Staircase Ideas Modern

Staircase Ideas Modern – Maybe you’re planning a major home renovation or want to update your existing staircase, but either way, there are more ways to refresh the look of your stairs than you might think. 

If you’re ready to install a new staircase or renovate an existing staircase in your home, exploring some modern ideas can help. Some of the ideas below include:

Staircase Ideas Modern

Staircase Ideas Modern

These are just a few ideas, and even if you’re considering one for your project, there are countless design options and combinations to choose from and customize to suit your taste.

Dramatic Staircase Designs

The concept of floating tracks was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but its popularity has been declining in recent decades. That was until recently when new interior design trends brought the look back and updated it with a more modern look. 

The stairs are entirely suspended by wire and covered by a glass balustrade in white oak. While you can use any type of wood for stairs, white oak works best in dark homes or living spaces without natural light. Cascading stairs themselves leave room for storage or entertainment under the stairs. 

Did you know? Railing cables should have a breaking strength of over 1,000 pounds, making them ideal for hanging stairs in any home.

A modern staircase design that does not look luxurious, but helps to save space in a smaller house, is the attic staircase. As the name suggests, this is a design idea that is a bit of a departure from the traditional staircase, so update your interior lighting to increase the safety of people using and around the staircase. 

How Can 15 Modern Staircase Ideas Transform Your Melbourne Home?

For example, you can install canned lighting to highlight the staircase and prevent slips and falls, and a welded steel frame in gloss black provides a robust support system for the stairs. Instead of installing traditional steps, you can consider alternating alder or oak steps on both sides of the staircase.

If you like the concept of floating stairs but aren’t sure about relying on cables, try some stair design ideas that incorporate sculptural designs. A support beam, painted to match the walls or other aspects of your home’s decor, runs along the bottom of the suspended stairs, and metal spindles topped with a wooden beam that matches the stairs form the base of the railing.

You can choose any handrail shape: keep everything straight with the right angles, give your staircase a sleeker look with a curved shape, or order and install spindles with complex designs or shapes. 

Staircase Ideas Modern

If you’re looking for more sustainable design tips, recycle old dividers for a table or tables. 

Stair Railing Ideas To Elevate Your Home’s Style

Even if you already have a modern staircase design that you like, you can update its look by repainting or applying a new finish to the wooden steps. You can also opt for a less permanent change. If your staircase has a lot of natural light, hang a free-standing indoor garden on the railing. 

Alternatively, hang decorations from the banister, place sculptures on the landing or hang pictures on the wall above the stairs for an interesting new look. If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your staircase, check out these ideas:

Pro tip: When modernizing your staircase, be sure to look for paints and coatings that do not contain volatile organic compounds.

Another classic concept making a comeback thanks to the influence of modern staircase design is the spiral staircase, which is not only another great space saver, but also offers a lot of versatility. A popular option is to place the steps on a central column that leads from the foundation to the next floor or attic. 

Embellish Your Luxury Homes With Contemporary Staircase Designs

For support, layered cable rods are attached to a welded steel frame to form a handrail, and although the rungs of this spiral staircase can be any solid wood, a lighter color is often preferred. 

You don’t need a minimalist look to keep your staircase design modern. There are still many staircase designs for today’s homes that you can incorporate into your home. Paint the stairs a darker color for a bold look and paint the surrounding walls a light cream color or choose ivory for the walls.

You can still remove a small part of the wall if you want. Remove the wall covering the stairs from the first floor to the next landing and replace it with a cladding of glass panels topped with a wooden railing to match your stairs. Glass helps your staircase look brighter.

Staircase Ideas Modern

Another idea to update your new or existing staircase is to cover it with a rug that matches the rest of your home’s design or contrasts with the color of the walls. Either way, new carpet will also help reduce scratches and squeaks on your old staircase.

Modern Staircase Ideas To Spice Up Your Home

You may find something appealing in a few different stair design ideas, and that’s okay. Look for ways to combine features from several different designs to create something unique. You may find that your creative ideas give you something you love even more. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Striking Staircase Ideas To Makeover Any Space (big Or Small)

Organic Malt Eucalyptus Flooring Check Now Tupelo Honey Eucalyptus Flooring View Brown Hand Scraped Flooring View Tahoe Hand Scraped Flooring View Now Antique Charcoal Flooring If you’re renovating or building a new home, you need to use stairs, you definitely want it. In order to use the best available materials at the simplest and most practical level, the staircase is an important feature that makes other floors of the house accessible and at the same time connects its interior design.

Over the years, stairs have been used to add a dramatic touch to homes. A modern staircase design can enhance your home’s entryway and create a stunning focal point that draws attention at the same time. Your visitors will be surprised when they enter your home and the first thing they see is a stunning modern and elegant staircase.

Southern Staircase has been designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality staircases for over 40 years. We have a wide range of staircase designs and styles to suit any home, including a variety of wood options and styles for those looking for

Staircase Ideas Modern

. We can help you design a staircase that reflects your style and identity. They come in a variety of materials and unique design structures that are meant to complement the overall theme of the interior.

Amazing Modern White Staircases Design Ideas

There are several elements to consider when choosing the right material and design for your staircase. Space and materials are two of the most important aspects. The layout and spacing will help determine the exact number of steps and risers needed. Regardless of the aesthetic of your home, we can help you choose the right material that is specific to your needs and preferences.

Floating stairs are one of the most popular modern staircase designs. In addition to minimalism and an elegant look, they also offer a unique aesthetic, creating a beautiful open space and allowing natural light to pass through the lower floors of your property. Glass railings are also popular for creating a spacious space while adding a touch of modern sophistication to your home. Some designs are minimalistic and modern, while others are luxurious and bold; The possibilities are truly endless.

Over the years, we’ve perfected our modern staircase designs to reflect modern trends with versatile and transparent elements that allow you to stand out outdoors while letting in more natural light and creating a beautiful open space.

We are committed to excellence in quality design and engineering while providing the finishing touches to bring your home to life. The final product can range from modern and innovative to elegant and casual. Southern stairs have become synonymous with stability, quality and durability. We pride ourselves on providing Sydney residents with the most innovative stair design solutions that not only meet your specific needs but also fit your budget.

Discovering Your Wooden Staircase Design & Style In 3 Easy Steps

Southern Staircase has a reputation for providing the best quality stairs in Sydney. Explore our completed projects to learn more.

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