How To Install A Runner On Stairs

How To Install A Runner On Stairs – Easy-to-use instructions show how to install the stairs. Take an ordinary staircase and turn it into an elegant and beautiful entry point without breaking the bank!

My finished basement has a dirty little secret. The way you enter a fairly new spaceā€¦

How To Install A Runner On Stairs

How To Install A Runner On Stairs

Something clearly had to be done. I originally hoped to save the stairs and treads, but they were in such bad shape that I ended up tearing them out and rebuilding them. I promise it’s not as hard as it sounds – just hammer out the old parts, cut and nail the new steps and risers to the supports (strings) – but if you’re looking for how to install stair wheels and the steps are actually in good shape, use them as is!

Adding A Sisal Stair Runner

I wanted the softness of the stairwell, so I did a little research on stairwell installation, chose the carpet I wanted to use, and it worked! Below is what I did and some things I would do differently the next time I work on this project.

Before you start, measure the length of carpet you need. I used a tape measure and placed it under the nose of my top strand and then gently wrapped it around each strand until I reached the bottom. You’ll probably need two carpet pads for a standard staircase, but always measure just to be sure!

For a professional look, make sure the edges of your runner run straight down the stairs. To do this, measure the width of the stairs and subtract the width of the carpet from it. Divide the remaining number in half and that is the number of inches you want on each side of your runner. Make sure it stays straight by measuring the distance from the wall at each hinge and marking it with tape so you have a guide for where to place the rug.

Next, cut a carpet pad about an inch smaller in width than your runner and longer than the depth of the pattern. Place it on the pattern so that it is about half an inch from the leading edge of the masking tape.

How To Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

Start installing the treadmill by placing the top edge of the treadmill exactly at the bottom edge of the top step. Staple it as close to the top as possible, spacing the staples a few inches apart.

There are two different styles you’ll see when looking for stair installation methods – wraparound and waterfall. In a sheath-like installation, the brackets are attached under each step and at the joint where the bottom of each step meets the new tread. The waterfall installation is simply screwed into the joint where the bottom of the riser meets the back of the new hinge. I decided to do a waterfall style here.

Two things I wish I had used that I didn’t were a bolt chisel (a mat for making really neat seams) and a long point stapler. I used an upholstery stapler that I had and since the angle of the staple was a bit uneven, my staples were more visible than I would have liked. I found a solution that I love, but it’s two products I don’t own and don’t recommend!

How To Install A Runner On Stairs

If you’re approaching stair railing installation using a waterfall installation like I did, pull the carpet up tight and even and staple the bottom edge of each step, then repeat adding patterns to the carpet pad and stapling at the bottom edge. at each step until you reach the end of your runner.

Stair Runner Pattern At Turns?

Cut the thick ties at the bottom of the first distribution rail and at the top of the second bracket. Leave enough length in the existing stair rails to get under the ends of the new stairs.

Fold the raw edges of the new wheels down and staple them along the steps and edges of the riser. After this stitch, you may want more stitches than usual.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, cut the run again so you can drop it at least a few inches and still make it to the bottom of the last step. Fold and staple along the bottom edge of the last spool to secure.

I’ve always loved the look of stair railings and this was the perfect solution to add interest to my stairs and cover the holes I don’t like. They are also very easy to install. Just place it in the center of the mat and secure it.

How To Install A Stair Runner In A Fast!

And with that, the dark, ugly corner of my house became a neat and beautiful entrance to the basement living space, which I had carefully renovated. This is a fitting entrance to this room!

I moved the collection of photos I took on a trip to the west a few years ago to the wall of the stairwell. I love seeing it every time I walk down these stairs and I think the art on the walls makes the stairs more comfortable and complete.

And to remind you how far this little corner has come, here’s the before and after.

How To Install A Runner On Stairs

A doable DIY project and you can see the before and after pictures here to see what a difference it makes. If you’ve been researching this project and wondering how to install a ladder, I hope this helps. Call me if you have any questions! All the bedrooms are upstairs in our new home, so the stairs are RUNNING. The children were crying up and down and not only did they sound like a herd of elephants, but the youngest member of the family in stocking stuffers slipped under the stairs more times than I could count. Time for stair runners.

How To Install A Stair Runner For Cheap

I’ve installed stairs in the last two houses we’ve owned ( here and here ) and I think the most important thing is to consider what type of carpet to buy. I measured our stairs and the two 9 foot runners were the perfect length to cover the stairs without much extra. You want to look for runners who are not too fat. Some weight like a mat is perfect. You want something that basically doesn’t wrinkle…weave is ideal. I used this chindi rug because I love the colorful design of different pieces of cotton woven together. Chindi rugs can stretch a bit so it’s a gamble, but I’m hoping to get enough of them to avoid any major issues.

Another thing to consider is the model. Perfect solid graphic pattern. Tracks can be a bit more difficult to install as linear designs can warp very easily. Finally, any irregular pattern *may* look a little odd when you put two or three pieces in a row down the stairs. Similar to any rug with a border.

You need several materials/supplies to install stair rails. I think the most important thing is a strong and good connection. I use a pneumatic stapler with 3/8 inch staples and it works fine. I’ve done this before with a manual stapler and it worked, but it’s a bit more complicated because the staples don’t go in as easily. You will also need a tape measure, masking tape and a carpet pad.

Every staircase needs a carpet pad. This not only keeps runners in place, but also softens your stride and provides more cushioning. (ie it makes him calmer). My treads are 10 inches deep and my treads are about 26 inches wide. (A note about stair parts: the step is the part you step on, the riser is the vertical part, and the top is the front lip of each step.)

Stair Runner Carpet Installation Mclean, Va

Our stairs extended a few inches from the bottom, so I had to decide whether to center the rug at the top or bottom of the stairs. In the end I decided to center it *mostly* at the top, but I cheated it by about 1/2 inch so it was a little closer to the bottom center. I measured each step and taped it where the edges of the rug should line up. (Note: my two chindi rugs are NOT the same width. The bottom is slightly wider, but I don’t think you’ll notice when it’s finished.)

I recommend painting the rivets first. Depending on your rug, the staples may reflect light a bit, so the way to fix this is to paint them *before* you put them in the stapler. You see me doing this on my Instagram stories, but I forgot to take a picture for you. I used a marker and colored the top

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