Grey Striped Stair Carpet Ideas

Grey Striped Stair Carpet Ideas – Carpets are unrivaled in creating a comfortable space and providing a luxurious feel underfoot, and although we predict that wooden floors will fall out of favor in the near future, carpets certainly provide more opportunities for experimentation and creativity.

Striped rugs are a versatile tool in your design arsenal, defining your color palette, providing some clever visual effects to widen or lengthen a room, and adding an interesting visual touch to a room. Although they require more thought than plain carpets, they can make a bigger design statement.

Grey Striped Stair Carpet Ideas

Grey Striped Stair Carpet Ideas

The key to making a striped carpet work for you is to be sensitive to color combinations. With a striped rug, your entire room can be organized from the floor, choosing colors and combining them with your wider design scheme.

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• If you’re looking for a carpet for a high-traffic area, a tight loop is the most practical choice – the denser the fibres, the more durable the carpet. Luxurious deep stacks are more suitable for a bedroom or a reading nook.

• Gather samples of other fabrics in your room, along with wallpaper, paint colors, and photos of furniture to ensure they match your patterned rug.

• Include the cost of coating and installation in your budget. The underlay should usually be replaced when you buy a new carpet – this is very important as it will help retain heat and extend the life of your carpet.

Although striped carpets may seem like a fun choice, they can look more sophisticated if installed correctly. With navy blue walls, striking architectural details, and soft gray accents, this Soho Strip Rug from Carpetright provides a soft backdrop.

Best Stair Carpets

The best statement rug. Margo Selby’s signature colorful patterns are writ large on the rainbow striped carpet at Alternate Floor, contrasting soft blues and greens with warm oranges and reds.

This clever design from Crucial Trading combines thin and bold lines for a truly contemporary and youthful finish – especially effective in a vintage setting. Made with 100% New Zealand wool for its durability and soft texture, it acts as a natural insulator.

Gently introduce the pattern with a stair runner. This elegant striped wool rug from Carpetright will draw the eye upwards, elongating your staircase and giving the impression of higher ceilings. Be sure to choose hard carpet for high-traffic areas such as stairs and hallways.

Grey Striped Stair Carpet Ideas

Large stripes are a great way to shape your color palette. Choose two or three colors from your carpet to guide your overall design concept – here for example soft beige, chalky black and the lightest olive green are used to create a sophisticated space.

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This is a great design from Tapi. The lines here are created in a herringbone pattern – similar to common wooden floors – creating a very smooth finish.

A striped carpet can enhance a color scheme, providing a dark accent in a bright room and vice versa. By using a combination of light and dark stripes in a pastel-colored room you can keep your soft colors from being too sweet.

Make your patterned carpet stand out by choosing a bold mix of warm colours, opting for zesty shades for the rest of your scheme. The dark green here is a perfect complement to the warmer reds and oranges in this striped carpet rug.

This zigzag striped rug looks cute when separate, but sophisticated when used in such a subtle setting. We also love jewel tones.

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The most common is to use a strip runner on your stairs, exposing the floorboards on both sides. But striped carpet can also be used, and this means that the floor underneath doesn’t have to be perfect. Here the colors are picked up perfectly on the black and cream colored flag walls.

What better place to find maximum inspiration than in the delightful home of color expert Annie Sloan? Annie’s striped stair runner brings a darker color to the beautiful bright yellow hallway.

Striped carpets are a really smart way to change the perspective of your home, giving a sense of depth or extra space. Horizontal stripes can make a room appear larger, so they’re a great tool for tight spaces.

Grey Striped Stair Carpet Ideas

This design by Margo Selby uses a clever geometric motif to create striking stripes in shades of purple, violet and black. Although it may seem counterintuitive, mixing your stripes with different patterns – lush botanical, herringbone or argyle, for example – creates a striking visual effect.

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Stripes do not always mean flashy and eye-catching. Those who prefer a more subtle design scheme can use a lighter touch, using striped textures, or soft cream or oatmeal colours.

Vertical stripes are a smart way to lead the eye to interesting areas in your room. Here, vertical lines are used to create a visual tunnel to great outdoor scenery, and you can use the same effect to highlight architectural features like a fireplace.

Rachel Edwards is the Styles & Interiors Editor for Country Living and Home Beautiful, covering all things design and decor, with a special interest in small space inspiration, vintage and antique shopping, and all things color. Her work has been translated widely by Elle Japan and Elle Decor Spain. Rachel has spent over ten years in the furniture and homewares industry as a writer, FF&E designer, and many years as Marketing Manager at cultured design retailer Scandium. He holds a BA in French and Italian from Royal Holloway and an MA in Journalism from Kingston University. Follow Rachel on Instagram @rachelaed

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Well-made and comfortable, the Artwork Stripe Renaissance Special Edition combines luxury and practicality for the perfect home rug that makes a bold statement in your home. Order samples today.

Grey Striped Stair Carpet Ideas

For an additional RRP of £3.50/m2, protect your new carpet today with Intec, a long-lasting invisible secondary application that acts as a highly effective barrier to water and oil-based stains. With commercial grade quality, this cover will protect you from all of life’s mishaps!

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Colorful, relaxing and creative, our Special Edition Artwork Renaissance Stripe rug is perfect for use in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and staircases. Cozy and comfortable with a soothing pop of color and hard wearing and perfect for Heavy use at Home. With a combination of black, cream, and light and dark gray that form a striped pattern, this Renaissance color creates a warm and welcoming feeling in your home. It is soft to the touch and can be used in underfloor heating for extra warmth and comfort when combined with the underlayment of your entire floor system.

Check out our insights and advice on our ‘Get Inspired’ page to help you on your buying journey. Happy researching!

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After buying a new carpet, you will naturally want to take care of it. We’ve put together a quick guide…

Grey Striped Stair Carpet Ideas

After buying a new synthetic carpet, you will naturally want to take care of it. We’ve put together a short summary…

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