Cream Stair Carpet Ideas

Cream Stair Carpet Ideas – Choosing the best stair carpet is an important decision because it is the most selling point of the house. Your whole family (including pets!) will be using it multiple times a day, so you’ll have a stair rug that’s durable yet looks great.

Our guide to the best stair carpets is based on decades of experience, and we share some of our products to show you what’s possible in this key area of ​​your home.

Cream Stair Carpet Ideas

Cream Stair Carpet Ideas

The best stair carpets are practical and tough. You should look for something that is stain resistant, easy to clean and durable. Low pile carpets are ideal for stairs and are safer and more durable to use. You can read more about the different types of carpet pile in our guide.

Stair Carpet Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Bleached carpets are an excellent choice for stairs, and this polypropylene warp carpet from the Cormar Carpets Primo Choice range is suitable for heavy-duty home use.

Heather is a practical choice as the subtle color combination hides dirt. Striped rugs also look great and can hide dirt and stains.

If you want a soft, luxurious finish, the Cormar Carpets Sensation Original range is perfect. This Saxony rug is made from 100% Luxelle polypropylene, which is stain and stain resistant and can be washed with bleach.

We supplied and installed these stairs in light beige, which is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Stair Carpet Rods Guide

We have installed several different striped rugs on the stairs and they are a great choice for stylish decor. The Panache collection from Adam Carpets is a 2-ply velvet rug that is both beautiful and functional.

Here’s another one we’ve sourced and installed from the Panache range, this time in Zing. It looks great as a runner, with wood on both sides.

We’ve fitted this stylish staircase with a 3 ply British wool heavyweight indoor striped rug from the Hugh Mackay decorating collection. Its natural wool loops and sturdy loop construction make it ideal for high-traffic areas of your home.

Cream Stair Carpet Ideas

If you like the idea of ​​a striped staircase but prefer neutral finishes, Cormar Carpets’ Bowkle Neutrals range could be for you. Wool rich terry extra heavy weight made from 50% pure new wool for home use.

Stairway Carpet Ideas

Another stripe range from Kormar is Avebury Stripes, a premium 100% wool loop rug. It is very durable and suitable for heavy duty use. It can be paired with common Avebury shades anywhere in the home to provide a cohesive color palette.

This bright hallway has stairs covered in a Stanton colored Avebury striped carpet from Carmer Carpets.

This modern strip is a pile carpet from Adam Carpets’ Pinstripe range, made from 80% premium British wool. It is made of 2-layer twisted and velvet yarn, which is very durable and provides excellent performance. The collection consists of six colors, including Trinity, shown here.

If you prefer exposed wooden stairs, we can install a runner instead of covering the entire stair. Using a slide gives you the best of both worlds, as it has the noise-reducing properties of carpet and a stylish wooden staircase.

Stair Runner Ideas To Elevate Both Comfort And Style

Slide rails can be combined with stair rails to create an elegant look. The sticks are mainly for aesthetics, but also help hold the rug in place. Stair rails come in a variety of designs and finishes, from traditional antique brass to modern chrome and black.

Most of our stair rods are supplied by Stair Rods UK and come in a variety of designs to suit any taste.

We installed Westex Carpets carpets using Ultima Major range of copper treads. It provides a very good surface and keeps the runner in perfect place. This rug is made from an 80% wool, 20% nylon blend and is stain and moth resistant.

Cream Stair Carpet Ideas

Patterned rugs are also suitable for stairs and help hide dirt and grime. Designed by Hugh Mackay, this brown Axminster rug is made from Nature’s Own Russian Oak and features antique bronze treads from Steroids UK.

Stair Carpet Ideas: Elevate Your Home With These Runners

We delivered and installed this new pure wool neutral rug that is perfect for edge runners and looks great in this beach house. This is the Cavendish range from Brockway Carpets.

If you have open stairs, we can cover some of them to create functional, safe, non-slip stairs. In a crowded family home, wooden stairs can be noisy, so it makes sense to install suitable carpets.

We installed a neutral gray rug from the Telenzo King’s Cross collection above the wooden stairs shown here. King’s Cross rugs are made from 3 layers of 100% wool and treated with Scotchguard to remove stains. It also comes with a sleep guarantee to keep your carpet looking new for longer.

Your hallway is often the first place visitors see, so why not make a statement with your stair carpet? We love the zigzag striped rug in the hallway and stairs. It’s from Hugh Mackay’s decor collection and looks great against a pink front door.

Carpet Edging Uk Stripe Taped Stair Runner

Here is another example of the message stairs we supply and install. This bright pink rug from Condor Rugs’ Carousel collection looks great with wood skirting boards and slats. This is a 100% polypropylene curved pile rug and is designed to withstand heavy duty and heavy duty cleaning.

We hope this guide to the best stair rugs has given you plenty of ideas. If you are thinking about having your stairs repaired, give Craig Sargent of Sargent Koppetz a call. He or she can advise on what will best suit your needs and budget.

Call Craig on 01243 868888, email sales@ or send a message from your mobile or computer using the handy WhatsApp link at the bottom of the website.

Cream Stair Carpet Ideas

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Cream Stair Carpet Ideas

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Cream Stair Carpet Ideas

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