Diy Replace Carpet Stairs With Wood

Diy Replace Carpet Stairs With Wood – If you are looking to modernize the stairs in your home, hardwood stairs are a great choice. They not only look beautiful, but also strong and durable. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you may wonder if you can install wooden stairs yourself. The answer is yes! Removing the carpet from the stairs and replacing them with wooden stairs is a very simple project. It only took a day and a half to remove our carpets and install new wooden stairs. And in this post I am sharing the full tutorial!

We installed our DIY wooden stairs and published the original guide for this project in 2015. They still look perfect when we sold this house in 2020. We were very pleased with the quality! *

Diy Replace Carpet Stairs With Wood

Diy Replace Carpet Stairs With Wood

We didn’t like our outdated stairs with beige carpet. It was boring and uninspiring. So we updated the stairs by ripping up the carpet and installing hardwood steps. It only took 1 1/2 days!

Replacing The Carpet With Painted Stairs

Of DIY and home improvement projects over the years. And we installed a large portion of the floor, including installing new laminate flooring throughout the house. Installing these new stairs was easier than installing the floor, which I was very surprised by. Plus, it was much more affordable than renting it from a professional (which we’ve done before at home and I’m still a little shocked at how much we paid for it)!

There are MANY stair climbing options for you all. Sometimes you can even find them at an actual home improvement store like Home Depot (although you usually have to order them because they’re not always in stock).

, they send directly to you and that really appeals to us because it saves a lot of time.

And I have to tell you, our DIY wood stair installation went smoother than any of our projects in recent history. I believed that the system would work well and be beautiful, but honestly, I did not expect it to be as simple as it was. We did 95% of the work this weekend. WEEKENDS. Indeed, in 1 1/2 days. It was unsurpassed.

Everything I Learned About Stair Carpet Runners And What We Ended Up Installing (including What It Cost)

I highly recommend watching this installation video before starting. Even if you go with someone else

It took us 1 1/2 days to rip the carpet off the stairs and install new wooden steps. Read on to find out how we did it.

We decided to add some style to our new numbered stairs. When we were thinking about what to do with the stairs, I had a fun runner in mind, but I really wanted to enjoy the clean new look and our hard work! So instead I used heavy duty vinyl leather and wood (you could also use some paint and a stencil).

Diy Replace Carpet Stairs With Wood

And you know I couldn’t resist adding an attractive gallery wall (check out my gallery wall tips) with my inexpensive DIY frame. And we also installed this modern clapboard wall and painted it one of my favorite blues to finish off the foyer.

Our Kitchen Stairs Makeover + How To Perfectly Install A Stair Runner

If you hire a stair repair, it can be very expensive! Generally, the cost of replacing carpet with wooden stairs can range from $3,000 to $5,500, of course depending on whether you have short or longer stairs. In addition, if you have open or closed landings, balusters and railings, this will factor into the price. 

We had wooden stairs professionally installed in a previous house we owned and I was SHOCKED at how tall it was. It’s been almost 20 years since we did this, so I don’t remember the exact cost, but the stairs cost more than the wood paneling on the first floor of the house.

If you install wooden stairs yourself, you will reduce the cost significantly! The cost of everything we needed was just under $2,000 for all the trees, risers, planter wood, glue, spacers, and NuScribe. This is one of the best home improvement projects we have ever done and I know it helped us sell our house quickly when we moved.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, installing hardwood stairs is a very rewarding DIY project. By following these steps, you can remove the carpet from the stairs, refinish the wood and install it for a beautiful polished look. Although it may take a few days, the result will be a stunning addition to your home that will last for years to come!

Diy Staircase Makeover Part I: Removing Old Carpet

What do you think? Are you now confident that you can handle your stair repair yourself? Seriously, you can do it! If you need more inspiration, check out these DIY stair renovation ideas.

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Last fall, we started renovating the foyer of our house. The biggest project was to replace the old carpet on the stairs with hardwood and whiteboard. Although it seemed like a very simple project at the beginning, we ended up not being able to find a contractor to do it. Nobody wanted to work there.

Diy Replace Carpet Stairs With Wood

Problem? Our stairs are English and have a “pie step” or curved landing. This posed a problem because these “pie stairs” could not be fitted with standard stairs. So, we found out how to do the work with our hands. This saved me thousands of dollars! Today I’m going to show you how I created a pattern to create the deeper steps needed for a pie ladder so you can do it yourself!

Diy Stairs Makeover From Carpet To Hardwood Stairs

When we moved into this house almost two years ago, we knew right away that we would have to replace the carpet that goes down the stairs. Although the pictures might have given it a different look, it was very old and dirty. Then, to make matters worse, our cats started treating him like a scratcher and he started crying. It was so bad that we actually brought the sections together with packing tape!

As we began planning to prepare the house for resale, we knew this had to be addressed. After all, the stairs are at the front of our house and go into the hallway. This will be the first impression a buyer will have when they visit your home. So we had to make it as spectacular as possible!

This is just one of the few other projects we implemented during this renovation. We also installed hardwood in the upstairs hallway, added a stair rail, and put up patchwork wallpaper.

The good news is that unless your entire staircase is curved or spiral, your changes will be minimal for most of this project. You only need to change the treads on the extra or English steps.

Carpet To Hardwood Stair Remodel

Fortunately, there are dozens of guides for installing stair treads and mounting on standard stair treads. I’ll throw this info out there: I used very specific stairs and risers for this project. It is imperative that you use the same treads and fasteners throughout the project. To move forward with this project, a set of stairs and treads with a decorative edge or overflow will not work.

To install on a straight step, you need to cut the outer surface and increase the width, and use a nail gun to attach them. Here’s a video that explains the process in standard steps (right): Installing an unfinished wooden staircase. Once installed, you apply putty, paint and stain.

Preparing the base of the stairs (under the carpet) was a task in itself. You see, the stairs were built with a lip (against the waterfall). This means that the stay, which is constructed of structural wood, extends about an inch behind the riser. In order to install a solid wood floor over the existing floor, first read the subfloor.

Diy Replace Carpet Stairs With Wood

We did this by using a backslash to cut off the extra inches in front of each step. Here you can see my beautiful and (often unenthusiastic) wife Christine doing it.

Replace Carpet On Stairs With Hardwood

The second problem is related to the return of the British. In the middle of the stairs, the stairs turn about 60 degrees. To make a break in the three affected steps, whose breaks are not of equal depth on each side. Here is my solution;

Since these steps require a set of angles and cuts, I decided to create a template for each individual step. Material? Insulating tape.

I just used a piece of tape for each side. I glued them directly onto the existing broken base. I then removed it from the base and placed it against a hardwood surface that had been prepared for cutting, allowing for a 1″ peak at the front of the split (curved front).

For a step that required more depth

How To Install Laminate On Stairs

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