Staircase Ideas Without Carpet

Staircase Ideas Without Carpet – You don’t have to live with outdated stairs! Making or redoing a staircase yourself is quite possible and not as scary as it sounds – I’ve done it twice! You can give your stairs a whole new look by removing carpet, installing wood stairs, adding stairs, raising stairs, renovating stairs. If you’re thinking about updating your stairs, these stair design ideas will give you plenty of inspiration!

In our last two homes, I have found that the stairs have made a huge difference in the overall feel of the home. Your staircase is usually one of the focal points of your home, and if you don’t like it, it spoils the overall style. I love what you did for both of us and I have collected many other inspiring projects. There are so many great DIY staircase projects out there! It will inspire you to take on this project and turn it into a staircase you can be proud of.

Staircase Ideas Without Carpet

Staircase Ideas Without Carpet

There are many ways to update an existing staircase, as there are many different parts of a staircase that can be updated to create a stunning visual impact, including:

How To Update Carpeted Stairs With Paint * Hip & Humble Style

I’ve hated these stairs ever since we moved in and they’ve been high on my bucket list. The stairs themselves were in good shape, but we replaced the handles/balustrades, continued the DIY paneling, recessed the accent wall from the upstairs hallway, and installed the stairs. Now we love it!

In our old house, we took out the old carpet and installed wooden stairs with our own hands. I was so happy to see the rug go through, little touches like the right stain and paint made all the difference. Best of all, it only took us 1 1/2 days to do the job ourselves for $2,000. It was a game changer and it looked amazing when it was done! When I added a modern chalkboard wall painted in one of the blues, the space was perfect.

Lisa hated the stairs and wanted to modernize them. He began the messy business of removing carpets, plaster and plaster. He wanted the nose of the stairs to be square, not bull, so he found a trace that matched the bull! He also updated the risers with a two-sided premiere. One side was a traditional checkerboard, but he chose a modern chevron pattern. The end result of this creation is amazing!

These stairs have gone from old carpet to a modern floating staircase with inlays, metal rails and black accents. I can’t believe she made this project for under $75 and she’s new to DIY! He was able to repair the existing stairs using wood putty, stain and polyurethane. The same brackets were reused and the rail was updated with black paint!

How To Install A Diy Stair Runner

The look of the original staircase was not needed in Angela’s house! He tore up the carpet and removed all the odd places, nooks and crannies from the stairs. But the real change comes from the rail and rod system, which completely modernizes the whole look. I can’t believe this is DIY!

The Medina project is a great example of what we want, not just what is best for our family and lifestyle. He turned and led them back to the tree, only to find that they hated loud noises! So he built a second stage, carpeted each step and painted the treads black. Sometimes you have to admit that it’s not working and be willing to make a plan!

Budget DIY turned old cast iron into a modern cast iron option. This is a great guide for every step of the process! They held up well so I reused it and the rest were new. We recommend having a partner to make the installation process easier!

Staircase Ideas Without Carpet

This basement remodel also needed stairs! This project went very quickly, but the end result was worth it. Each new staircase had to be installed and installed, and everything had to be painted. Then the traditional wooden balusters were replaced by this cold iron one. To do this, they choose the internal and external stairs wisely, because there are a lot of people on them!

Cool Modern Staircase Design Ideas (& Modern Stair Railings)

Many houses have traditional oak beams, which are very old. This tutorial will show you how to wrap your existing new MDF post to create a clean and updated look. They also added new handrails and new square balusters to complete the new look. Surprisingly, such a project can change the appearance of the entire porch!

These stairs remind me of what we have in our house. Like ours, Sonia’s stairs are front and center and don’t match the ambiance of her home. The big change that changes the style of the button is the change of angles on the starter button. He removed the curved lines and added new pillars with straight clean lines. New balustrades and handrails match the style and now it looks great!

It may only be five steps, but they made the most of it by creating this staircase! Doesn’t seem like a level playing field to be honest. Ugly carpet steps and panels turn into great little stairs. The hosts made a choice in favor of LVP’s durability and put a runner on top. I love the brass accents on the stairs!

Don’t underestimate how much art can change the look of a staircase. After we updated the stairs, installed baseboards, installed stairs and steps to update the stairs, I installed this colorful and eclectic gallery wall that adds a lot of life and interest!

Our Pick Of Lovely Stair Runners, Hallway Rugs And Stair Carpets

And in our old house, I created a gallery wall with my DIY art frames to add tone and color to the newly renovated staircase.

If your wooden stairs are stained or the wood is damaged and you are on a budget, you can paint them! You can choose such a bright image…

Isn’t this staircase design amazing? Some are subtle and some are off the charts. But all of these are great DIYs that can update your stairs and make them an integral part of your home. Don’t live with a ladder you don’t like! With some planning and innovation, you can create what you love.

Staircase Ideas Without Carpet

Some ideas for modernizing stairs include replacing traditional balusters with soft metal ones, painting the stairs a bright color, adding a tread or carpet, and installing modern lighting. The ideas in this post should give you a lot of ideas.

Beautiful Staircase Ideas That Make A Major Impression

For an inexpensive upgrade to your stairs, I recommend painting (painting the walls, painting the handrails and/or treads) and installing the stairs. If you don’t want to climb stairs, do something inexpensive and creative to add interest to the stairs. If your budget is a little higher, I would replace the columns/balusters with more modern ones.

Installing brand new stairs is very expensive. Even removing carpet and installing hardwood floors can be expensive. If you’re willing to do the work yourself, that’s fine. Our old house needed $2,000 to remove the carpet and install new wood stairs.

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My husband has been painting the stairs in our basement for the past week or two. It’s cute! When we moved in, there was carpeting and it wasn’t in very good condition. A few years ago we removed the carpet and painted the stairs dark gray, but the paint had worn off and the stairs themselves always needed attention (puttying and sanding the wood), so this time we decided to give them some extra love. .

From Carpet To Diy Hardwood Stairs: Step By Step Tutorial

I know many of you have told me that you love to process your photos, so here you go: our before and after steps.

We still have a lot of painting to do, but it makes me happy. Yes, we painted it white! It is fresh, light and wonderful to the touch! It’s a dark staircase, so we’re very happy with the new look.

Don’t worry about white people or dogs. We are looking for the best climber! I prefer bare wood because

Staircase Ideas Without Carpet

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