Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet Diy

Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet Diy – If you are looking to upgrade your home’s stairs, hardwood stairs are a great choice. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are durable and long lasting. If you’re a DIYer, you might be wondering if you can install solid wood stairs yourself. The answer is yes! Removing carpet from stairs and replacing it with wooden stairs is a very practical DIY project. It only took us a day and a half to remove the carpet and install new wooden stairs. And in this post, I’m sharing the entire tutorial!

We installed our DIY wooden stairs and published the original tutorial for this project in 2015. They still looked perfect when we sold this house in 2020. We are very happy with the quality! *

Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet Diy

Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet Diy

We didn’t like our dated stairs covered in beige carpet. He was dull and restless. So we renovated the stairs by ripping out the carpet and installing hardwood stairs. It only took 1 1/2 days!

Mix & Match Patterns: Diy Stair Runner Made With Vintage Rugs

Of DIY projects and renovation projects over the years. And we have installed many floors, including new laminate floors throughout our home. Installing these new stairs was much easier than installing floors, much to my surprise. And it was also much cheaper than renting it to the pros (which we did in a previous house and I’m still a little shocked at what we had to pay for it)!

There are many options for stair treads out there. Sometimes you can even find them at an actual home improvement store like Home Depot (although you usually have to order them because they’re not always in stock).

, sent directly to you and that was very attractive to us because it would save us a lot of time.

And I have to tell you that installing our DIY solid wood stairs went smoother than ANY of our recent projects. I thought the system would work well and be beautiful, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be as easy as it was. 95% of the work was done in one weekend. A WEEK. In fact, in 1 1/2 days. It was amazing.

How To Install A Carpet Runner On Stairs

I highly recommend watching this installation video before you get started. Even if you go with someone else

It took us 1 1/2 days to rip the carpet off the stairs and install new wooden stairs. Read on to find out how we did it.

We decided to add an elegant touch to our new steps by numbering them. When we were thinking about what to do in the stairs, I considered a fun stair runner, but I really wanted to enjoy the clean, fresh look and all our hard work! So instead I used peel and stick vinyl (you can also use paint and a stencil).

Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet Diy

And you know I couldn’t resist adding an attractive gallery wall (check out my gallery wall tips) with my inexpensive DIY frames. And we also put in this modern plank wall and painted it one of my favorite blue paint colors to finish off the hallway.

How To Replace Carpet With An Inexpensive Stair Runner

If you hire stair repair, it can be very expensive! Typically, the cost of replacing carpet with wood stairs can range from $3,000 to $5,500. The price varies from project to project, of course, depending on whether you have short or longer stairs. Whether you have open or closed landings, balusters and railings also affects the price. 

We had hardwood stairs professionally installed in a previous home and I was surprised at how expensive it was. It’s been almost 20 years since we did it, so I don’t remember the exact cost, but the stairs cost more than installing hardwood on the entire first floor of the house.

If you install DIY wooden stairs yourself, it will reduce the costs significantly! The cost of everything we needed was right at $2,000 for all the wood steps, risers, wood landings, glue, shims and NuScribe. This is one of the best remodeling projects we have ever done and I know it helped us sell our home quickly when we moved.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, installing solid wood stairs is a worthwhile DIY project. By following these steps, you can remove the carpet from the stairs, finish the wooden stairs and install them for a beautiful look. Although it may take a few days, the result will be a wonderful addition to your home that will last for years to come!

Installing Sisal Stair Runners — Love & Lilly

What do you think? Are you now sure you can restore the stairs yourself? Seriously, you can do it! For more inspiration, check out these DIY stair renovation ideas.

And if you want exclusive content and behind-the-scenes views, be sure to subscribe before checking out! I’ve been excited to share this free stair runner project that I finished last week.  These stairs have been in need of updating for a while!

We moved into our house 9 years ago and had new carpet replaced and painted…but we hadn’t touched that part of the house since.  To say it’s time to upgrade would be an understatement.

Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet Diy

This is what it looked like BEFORE.  It was a toupé frieze carpet with yellow walls and cracked paint around the trim.

Easy Diy Staircase Makeover Using Vinyl Plank Flooring

My husband doesn’t handle building houses very well, so I knew this project wouldn’t go well…especially since we HAD to walk up and down the stairs.  I had been waiting for him to get out of town so I could start this!

I let him know, but he told me I had to finish it before he got home from his work trip.  And he mentioned that he was only gone for a little less than 2 days?!?

The special rugs I used were small size 2’x3′ from Aldi that I found for $3.99 each.  I can’t contact them, but I found this.  Honestly, a longer blanket will be much easier to use because you have to hide less wrinkles.  They come in different lengths, but make sure you buy more than you “think” you’ll use!

Paramount™ in Arctic Cotton.  I LOVE this paint because it goes on smoothly and only needs a touch up – no second coat!

How To Update Carpeted Stairs With Paint * Hip & Humble Style

I tore out the old carpet first.  It was easy to pull up, but it was quite a workout!  It was easy to pull off compared to all the preparation that followed.

When the carpet was gone, there were a bazillion staples and a strip of staples on every stairwell. It took me several hours to get all the staples, but you want to make sure NOTHING is left out.

Note:  Use a pry bar and hammer to gently press the strips, then pliers to remove the staples.

Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet Diy

It’s important to have a pillow under the rug, so to save some time and money I trimmed the existing pillow

Staircase Makeover: How To Install Molding

  I measured the width of the rug, then subtracted 3 inches.  (You want the sides of the blanket to overhang the pillow by about an inch and a half on each side.)

I found the center of the step and then measured how much cushion was needed to stay.  Using a straight edge, I made lines to show where the pillow needed to be cut and used scissors to remove the excess.

I filled all the cracks with painted caulk and then installed a new riser on the top step.  We had hardwood installed in our hallway a few years ago, and this is what the riser looked like:

Then began the difficult task of connecting all the little blankets.  (If you use longer mats, this won’t take as much time because you won’t need to hide as many eyes.)

Carpet Buying 101

I started at the top of the stairs because that’s where your eye tends to look first.  To attach the blanket, I stapled the underside first, then folded it over to hide the staples and the edge of the blanket.  This is also how I moved to each new mat.

I used the blanket tool, pictured above, to hold the blanket in place while I stapled.  The machine created a tight and sharp seam.

To hide the staples as much as possible, I attach the carpet under the nose of each step and at the bottom of the riser.  (See the picture below to see.)

Ideas For Stairs Instead Of Carpet Diy

If I forgot anything or if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer quickly! I couldn’t get this stair runner out of my head. Honestly, it took me a few weeks to figure out how I could achieve this stair runner look myself at a reasonable price. After doing a lot of research and watching many, many tutorials on YouTube, I gave it a shot. I’m so excited to see how it all came together.

Stair Runner Installation Ideas Diy Or Hire Professionals

Step 1: Measure

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