.

I love this new look and can’t wait to show you how it goes with the rest of the room.

This is the easiest way to solve this problem without having to completely remove the long board that runs along the wall.

How To Paint Stairs To Spruce Up Your Entryway

I hope this helps if you are wondering how to install indoor outdoor carpet on your stairs.

So now the final week of the One Room Challenge is over and this is my favorite part. And I’m glad that DIY basement stair replacement is finally off the to-do list!

Make sure you don’t miss this season’s featured designers and guest contributor links at the One Room Challenge web link! As always, special thanks to One Room Challenge media sponsor Better Homes and Garden and to Linda, owner and creator of TheOne Room Challenge. I’ve always loved the look of classic painted stairs. I just think they have a clean, crisp look and add so much character to a home. The first thing you see when you enter a house is usually the staircase of a two-story house. I wanted our open concept home to have a custom and clean look, so removing the carpets on the stairs and painting them was on my list after we moved in. For most, this is a fairly easy project, just time consuming. Here’s how our project went.

How To Paint Trim On Stairs With Carpet

Here is a before shot of our stairs. The carpet is in great shape, I don’t care about the color or how it looks with all the updates to our house.

Painted Stairs For Under $50 • Our Storied Home

So the first thing we did was the carpet. I actually thought the demo would be the worst part and it was pretty easy. First we cut the carpet in the corner of the stairs, then wet it. When pressed, the mat is easily removed.

Be careful with the bars below because they are really sharp. The next thing we did was remove the pieces. We have an old bucket nearby that we put shredded trash in, and then a big trash bag for the shirt. This makes cleaning easier. My husband just used a pick between the stairs and the bar and hammered it.

After removing the ribbons, we removed all the shirts. It’s sticky so there are a lot of leftover pieces that are still attached. I used a scraper to remove the rest of the pad. This is probably the worst part of the demo.

After cleaning the stairs and removing the debris, we started adding the steps. At the top of the stairs we need to make 42″ treads because they are wider, but our stairs are 40″ wide so we have to

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