How To Install Carpet On Curved Stairs

How To Install Carpet On Curved Stairs – Wool carpet: plush floor. Pipe line: high ground. Floor Color: “Alabaster” by Designers Guild. Black: Railings by Farrow & Ball. Wall Color: “Pure Bright White” Deluxe. Railing Painting: Light Peach Blossom 3 by Little Green. Lighting: Photos: Christopher O’Donnell.

I was going to call this post The Truth Behind the Trucks, but I thought it was a bit of a killer sound for a blog post, but I really wanted to talk about the carpet especially before the hallway review.  Mainly because: Who knew runners were so dangerous?!

How To Install Carpet On Curved Stairs

How To Install Carpet On Curved Stairs

I should start with why we want runners. First of all, we wanted the stairs to be carpeted instead of wood because he feels safer underfoot and since Peggy is a great crawler/walker, we wanted a safe environment for him (obviously we wanted the stairs Also looking at the door!) is the only part of the house. Generally, with any rug, but we thought we’d throw everything together.

How To Install A Stair Runner: Step By Step Tutorial + Video

But we still wanted to stick with the original elements of the house because we were trying to preserve its heritage as much as possible – so we wanted to see the original floorboards (even if they were painted).

Our last apartment had a runner that went upstairs and I loved it (see post here) and wanted to recreate it here, but since there is no natural light in this hallway, we painted the floor white underneath. Did to help more light.

Matisse Style Print: Etsy. Hotel Magic Print: Sassy Wears. Floor Color: “Alabaster” by Designers Guild. Chalkboard Paint in Real Estate Eggshell: “Railings” by Farrow & Ball. Wall Color: “Pure Bright White” Deluxe.

But it turns out that rugs aren’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. First, I didn’t realize that there are very few runners on the stairs and we got strange looks from the carpet shops. We’ve only done this before so it’s quite unusual: runners seem to be popular on the stairs and then the area is carpeted, especially for the risk of accidents (sorry Peggy!). And if you want tape, it will be more expensive than carpet (but you already know I don’t like compromises).

Stair Runners: The Expert’s Guide To Everything You Need To Know!

Others We wanted a Roger Oates rug. I’m a big fan of stripes, but since our last place had stripes, I wanted something different – maybe herringbone? They had some amazing ones but we were told £7-8k, I wouldn’t say they were worth that but we didn’t have them. As it was, we had to sell the camera and electronics to pay for the mount we ended up buying (around £1,800 including tape and mount).

The lovely hallway was one of the reasons we loved this house – the width, the sense of space, the lovely transition at the bottom of the stairs, but all these factors meant that everything cost a lot more.

Our last run at our flat cost £300 as we were able to buy a scrap for a small space (definitely recommend this if you have a small area to cover!).

How To Install Carpet On Curved Stairs

So we started looking at strips again, but it turns out you don’t have strip carpet if you have a stair tread because the joints don’t line up. that

Curved Staircase Rug Runner Expert Installation By Nejad Rugs

It’s possible, but they can’t guarantee it will look good or how I imagined it.  I said: Laugh! I saw it on Pinterest, but when I took the pictures, it was a Roger Oates rug. Roger can roll with stripes, the old old thing, because it’s not really a carpet, it’s a woven fabric that can be stretched (why it’s so expensive – but according to sources, it’s also very difficult to clean – Trying to do this, I feel like here.

I’ve since learned that stairs are easy at right angles (see Kate’s tip later) but transitions are difficult… and then the guy at the carpet shop noticed we had a turn at the top of the stairs and then tore it up. He made two directions, and said that there is no possibility, it is necessary to go more easily.

That’s when we chose pork belly. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d want a pork belly, but sometimes? Practicality wins. I love the idea of ​​our hemp jute rug and sisal in our bedroom, but it’s a little itchy underfoot (and again, sisal is so hard to move!) especially when Peggy is climbing. So we went with a wool rug (it’s a Kersin Cobb ‘Pampas Buccal’ from a local store called Plush Flooring) that looked like sisal but was softer and more durable.

I recently heard from Kate at House on Mead that wool rugs are great for asthma because they repel dust, can be reused, and are naturally fire retardant. So go there!

How To Install A Stair Runner: A Step By Step Tutorial

But I still wanted something different and I missed the bar at our gym. We knew we wanted to stick to the edges and not pinch, mostly because it was in our last place and we loved it (and couldn’t live long before we moved!). But then again, most rug stores only offer a few colors – black, gray or red if you’re lucky. However, there are still many color options to choose from.

It’s important to remember that tape is expensive, which is why this carpet is so expensive – the edges are almost like the carpet itself. We knew this from the last episode, but we still wanted it.

We left the rug store a little disappointed. As beautiful as the gray coast looked, I still needed to see if there was another way. I went home and googled images and Pinterest for hours (pro tip: Pinterest is great for this type of image search because it’s a very creative place).  I found tons of amazing photos—many different recording options and even strip recording—but they were all on American sites. I even tried Etsy in hopes of finding my own entry! no luck 

How To Install Carpet On Curved Stairs

When Chris was looking, he found a store that made different types of tapes, but you had to buy a rug (and guess what, they were expensive), and then on his first Saturday at the rug store. He mentioned working in So called the shop (high ground) for advice, maybe they have a link they can pass it on? Turns out they had no problem selling the duct tape, sent us the pictures and we got exactly what we wanted!!

A Guide To Stair Runners

We called Plush Flooring and asked if they could bring our tape and add it to the carpet and they agreed to do it.

We were almost there. This hall took almost 2 years of hard work and we painted many nights to get it ready, so I don’t want to compromise on how we want it after all the sweat and tears!

This is a big piece of advice I can give you: it’s your house, you have to live in it, so don’t let the shop tell you how to do it if you’re thinking of doing it. There is another way you can do it. to work

Fitting, we were told our hall was the most difficult fitter had ever seen! Big but he did a good job. The only problem is, yes, you guessed it, it’s Blaineman’s turn! Clymer wanted the carpet to be cut the same length all the way through, which didn’t make sense when the steps were long, and he also suggested that the last step end in a straight line. And not a step-like curve. I really pushed for it, we worked together and I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Curved Stairs: No Mystery, Just Simple Math

So this is the story of the longest staircase in the history of the world. I hope you stay with me and give you some food for thought!

I also wanted to share a picture of how to make a ribbon staircase when you have a 90 degree angle on the stairs, let Kate from Low Down Woods show you how it’s done (and she shared her best tips .

It’s also an example of how a bright color can look amazing (follow Kate on Instagram here – she’s a real delight!).

How To Install Carpet On Curved Stairs

If your stairs turn out to be more than a ballerina, don’t worry. There is always a way to create your perfect rug. Do your research and save your favorite photos. It’s always good to show your manager exactly what inspires you, they may never have seen before.

Measuring And Calculating Carpet For Stairs

Don’t be afraid to brave the stairs. A rug can have the same effect as a piece of art. They are often

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