How To Replace Carpet Stair Runner

How To Replace Carpet Stair Runner – An easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how to install a stair runner. Take a simple staircase and transform it into a beautiful and stylish entry point without breaking the bank!

My finished basement contains a dirty little secret. As soon as you arrive at a new location…

How To Replace Carpet Stair Runner

How To Replace Carpet Stair Runner

Clearly something had to be done. Initially, I hoped to save the tie rods and tread, but they were in such bad shape that I ended up deciding to dismantle them and rebuild them. I promise it wasn’t as difficult as it sounds – just tear out the old pieces and then cut and glue the new treads and treads onto the brackets (stringers) – but if you’re looking for how to install stair runners and update your stairs in good condition, use how are you!

How To Measure And Install A Sisal Stair Runner

I wanted the softness of a stair runner, so I did some research on how to install a stair runner, chose the carpet I wanted to use, and got it done! Below I’m sharing what I did and some things I would do differently the next time I took on this project.

Before you begin, measure the length of rug you need. I used masking tape and placed it under the nose of the top step and then carefully wrapped each step until I reached the bottom. You’ll probably need two rugs for a standard staircase, but always measure just in case!

For a professional look, make sure the runner edges are straight the entire length of the staircase. To do this, measure the width of your stairs and subtract the width of the treadmill from that number. Divide the remaining number in half and that will be the number of inches you want on each side of your hallway. To ensure it is straight, measure the distance from the wall in each section and mark it with masking tape to give you a carpet installation guide.

Next, cut a piece of carpet about an inch shorter than the runner and a little longer than the depth of the floor. Place it on the outside surface, about a half inch from the edge of the painter’s tape guide.

Stair Runner Mistakes To Avoid (& How To Fix Them)

To begin installing the runner, place the top edge of the rug very close to the bottom of the top step. Staple as close to the top as possible, spacing the staples a few inches apart.

When looking for how to install a stair runner, you will come across two different styles – wraparound and waterfall. For a wraparound style installation, the runner is stapled under each stair and at the joint where the bottom of each step meets new tread. Cascade installation begins only at the junction where the bottom of the riser meets the back of the new step. I chose to do a waterfall style here.

Two things I wish I had used were a reinforcing chisel (to really make crisp seams in the mattress) and a long-nose stapler. I used an upholstery stapler I have, and because the stapler was a little off angle, my staples were more visible than I would have liked. I found a solution that I love, but there are two products that I don’t need to recommend!

How To Replace Carpet Stair Runner

If you are approaching how to install a stair runner using a waterfall installation like mine, pull the carpet nice and tight and even and staple to the bottom of each step, then repeat with additional pieces of carpet pad on the steps and stapling. Each riser, until you reach the end of your corridor.

How To Install A Stair Runner

Cut the thick binding at the bottom of the first runner and at the top of the second. Leave enough length in the runner already on the stairs to pass under the edge of the new runner.

Fold the raw edge of the new runner under and staple it in place along the tread and riser seams. You’ll want a larger step than normal with this stitch.

When you reach the end of the stairs, cut the runner again so you can cut it at least two inches and still reach the bottom of the final step. Fold it and staple it to the bottom of the edge bracket to secure it.

I’ve always loved the look of stair rods and it was the perfect solution to add a little more oomph to my stairs and to cover basic dimples that I didn’t like. They are also very easy to install. Just center them on the mat and screw them in.

Stair Runner Installation

And just like that, a dirty, ugly corner of my house became a clean, beautiful entrance to the basement family room that I worked so hard to renovate. It’s the gateway this room deserves!

I transferred a collection of photos I took on a trip out west a few years ago to the stairwell wall. I love seeing them every time I walk down these stairs and I think having some artwork on the walls makes the stairs feel more cozy and complete.

And to remember how far this corner has come, here side by side before and after.

How To Replace Carpet Stair Runner

A doable DIY project and you can see from the before and after photos here what a difference it makes. If you are considering this project and wondering how to install a stair runner, I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions! This is Rewind Monday! Yellow Brick Home has 12 years of archives, so every now and then we’ll share our favorites from previous posts. This tutorial was originally published in May 2018. Current photos are added throughout the post. To enjoy!

How To Replace Carpet With An Inexpensive Stair Runner

To say the entry is a labor of love would be a huge understatement. At some point in our home’s history, our 130-year-old staircase was painted brown and red and then covered with brown carpeting (70s, right?). We took everything out and gave them a classic black and white finish using floor paint,  

, tired of the constant touch-ups, we applied several thin layers of polyurethane. Polly worked like a dream and after the project was completed there were only a few chips left in the bull’s nose (a result of Jack and CC using our stairs as a racetrack!).

We love those black and white stairs. These steps are scarred and dented, a badge of honor from the last century of use. There is a hard nail that sticks out of the third step when the weather changes; None of us have ever been able to do this successfully. And after all the changes it seems, this clean look is always a reminder of how far we’ve come.

With the addition of a new member to our family, we have made installing stair runners a priority. Even though we know to be careful when using stairs, we constantly asked our friends and family to hold the handrail. The stairs are narrow and not as deep as more modern stairs, and we were always the smallest ones at the end, going up and down. Now that we have our runner installed, we are breathing a sigh of relief! The work took two weekend afternoons and, with a little patience, it’s a DIY that you can do too. From ordering a sample to celebrating, read the step by step!

Nh Custom Stair Runners

First, we asked for samples. We wanted to maintain a more traditional look with durability and maintenance in mind. We have ordered rugs from Sisal Rugs Direct in the past and have had great luck so we turned to them first. We collect at least 10 samples from them 

 The sisal indoor/outdoor line, and we landed at Rang Baileys Dune with a cotton granola board. Faux sisal is durable enough for outdoor use, easy to clean, and comfortable on bare feet, so we feel great about this material throughout the life of our stair runner! When we placed our order, we specified a width of 28″, which leaves 3″+ exposure on each side.

To determine the required length of the runner, we took 3 measurements: the depth of the steps (run), the height of the step (lok) and the depth of the bull’s nose. We multiplied this by the number of stairs we had and added another foot for good measure. We’ll set up the walkway so that the carpet surrounds each bull’s nose, and that extra foot of carpet will put us at ease. We were able to order the exact width and length of our choice on the sisal rugs, another reason we were happy to choose them! Our final measurements were 300″ long by 28″ wide.

How To Replace Carpet Stair Runner

Once our custom runner arrived, it was time to install! Using the pencil, I

Installing Stair Runner Diy

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