Red Stair Carpet Ideas

Red Stair Carpet Ideas – I can’t get this staircase out of my head. To be honest, it took me a few weeks to figure out how I could achieve this stair runner solution myself at a reasonable cost. After doing a lot of research and watching a lot of YouTube tutorials, I gave it a go. I’m so excited to see how it all comes together.

Step 1: Measure the stairs. Measure the depth of the step and the height of the step to find out how much carpet you need. Multiply this total by the number of stairs to get the total length of carpet required.

Red Stair Carpet Ideas

Red Stair Carpet Ideas

Step 2: Decide on the width of the rug. Measure the width of the stairs from one end to the other or from the top to the rail. Runners look best with 2-3 inch edges on both sides of the mat. In my case, we decided on a width of 2′ 6”.

Cheops Red Stair Runner

Step 3: Buy rugs that are the same width. This is the most tedious, but most important part of achieving this eclectic look. There are several ways to do it. Decide on the style of the carpet and the overall color palette. I think this type of look works best with Turkish, ikat and traditional patterns. There is enough variety in these styles to create an eclectic look without looking too wild. I decided to buy all my carpets through for a few reasons.

Step 4: Plan your plan. We arranged the rugs on the floor and decided we wanted bolder patterns at the top and bottom of the stairs, with simpler, less bold patterns spread in the middle of the stairs. We decided that each rug would cover two steps, with the rugs forming a “seam” where it was easier to place them, at the bottom of the stairs.

Step 5: Install the instructions. Measure each groove and place masking tape where each side of the carpet will land. This helps keep the runner straight. Don’t watch it! I had to make a few strokes because I thought I could keep a straight line myself. Error!

Step 6: Create individual mats. Each step requires a little bit of cushioning and pulling to keep it in place. I cut them one by one.

Staircase Carpeting Ideas And Staircase Carpet Runner Toronto, Caledon

Step 8: Align the top and bottom. Align the top edge of the notch with the bottom edge of the first notch. We have two landings on our stairs – you probably only have one. If you don’t have steps, start at the bottom of the first notch for a neater look.

One. Using a pneumatic staple gun, staple the guide in place from the top edge of the guide about 3 inches apart. Make sure there are staples on both outer sides.

B. Use a reinforcing chisel to extend the runner to the next riser and tread corner. Staple the bottom of the riser every 3 inches or so, including the two outer edges. If you are using a striped fabric, step back and make sure the stripes are straight before continuing.

Red Stair Carpet Ideas

C. Pull the free end of the slider over the edge of the next step and repeat b until you’re done.

Red Stair Runner Rug Quatrefoil

Step 10: Cut the mat. Use the straight edge and bottom of the stairs to cut along the carpet with a sharp carpet knife. There will be some explanation. Try to avoid the carpet coming off.

Step 11: Cut the tassels. Cut the tassels from the next carpet you will install on the stairs according to your design. Slide it under the cut carpet and tuck the extra fibers into the pillow fold. This creates a tight seam and a clean look.

Step 12: Attach the mats: Staple the new mat to the top of the groove. Repeat steps 9-11 until you reach the final walk or landing.

Step 13: Pin the seams. Use a glue gun or superglue deep into the fibers of the carpet, leaving a thin layer of glue behind, to seal the seams where two different carpets have been cut. You can also use copper stair treads to prevent carpet peeling.

Stair Runner Ideas

If you have more talent and patience than I do, take your carpet and detailed design plans to a local carpet repair company. They allow you to cut the edges of the carpet and sew them together. You run the risk that the seams will not fit perfectly with the tire tread!

I hope this guide has been helpful. I recommend watching as many runner installation videos as possible if this is your first time working with a staple gun (like me!).

Kate is the founder of Wit & Delight. He is currently learning tennis and is constantly testing the limits of his creativity. Follow him on Instagram at @_.

Red Stair Carpet Ideas

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Red Stair Carpet Ideas

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