How To Install A Runner On Stairs With Landings

How To Install A Runner On Stairs With Landings – Believe it or not, stair rail installation is a simple project that most homeowners can complete with just a few tools. This DIY stair runner was easier than I expected, so I’m excited to share this tutorial with you. And this has a big impact on our already boring level. Learn how to properly install a stair rail with this step-by-step guide.

In June 2022 we replaced the suspensions to upgrade the suspension and painted everything including the steps. We also installed a super easy DIY plank and batten accent wall in our hallway and stairwell. And this previously extremely dark room is now flooded with light because we installed VELUX sun tunnels in our floor!

How To Install A Runner On Stairs With Landings

How To Install A Runner On Stairs With Landings

All of these were a big improvement on the boring stairs before, but I still wanted texture and color. So we decided to set the standards ourselves. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a simple and very functional DIY project. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Our Kitchen Stairs Makeover + How To Perfectly Install A Stair Runner

If you’re wondering how to install a level runner, I’m here to tell you that you can! Here’s how…

Before reading the written instructions, I recommend watching this short 60 second video to get an overview of the project (it will make more sense if you watch the video first).

It took us about 4 hours to install the stair rails from start to finish. It’s not bad, although my knees hurt lol. Overall, this project went quickly and was not difficult. I had the opportunity to listen to an audiobook for a large part of the project.

I get a lot of questions about the runners we use. We got these beautiful stair runners from Annie Selke. They are cotton rugs so they were easy to cut and wrap on the stairs.

Diy Stair Runner

But you don’t need to use a cotton rug! There are many other stair or carpet runners that work well on stairs. You can see some of my favorite stair runner ideas below. Most stair rails come in a standard width, with 2 1/2 feet (31 inches) being the most common. FYI, Dash and Albert are the best selection of runners in my opinion! But I have also included other sources below.

I’m in love So different from when we started?! I took the photo on the left the day we closed on the house. Our kitchen and dining room look so different now! what do you think?

I asked that a lot! You will notice that you can see a little of the originals (see image below). I don’t know if it is fully removable in a DIY ladder configuration or not. I think if we use a pile carpet it won’t be a problem. We could have used stair rails to cover them, but I don’t like the look of stair rails.

How To Install A Runner On Stairs With Landings

Mains visibility has never bothered me. The photo below was taken when we completed the project in 2022. When I update this post in 2024, the originals are definitely less visible, but you can still see them if you want.

Diy Staircase Renovation

We installed the stair railing 2 years ago and they are standing beautifully! We were worried because so many people on Instagram had told me they had cotton stair rails professionally installed and they looked terrible and stretched out over the course of a year. Spring is still nice and busy!

The only issue we had was a little wear and tear on the top of the stairs. I believe this was solely our fault and could have been avoided if we had used carpet tape under the rail covering the carpet joint. I didn’t even think about it at the time.

I’m not entirely sure how we’re going to fix this – stay tuned. Fortunately, the attack has been like this for a few months now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, but we need to find a solution.

Some people install stair treads with masking tape, but in my experience I have used masking tape only to find that it ultimately fails. I wasn’t worried about the carpet tape getting damaged under the carpet board because the runner was on top of the carpet tiles and was attached with staples. But I would definitely worry if we secured the runner itself with carpet tape.

How To Install Carpet Runner On Stairs

Thanks for reading! If you are planning to tackle this project yourself, I hope you now feel like you know how to properly install a level runner. I promise you can do it! Be sure to save it to Pinterest for easy access later.

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We did it! We installed our own stair rail in our home. It’s rare to spend time on a project these days, but here we are with our feet on the future. When I first brought up the idea of ​​adding a runner to our bare wood stairs, Andy was horrified and quickly brought up all the carpet that ripped up our stairs as soon as we got the keys to the house (see photos of the first floor listings here). And it reminded me that we painted the tracks beautifully. Our house’s unpainted wood siding is its most striking feature, and we appreciate it. So with all that in mind, I didn’t take it lightly to cover our level.

How To Install A Runner On Stairs With Landings

We decided to add a runner to improve the safety of our stairs for our aging corgis, us and our family. Our 11 year old corgi, Penelope, has arthritis and has struggled to get up and down the stairs in recent months. And really, I love carpets. I know that adding texture and warmth to the stairs will make our entire entryway feel more finished.

Diy Tutorial: How To Install A Stair Runner

It’s like having a beautiful blanket on our stairs. I mean, sure, it’s like a scarf, but let’s call it a sweater. Like a warm hug.

We chose to use running mats instead of ordering something special for our stairs. We went with an Annie Selke dash and an Albert Samson indoor/outdoor rug in black. Choosing to use pre-made runners instead of custom runners opens up different options and can be more cost-effective, but it does mean you’ll have to mix and match rugs.

When we got the floors, we varnished the rails but left the rails alone. The roads show the wear and tear to be expected in a nearly 90-year-old house. You can see old carpet installations and dents and scratches from years of use. We could have painted the stairs to hide them all (and they looked great painted black), but we really liked the look of the all wood stairs.

I really like our slim and light spiders. OK, are you ready? Here’s what we used and how it worked.

Upcycle Woven Table Runners Into A Durable Stair Runner

There are several great classes and we used a combination of three in particular. For the most part, we followed Yellow Brick House’s tutorial, carrying the same main weapon used by Young House Love, and took tips from Annie Selke’s runner setup guide. If you want to run a runner around the corner, follow the instructions at Deuce Cities Henhouse.

First, you need to measure your steps to see how much space you need to cover (and how many runners you need to buy). Measure the steps, the tread nose and rise will increase, but how many steps do you have? We needed three 8′ runners to cover our steps and had some left over. Use your step measurement x number of steps to figure out how many tiles you need.

Once you’ve got all the items, it’s time to get started. From start to finish, we spent about a day creating a quiet shower, food, headaches, and photos.

How To Install A Runner On Stairs With Landings

Before you start laying, there are a few preparations you need to make to make sure your carpet is properly installed. It’s math time: measure the width of the tread, then subtract the width of the runner (really measure it, ignore the width listed), then divide the number by two. The resulting number is the distance you want to leave on either side

How To Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

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