Staircase Ideas For Basement

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Are your basement stairs dark and unsightly? Today I am sharing basement staircase ideas and how an open basement staircase will turn a narrow dark staircase into a bright open space and add investment value to your home. Check out our recently renovated basement and new modern staircase.

Staircase Ideas For Basement

Staircase Ideas For Basement

Opening basement stairs is one of the most affordable ways to give your basement an individual, open and modern look.

Can I Get Some Paint Ideas Fir Ny Terrible Basement Stairway ?

Before I started opening my basement stairs, I googled ideas for basement stairs.

A staircase leading to a finished basement should be just as beautiful and is often an overlooked space!

Our windows allowed natural light into the basement, so removing the wall from the adjacent stairwell allowed light to flow into the rest of the basement.

One of the first things Jim said to me when we were planning our new basement was:

Basement Stair Remodel Ideas

By the way, if you are local to Massachusetts and want to finish your basement, Jim is the best contractor for the job! Just saying… 🙂

By removing the stair wall, installing iron railings, and aligning the stairs to match the basement floor, we can tie the basement stairs into a beautiful basement.

Our existing basement stairs were finished by the previous owner in preparation for a wall, so Jim removed the existing 2×4 and created an opening for the handrail and balusters to complete the process of renovating the basement stairs.

Staircase Ideas For Basement

Often after the basement is finished, the wall (where the banister is located) is installed with arched stone, as this is the most economical way to finish the basement stairs.

Stylish Under Stair Storage Ideas To Maximize Space

When I compared the cost of adding wall rows and open stairs, the difference was several hundred dollars, which I thought was worth it!

Below you can see how we framed the stairs to provide a diagonal opening to follow the steps and leave a clear space for the handrail and balusters.

Opening up your stairwell is one of the biggest things you can do to make an open basement look like a regular feature in your home.

A staircase in any part of your home, surrounded by walls, creates a dark and cramped space.

How To Raise Stair Treads To Fix Uneven Steps

Once the stairs were ready, Jim first added stone to the wall (including the space under the stairs to make room for the wardrobe), installed the wooden handrails and drilled holes for the black iron balusters

The price includes some handrails for the basement stairs. Our goal was to stay on budget and maintain a designer look.

Installing iron balusters in a corner is a little tricky and a little tricky, but maybe I’ll explain that later in another post on installing balusters in a corner

Staircase Ideas For Basement

We chose to use black iron balusters (shipped from Amazon in one day!) and baluster shoes (the black detail under the iron rail) and added an adjustable square nose for a custom look.

Basement Stairs Ideas •

My single finger seems to be sold out, but you can buy the band and finger as a set on Amazon.

Balusters, shoes and gloves are so cheap but look expensive! Not sure what type of copy you want?

We opened up the basement stairs and installed black iron balusters because the rest of the basement has black sliding barn door hardware and I thought the black iron balusters would look good with the white trim and go well with the door hardware.

If you are not a fan of black iron balusters, you can opt for wooden balusters. I personally also like the white wooden balusters.

Organization Update: The Basement Stair

There are so many ideas for basement steps, and we ended up buying new red oak steps for our basement stairs and painting them the same color as the hardwood floors in the main part of the house.

Basement stairs tend to get a lot of foot traffic, so the easiest way to hide wear and tear is to install a stair rail or paint the floor.

The photo below shows the balusters, railings and oak steps (more on the stairs and painting the stairs soon).

Staircase Ideas For Basement

To create a cohesive look, the hardwood floors throughout the home at the base of the stairs were painted the same color (cognac by Valspar), and the risers were additionally painted Sherwin-Williams white.

Painting The Staircase (and Ideas For Staircase Runners!)

Basement Step Ideas: When thinking about basement stair color ideas, be sure to consider the traffic your basement steps will receive. Dark paint or stained colors will hide dirt and scratch marks. I like the lighter colors, but the basement stairs could be better with a darker color. If you’ve chosen a lighter stair tread color, consider using a stair runner.

When installing a new railing, make sure that it is completely parallel to the base on which you are installing the railing. If it is not parallel, the railing will not fit evenly.

Before you start remodeling your basement stairs, it’s a good idea to check with your city about local building codes.

I hope you found these basement stairs ideas helpful and inspired you to remodel your basement stairs. Click on the “Basement Remodeling & Pricing” post to see the full finished basement renovation and new living space.

Ideas For A Basement Staircase: Designs, Railings, Storage, And More

What started as a hobby, Jessica’s blog now has millions of visitors every year and although many of the projects and articles look perfect, life is not always easy. Reading Jessica’s story and how overcoming death, divorce and dementia has been one of her biggest life lessons so far. There is one project I can’t wait to tackle last year, my ugly ladder. Here’s how we completed a DIY basement stair remodel that was easy to complete and how to install an indoor outdoor carpet runner.

This stair remodel was on my wish list about 2 years ago, but other projects beat it.

So when we got the chance to build a basement, I was so excited to finally get rid of the old, ugly railings and dirty carpet!

Staircase Ideas For Basement

This whole process was part of the One Room Challenge and we’re in week 7, but this project was one of the highlights of our basement renovation.

Diy Basement Stair Remodel

Here’s how we did this DIY basement stair remodel, and let me tell you, it’s not a hard job. Just a lot of small steps.

The original plan was to use as much of the old stairs as possible to save money.

But that quickly changed and we had to go back to the drawing board and rework our original plan.

We don’t know if the builders installed the stairs or if the original owner did a little work after finishing the basement, but look at the cracks.

Striking Staircase Ideas To Makeover Any Space (big Or Small)

At least half an inch of space between the sides of the stairs and the stairs, especially the narrow ones under the stairs.

So our choice was to replace the stair treads or work with the existing stairs. This can cause a lot of problems.

We found the cheapest options for tread treads and decided it was worth replacing them instead of worrying about the headache of trying to fix all the problems.

Staircase Ideas For Basement

Trent, quickly strapping on the circular saw, cut them down in less than a minute.

Stair Runner Ideas That Add Personality And Function!

We also had to remove the steps from the outside of the stairs, because the new steps did not fit the old ones.

This was the most difficult work because it requires a lot of muscles. In old houses, nails were used for everything and the nails were very long.

Since Trent struggled with long nails, he worked in two stages. And no, I don’t mean to dance.

It was an easy way to look at each riser and measure the height of the stairs to make sure everything was level.

Basement Entrance Stair Canopy For A Church

After researching some basement stair ideas, we discovered that the best way to install the steps is to use deck screws.

It is a good idea to drill the holes with a sinker. This makes it easier to fill the screw holes.

Trent also took the extra step of using some construction adhesive to hold the stair treads in place.

Staircase Ideas For Basement

We decided to do this width over the wall ladder because the previous owner shortened it to carpet it.

Steep Basement Stairs

While Trent installed the stairs, I started painting the railing with the first coat of black paint.

I bought it locally from the Stone of Brass Bear, an antique shop in Birmingham. But you can also find it online at Amazon.

Since we picked up an inexpensive ladder from our local Home Depot, we planned to use a white and gray carpet runner in the center.

I started every trade with priming. I left the middle part

Basement Stair Ideas

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