Stair Carpet Replacement Ideas

Stair Carpet Replacement Ideas – It’s so exciting to share the last batch of new board posts, and I may have saved the best changes for last! Our carpeted stairs are a bit rough, maybe my kids like to climb them in their sleeping bags?

When we decided to replace all the upstairs floors, we knew we had to also build the stairs, then install a floating carpeted staircase between the upper and lower wooden floors.

Stair Carpet Replacement Ideas

Stair Carpet Replacement Ideas

The first step was to remove all the dirty carpet and 30 million meals later…we were ready to go.

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There are different ways to add concrete flooring to stairs depending on the type of concrete flooring you are using. BuildDirect was great to work with us on this project and provided all the materials. Our choice for flooring is BuildDirect’s Lamton White Dogwood. We ordered the overlapping stair nosings to connect our floors. Its purpose is to change the look of your stairs.

So the next step is to make your cut on each stair. This is where my uncle and his fascinating collection of electronic gadgets took over. To climb the stairs he used a saw to cut the edge of each step. This is probably the hardest part of the project. In the picture above you can see which lip he has bitten.

We then measured, cut, and disassembled the board in the same manner as we did the rest of the board to cover each step. But instead of a “floating” floor like the rest, we nailed it in place with fine finish nails (using a nail gun). To the edges of each step, we glued new trim pieces and used finishing nails to hold them in place. We continued down the stairs and the job was done!

You’ll notice a small lip from each edge of the laminate flooring that sticks into the trim piece. At first I thought it would really bother me, but once we loaded the washer I didn’t notice it.

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When we removed the carpet, we realized the subfloor wasn’t smooth enough to paint the runners as white as I wanted, so my uncle cut out new pieces of carpet and painted them in front of all the cooks. Then I covered it in my decorative paint with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. I’m surprised these genes haven’t diverged yet…

Okay, go run… Okay, my kids are 8 and 4, and we don’t want anyone slipping down these stairs and breaking their neck, so we have to run. Ordered 3 of these 8ft rugs from Wayfair in this gray and black color. Of course I would have loved to take the blue and white class, but my mother told me it would be inappropriate for my children at home. So I went with a better rug for the mess. One day I’ll probably switch to something more sophisticated, but this DIY is simple and no big deal. I know you are surprised by the efficiency won this season? ,

I followed this tutorial from Young House Love and it was very helpful. I used a slightly thicker carpet pad than the other pads. I also used my uncle’s heavy pistol with a very long leather case. When I got to the end I cut off the extra, folded the page, and printed it. I used 3 rugs to cover all of our stairs and it was a little tricky to match the seams on each rug, but I mostly did the job myself (I’m on a business trip and Mr. All the Fun, but I’m I’m not sure he’s being honest). I think the extra hands would be very useful in that regard.

Stair Carpet Replacement Ideas

I can’t believe how much this has changed the look of our home. Our staircase is right off our entry hall and is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. I love that it now has an actual theme instead of a boring beige staircase.

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Oh, and the upstairs room is great too! My DIY library stairs run even better with a new floor below!

You can save up to 50% on hardwood floors, tiles, patios, carpet, siding and more. This is the biggest sale in their history so be sure to stop by and see all the amazing work, the sale starts April 8th and you can see all the details here! Our entry staircase has rose-pink and beige walls. wall to wall carpet. The peach walls that grew above us in our first year in the house – glittered in the evening heat. But the blanket was not found. Then I realized that when you take out carpets they can weigh up to 200% more because of all the dust, dirt, pet waste, mold, dander and other debris that accumulates inside. Yes!

So in the early days of our coronavirus quarantine, I decided it would be a good time to remove all the old carpet in the entryway and redo the wooden stairs downstairs.

Ripping up carpets is a difficult and dangerous job. This is also the easy part! The sand on the stairs is especially brutal. It took about four days of work over a couple of weeks, but it was all worth it – we’re very happy with the results.

From Carpet To Diy Hardwood Stairs: Step By Step Tutorial

Here’s how we laid down wall-to-wall carpet, sanded and sealed the stairs, and painted the trim and risers to brighten our entryway.

WARNING: Working on stairs is hard – watch your balance! This is a problem when you pull hard on a mat or rug and it comes loose. It’s like losing a game of rock and roll – I almost died twice. Be careful and step firmly!

It’s a good idea to wear a dust mask because carpets can trap dust, mold and other debris that you don’t want to inhale.

Stair Carpet Replacement Ideas

This first step is a pushing step, which means it’s messy but not too difficult. To start, cut the mat on one side. Be careful not to cut the lower wood. I found that the carpet had a hem on the vertical bumps that needed to be cut out – and made a Muppet carpet:

Diy Stair Runner Project Complete! / Create / Enjoy

Then start pulling. You can use your hands (wear gloves because there are sharp thorns on the bottom that catch on the carpet) and your pliers to pull the carpet up.

If it’s not a straight staircase, you may tear up the carpet; Our stairs have about five different sections. While leaving, I threw each one on the verandah. If the carpet is a long necklace, you will have to cut it every foot, because it is heavy and difficult.

When carpets and rugs get torn up, you are left with the unsightly and unsightly appearance of stains, nails and spots.

Use your pliers to pull out any posts or nails you find. (Some ingredients are very hard to find, so this will remain a topic for the next few days.)

How To Convert Carpeted Stairs To Wood Treads Diy

The adhesive strips that hold carpet in place have sharp little rivets that stick out and are very dangerous to work with. And you won’t skip this step until the next day, because they’re just waiting to mess with you.

To remove them, place your screwdriver under each bar, gently hammer in a small nail on top, and repeat as you work your way down to the floor.

This is the most dangerous and most difficult because our feet are in bad condition. You may notice that in some cases someone has stepped on sticky steps on the stairs – leaving a black stain and some messy residue.

Stair Carpet Replacement Ideas

If you find that there is more wood stain than light insulation under your carpet, I recommend hiring a professional to do this part for you. But we are in the middle of a global pandemic where most unscrupulous companies are standing still – and I don’t suggest bringing a random contractor into the house, even if I could. Then I started grinding.

How To Choose A Carpet Runner For Your Stairs

In fact, I started trying in the first place. You can remove a lot of old marks and residue using a sanding tool and several new razor blades.

Then it’s time to grind. We have an old electric mouse sander because it comes with 60-grit sandpaper that works great for sanding the hardwood floors up and down the stairs.

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