Non Carpeted Stairs

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Hardwood floors are very popular these days and for good reason. It is easy to clean and adds warmth and beauty to your home.

Non Carpeted Stairs

Non Carpeted Stairs

One disadvantage of wooden floors is that their smooth polished surface can be slippery, especially on stairs.

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The best way to make your wooden stairs less slippery is to increase traction by using carpet, non-slip treads, or non-slip floor coverings on each step surface. All three methods roughen the surface of each step, increasing traction and significantly reducing the risk of slipping.

In addition to using one of these methods to add traction, we recommend making sure your staircase and railing meet today’s residential building codes.

Each row should be no more than 7 ¾ inches high. Each step should be at least 10 inches deep and at least 36 inches wide. Your railing should be 34 to 38 inches high and clear the wall by at least 1.5 inches, but no more than 4.5 inches. You should have at least one handrail on each step, but I recommend installing handrails on both sides for extra support.

In this article, I’ll discuss ways to make your stairs less slippery and explain the pros and cons of each method so you can decide which one is right for you.

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Here’s a quick overview of the best ways to make stairs less slippery. Read the full guide for more information on each method.

Carpet installation. Installing low-profile carpet is one way to make your stairs less slippery. Stairs protect wood, reduce noise and improve aesthetics. However, they are expensive, prone to wear, and do not cover the entire width of the stairs. Another option is to install carpet stair treads. It’s budget-friendly and easy to clean, but offers poor coverage and a risk of slipping if not installed with strong adhesive or proper hardware.

Use non-slip steps. These simple, self-adhesive treads are a sophisticated and effective solution to slippery wooden stairs. They add textured railings to the stairs, retaining the beauty of the wood. Although easy to install, these steps require careful alignment and may leave a slight residue when removed. I use these threads in my home and recommend them.

Non Carpeted Stairs

Install non-slip floor coverings. It is available as a specially formulated liquid solution paint or clear coat. The solution contains fine particles to create a non-slip surface. The main advantage of this option is that it increases traction while maintaining the natural look of the wood. However, these finishes are less effective than carpet or stairs and must be reapplied every few years.

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Make sure your degree meets the rules. Older stairs do not meet modern building codes, making them more prone to accidents. Stairs must be at least 36 inches wide, no more than 7 ¾ inches high, and at least 10 inches deep and wide. Brackets should be placed 34-38 inches high and 1.5-4.5 inches from the wall.

The most common way to make stairs less slippery is to install carpet. Carpet not only makes your stairs safer by providing traction on the surface, but it can also be a great addition to your home decor.

Stair treads are pieces of carpet that run along the side of your stairs but do not cover the entire width of each step.

The advantages of stair treads are that they cover the full depth (not width) of each step, protect the wood from damage, reduce noise, look great and most importantly make your stairs less slippery.

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The disadvantages of stairs are that they are expensive, they can get dirty and difficult to clean, they are difficult to install correctly, and the carpet along the edge of each step can wear and flatten over time.

If you choose to go the carpet route, your other option is to use carpet stair treads. Carpet steps are separate pieces of carpet that you can place on each step individually.

Carpet steps are less expensive than carpet runners and are much easier to clean. You can easily remove them by cleaning the wood underneath and scraping the steps or soaking them in soap and water. Most importantly, when properly installed, carpet tread fibers provide traction and reduce the risk of slipping.

Non Carpeted Stairs

If you’re going the carpet route, whether you choose to install steps or stairs, be sure to use low-pile carpet and make sure you install it properly. A high pile rug slips easily and is more likely to cause damage than good. If you don’t install your carpet properly, it can slip, pack, and create the exact results you’re trying to avoid.

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Next time you’re on the steps of a commercial building, look down. You will see thick black tape on each step to prevent slipping. This will certainly make your stairs safer, but I do not recommend using this type of sticky stairs in your home. Black tape doesn’t look good on wooden stairs, plus commercial stairs have a rough sandpaper texture that will scratch your feet.

Fortunately, many companies make simple anti-slip adhesives for home use that you can buy cheaply on Amazon and install by rotating the sticky side of the foot with each step.

These anti-slip tracks effectively prevent slipping by adding a bit of roughness to the surface of each step. The texture provides enough friction to prevent slipping, but is comfortable on bare feet. They are transparent and hard to see unless you are actively looking for them.

One of the best features of self-adhesive mats is their simple and easy installation.

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All you have to do is peel off the paper from the back of the tread, place the treads about an inch from the edge of each tread, and clean out any air bubbles with the included roller.

The steps I use are pre-cut to 24″x4″, come 15 to a box, and come with a little roller so you can clean out any air bubbles in the bottom. This is a great product that I highly recommend, but don’t take my word for it, check it out on Amazon where it has thousands of great reviews.

Adhesive stairs have many disadvantages. First, they can be difficult to get completely right. If you’re a perfectionist like me, you’ll be frustrated because you can’t just drop them right where you want them. At each step, you have to turn them from side to side, which makes it difficult to keep a straight line.

Non Carpeted Stairs

Second, wooden stairs have natural bumps and cracks, so you can’t completely avoid air bubbles. Below is how my steps looked after a few attempts to smooth out the air bubbles with my hands and a roller. You can see that the top step has bubbles that make the step less transparent and more visible than the step below.

Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads

After all, removing them from the stairs can cause minor damage. Some users complain that it leaves a small residue that needs to be cleaned off. Others complain that the paint is peeling off the stairs. If you have regular stained hardwood floors you should be fine, but I would avoid this product if the stairs are stained.

Anti-slip floor coating is a liquid solution that you can apply directly to your wooden steps to make them less slippery. If you don’t want to change the look of your stairs by installing carpet, or if you don’t want to deal with the minor hassle of cleaning sticky stairs, using non-slip floor coverings is a great option.

Anti-slip floor covering is available as paint or clear coat. Small particles are included in the coating to add friction to the surface of the wood, but they are not visible to the naked eye.

The main advantage of this option is that you achieve your goal of making the stairs less slippery without sacrificing the beauty of natural hardwood.

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First, it won’t last forever. After a few years, the anti-slip elements wear out and you have to reapply a new layer.

Second, it doesn’t provide as much traction as carpet or non-slip stairs. The coating is designed to reduce slip on the floor, but the small particles of the coating are no match for the friction created by a carpet layer or specially designed sticky steps.

Accidents happen more often on staircases that are old and do not follow today’s construction standards. If the stairs are not deep enough or the distance between each step is too large, you put yourself and the people in your household at risk.

Non Carpeted Stairs

If you live in an old house or have doubts

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